Dilfer Says Chargers Will Beat Bucs

December 18th, 2008

Trent Dilfer has found a young lover on Tampa Bay sports radio

No hesitation today by ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer when  asked whether the Bucs would take care of business at home against the Chargers and Oakland to close out the season and make the playoffs.

Dilfer, speaking on Tampa Bay’s ESPN 1040 AM, said the Chargers will beat the Bucs.

Dilfer was an excellent interview, but Joe was particualarly disturbed by Killer B’s host Marc Benarzyk treating Dilfer as if he should be waiting for his Hall of Fame induction. 

Benarzyk even had the nerve to compare Dilfer to Peyton Manning  – all while Dilfer was on the line and probably shaking his head in disgust that ESPN makes him talk to radio clowns like Benarzyk all week.

Dilfer was a .500 quarterback who threw more picks than touchdowns and was blessed to quarterback the 2000 Ravens, who won the Super Bowl with a legendary defense.

Joe probably shouldn’t be so surprised by Benarzyk gushing for Dilfer; He is the same sports radio host who doesn’t understand why so many fans loathe Jon Gruden.

While Joe doesn’t despise Gruden, he at least gets why so many fans can’t stand the guy and think he’s a horrendous communicator, destructively stubborn and wets his pants in the red zone.

4 Responses to “Dilfer Says Chargers Will Beat Bucs”

  1. Dave Says:

    The guys a Knob and everybody knows it.
    Keep up the nice work Marky……soon enough he’ll be rocking his over the top nut hut show in Paducah,Kentucky.Enjoy! Go Cats!

  2. jimmy Says:

    wonder if that dope wore one of those stupidass circa 1972 terry bradshaw face masks while he was on the phone?

  3. Fjack44 Says:

    Dilfer is just another ESPN idiot who doesn’t want to look like an idiot because he picked the Chargers to win the AFC.

    Joe should be ashamed that he even listened to the Bs. That guy thinks people care about U of M. He and Sileo should just move back to Miami

  4. Dave Says:

    Haaaaa Fjack44 is right.
    Joe got caught listening to that guy.
    With Ipods,Internet,Satellite Radio,and reasonable over the air radio alternatives….why in the blue hell would you listen to that?