Caddy Still Up on Blocks

October 17th, 2008
Cadillac Williams is eligible to begin practicing, but hasnt. Joe doesnt see any need to rush him back.

Cadillac Williams is eligible to begin practicing, but hasn't. Joe doesn't see any need to rush his return.

Bucs running back Cadillac Williams is eligible to being practices, so reports Stephen F. Holder of the St. Petersburg Times, but he’s still in the garage. The Bucs have three weeks to either play him or put in on injured reserve list for the season.

Given the way the Bucs are running the ball, Chucky isn’t in much of a hurry with the former first round pick.

“We’re going to keep looking at him,” Gruden said. “We’ve said it time and time again: He’s getting better and better and better. All of his hard work is going to pay off.”

In September of last year Williams tore his patellar tendon. He hasn’t practiced since.

Joe doesn’t see the need to rush him. Unless there’s a rash of injuries to the tailbacks, let Caddy heal.

2 Responses to “Caddy Still Up on Blocks”

  1. Chris Says:

    I hope after all this he comes back 100% ready to play and stops dancing and just runs more N. & S. He should watch Dunn run and maybe he’ll understand how to use VISION.

    I mean his VISION isn’t as bad as Pittmans but STOP dancin or will send you to that show…

  2. tony Says:

    I think it would be stupid to bring him back at this point I applaud his rehab efforts but we are thick at running back and remember he wasn’t doing much when he got hurt. Stick with who brought you to the dance dunn and graham are a tough combo right now don’t screw with it just feed them the ball let caddy continue to tune up and who knows what will happen in three weeks but remember we have a good guy waiting for a chance in bennit