Gruden: Not A “Normal Football Game”

October 6th, 2008

Joe continues to be amazed that the softball Tampa Bay media doesn’t even question Jon Gruden about the sub-par defensive line play, his inconsistent use of an effective running game, and getting outcoached by Mike Shanahan.

Gruden says Mike Shanahan's defensive scheme stymied the Bucs. Translation, Chucky admits he was outcoached.

Gruden says Mike Shanahan's defensive scheme stymied the Bucs. Translation, Chucky admits he was outcoached.

Today, Gruden admitted to being stymied by the Broncos dropping eight guys in coverage. But nobody pushed him to explain why he couldn’t find a gameplan to beat that Broncos defense, which is second rate.

The freakin’ local media hacks should return their paychecks. Why are they afraid of him?

Here are some nuggets from Jon Gruden’s Monday morning news conference:

Gruden was non-commital about the quarterback situation. “Jeff did some good things. His health is still an issue. …Brian played pretty well. Jeff played pretty well. Both guys did some good things.” Gruden said Griese is questionable and he’ll have a starting quartback announcement on Wednesday.

On the Bucs’ anemic offense Sunday: “Denver used strange tactics. …Not a lot of places to throw the ball when there’s eight in coverage. …Eight guys in coverage, it’s a zone…There are not a lot of throwing lanes no matter who has the chalk. Anytime you throw the ball against a three-man rush every route is contested. You don’t see that in a normal football game. They did it 23 times.”

“Against that defense … you have to get yardage after the catch. We need to make improvement in both areas [running and passing game.] ”

On Garcia: “Our observations of him on the practice field, we’ve seen more of [the old] Jeff Garcia recently. …He made some creative plays. …The signs area postive, and I’m excited about that.”

On the running game and running the ball on 3rd-and-long deep in Broncos territory to close the first half: “We are pleased with the running game as a whole. We can do better.”

“It was a run audible against an all-out blitz. We didn’t hold up on the perimeter.” Gruden said they played for the field goal there, knowing they’d get the ball back to start the second half.

Gruden defended Dexter Jackson’s struggles in the return game: “He’s capable. He’s a talent. …He’s a work in progress.”

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