Unplanned Three

October 6th, 2008
Chucky and the Bucs got outfoxed by the Broncos kicker

Chucky and the Bucs got outfoxed by the Broncos' kicker

Here’s one to make you vomit. It seems the Broncos’ 55-yard field goal to tie the game at 6 was never supposed to happen.

The Denver Post tells the story that Broncos kicker Matt Prater screamed at Broncos coaches to get the punt team off the field at the end of the first quarter. Prater’s argument was to let the quarter expire, so the Broncos would change sides and he would get the wind at his back for the 55-yard attempt.

If the Bucs burned a timeout, they could have forced Denver to punt and taken that three off the scoreboard.

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