Comfort Viewing

October 17th, 2008

Joe is still trying to get through the morning after that wretched Rays meltdown last night. Some people turn to comfort food. Joe turns to comfort viewing.

Apologies to Bucs fans. Joe’s not trying to turn this into a Bucs cheerleader blog. But for some odd reason, Joe doesn’t think too many will quibble.

One Response to “Comfort Viewing”

  1. College Football Fan Says:

    I was SHOCKED to find out this morning that the Rays BLEW IT! I was in Florida this year and went and watched them and fell in love with the team. It is amazing as last year, I went and watched the Indians-Red Sox match-up (Regular season) and the Sox win the Series. This year, I went by chance and watched the regular season Sox-Rays match-up and BAM one of them will be in the Series, let’s just hope it is the Rays and they win it all!!!