Gruden Haters Laying Low

October 14th, 2008

The Hate Chucky Club is losing membership

The Hate Chucky Club is losing membership

“Gruden can’t win two years in a row. …He gets lucky. …He can’t sustain anything in the organization because he mistreats the players.”


You’ve heard that kind of talk from the legions of Jon Gruden haters, who gather daily on sports radio to hold hands and share conspiracy theories.

Joe and his associates here at second-guess Chucky regularly, but nobody here ever questions his ability to have the Bucs ready to play every week. And he and Bruce Almighty have found a way to inject quality youth into the organization and rebuild on the fly. That’s not easy.

It looks like this is the year Chucky breaks his can’t-win-two-straight-years-in-Tampa cycle. So fans better get used to Chucky being here for many years to come, or at least until Brian Griese plays a full season.

Here’s a look at Chucky’s career stats.

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