BREAKDOWN: Wide Receivers

October 2nd, 2008

Jaquez Green analyst Jacquez Green, the former Bucs wide receiver (1998-2001) and All-American at the University of Florida (1995-1997), checks in with his breakdown of the Bucs offense, specifically the passing game.

Green, who won back-to-back Madden Bowls, is currently the offensive coordinator at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg.

Joe: How taxing is it on receivers when they have to run a two-minute offense in four or five minutes? Does the adrenaline just take over or do you even think about it at the time?

Jacquez: You don’t think about it at the time. Usually when you are tired you are only tired between plays. Once the play starts, you don’t think about it. It’s an advantage I think for the offense. I think the defensive linemen are getting more tired than the offense. They are trying to rush the passer.

Joe: When a quarterback is struggling and is getting picked off right and left, mentally for the wide receivers are you like, “Come on, man. I’m there. I’m open. Where are you throwing the ball to?” What goes on in those situations?

Jacquez: You just hope he gets it together. You are hoping the coaches are giving him some easy reads so he doesn’t have to force the ball down the field as much. As a receiver, you know there are times when the quarterback is on and the receivers may not be on. Balls can get tipped. Receivers can drop balls. You know as a professional these things can happen.

Joe: An analyst on TV watches the game just like someone at home. He sees a receiver make a play and says, “He ran a good route.” If he doesn’t know the specific route the receiver was assigned on a certain play, how does he know he ran a great route?”

Jacquez: They don’t know. But their job as an analyst is to sound smart. What’s funny to me is that they said they talked to a coach. Coaches aren’t going to give them any information about what they’re going to do. But as far as a good route, if a guy is open in the NFL, most of the time it’s because of a good play design which usually means it’s a good route.

Joe: Back to the Bucs overtime game against the Bears, how did the play of the receivers impress you? What were some of your impressions?

Jacquez: It was impressive because Tampa Bay hasn’t used the same set of starting receivers in two straight games this year. They’ve had Antonio Bryant playing the ends and playing the Z. Joey Galloway’s been out. The No. 3 receiver, they started Michael Clayton one game and Ike Hilliard one game and Stovall one game. It’s impressive because they haven’t had any continuity between their receivers and their quarterbacks. Yet they were able to produce and win which should be a good feeling for the team right now.

Joe: What was your take on the Green Bay game?

Jacquez: It was impressive. In the NFL, you have to find a way to win no matter what it takes. You have to find a way to win and Tampa Bay is doing that right now. They have different guys making big plays. Hilliard making a big third down catch. Next time Clayton will make a big catch. People don’t assume he will make the play. And now they’re 3-1.

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