Dominik Rumor May Not Be Just Idle Talk

December 18th, 2008

Earlier today, as in 12:30 a.m. today, Joe posted a rumor he found on that Bucs director of pro personnel Mark Dominik is in line to replace recently departed Kansas City Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson.

By doing some research, Joe thinks this is more than just empty talk or speculation.

Joe has found a website called, that seems to focus on the Chiefs. The name “Bob Gretz” rung a bell with Joe but he couldn’t put two-and-two together until he did more research and the light bulb went on.

Gretz is a former longtime Chiefs beat writer who also worked for Sports Illustrated and is currently a selector for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In short, this guy has contacts and he’s not the proverbial blogger in his underwear posting in his mom’s basement (for the record, neither is Joe).

Gretz has a post on his site where he documents a list of candidates to replace Peterson. Dominik is on that list.

Joe suspects given Gretz’s background and sources, Gretz just didn’t hear Dominik’s name whispered at some watering hole in Kansas City’s plaza district.

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