Halftime Thoughts

November 16th, 2008

Joe has some quick musings on the first half:

* Great to see John Lynch be an honorary captain. Even though he wore other teams’ jerseys, he will always be a Buc.

* Good to see a long pass on the first play rather than a dink-and-dunk for three yards. Also good to see Michael Clayton start the game off well.

* Loved Derrick Brooks spying on Adrian Peterson. Notice Brooks always gets the call when an opposing stud offensive skill player comes to Tampa Bay?

* So B.J. Askew is a “body rocker?” Personally, when Joe thinks of “body rocker,” Rachel Watson springs to mind

* Wonderful play by Jeff Garcia when he scrambled, bought time and hit Warrick Dunn for a long gain late in the first quarter.

* When he gets some space, there are few backs more fun to watch than Dunn.

* A gadget play by Chucky? Joe likes the idea but that Wildcat play Chucky called was very unimpressive.

* Though Joe is not excusing him at all, is Jeremy Youngblood starting to get a reputation as a headhunter by officials? Is Youngblood starting to become something of a target? Moronic personal foul by him in the first quarter may have cost the Bucs a touchdown. Come on Jeremy, you’ve got to use your head!

* When Garcia got clobbered in the second quarter, Joe nearly had a heart attack. He had visions of Son of Bob!

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