Kiffin Leaving “Almost A Done Deal”

November 18th, 2008
Tom Dienhart of said on the online networks Sirius radio show that its almost a done deal Monte Kiffin will join his son Lane in the college ranks.

Tom Dienhart of said on the online network's Sirius radio show that "it's almost a done deal" Monte Kiffin will join his son Lane in the college ranks

Tom Dienhart of, speaking today on the online network’s Sirius radio show, Rivals Radio, noted that former Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin, son of Bucs defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, is in line for one of three coveted college football openings at Washington, Tennessee and Clemson.

Dienhart, a former senior writer for The Sporting News, said his sources have told him that “it’s almost a done deal” that whatever job the younger Kiffin takes he will bring along his father Monte to serve as his defensive coordinator.

“All these kids want to play in the NFL and what better way to help recruiting then to have the kids coached by (Monte Kiffin),” Dienhart said.

Joe was the first to report that Clemson was going after Lane Kiffin only if he brought along his father as the defensive coordinator. Lane Kiffin was interviewed recently by Clemson.

Joe also passed along news that Raiders owner Al Davis, in his press conference announcing the firing of Lane Kiffin, said Monte Kiffin had admitted to Davis he wanted to coach with his son.

One Response to “Kiffin Leaving “Almost A Done Deal””

  1. Chris Says:

    I think Monte is the real deal 110% coach. He could go coach Pop Warner football and be able to relate and coach-up his team.

    Gru and Monte are as different as night and day.

    Too bad ‘NIGHT’ isn’t the one leaving 🙁