Where’s Galloway?

November 17th, 2008

No. 84 will be politically correct and all for the team on his radio show tonight, but Joey Galloway has got to be extremely frustrated about his role as cheerleader on the sidelines

Anyone else wondering why Joey Galloway is out of the loop in the Bucs offense? He was rarely on the field Sunday.

Jon Gruden made the most of two true deep threats when he coached in Oakland. Of course, they were Hall of Fame studs Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. Even when they didn’t catch the ball, those guys opened up space on the field for Charlie Garner, a very Warrick Dunn-like presence.

Joe’s hoping Chucky doesn’t have Galloway in the doghouse and that he was just playing matchups yesterday. Frankly, the Bucs didn’t seem to miss Galloway against the Vikings, but he’s too talented to be on the sidelines.

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