Gameday Tampa Bay

September 21st, 2008

Buccaneers at Bears
Week Three
Sunday, 1 p.m.
TV: WTVT Channel 13.
Radio: Buccaneers Radio Network (in Tampa WFUS-FM, 103.5 and WDAE-AM, 620); Sirius Channel 152.
Weather: Per, near perfect weather on the shores of Lake Michigan, which is rare for Chicago. Temperature at kickoff expected to be 71 degrees under partly sunny skies.
The NFL Network has a more complete look at the forecast.
Odds: From Bears -3.
Outlook: It’s possible the Bucs will face their toughest game yet. There are three trends that trouble Joe:

The first is that Son of Bob is starting the game.

The second is that Joey Galloway will not start. As Joe has written several times, it’s that Galloway is the Bucs most important player. Without him, the passing game is stagnant. Now throw Son of Bob into the equation, and it’s downright disturbing.

The third element is that Joe is not convinced Chucky will try to pound the ball, which he should given his bevy of solid running backs and strong run-blocking offensive line.

The Bears mirror the Bucs right now. Lousy quarterback (Kyle Orton), most dangerous player hurt (Devon Hester), a strong running game with rookie Matt Forte and an opportunistic defense.

As analyst Steve Campbell pointed out earlier in the week, Chucky needs to pound the rock and stick to it, not get impatient and try to win through the air. Relying on Son of Bob’s arm at windy Solider Field against the Bears defense is a frightening concept.

NFL Network has a detailed video preview of the game.

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