Galloway Speaks

September 8th, 2008
Joey Galloway was sharper on the radio than on the field.

Joey Galloway was sharper on the radio than on the field.

Of the many Bucs player radio shows, Joe enjoys and recommends The Joey Galloway Show on WDAE-620AM. The 2008 edition kicked off Monday night in its 6 p.m. time slot.

Galloway is an eloquent, intelligent football and sports analyst who has a real future behind the mike. He’s got a touch of arrogance, but not enough to make you dislike him.

Joe only wishes that callers would hit Galloway with tough, more personal questions. Softball radio makes Joe nauseous.

Some Galloway highlights from Monday’s show:

On Sunday’s fourth quarter downfield Garcia pass to Galloway where it appeared he gave up on the ball: “I was thinking one thing and [Garcia] was thinking another. I better start thinking what he’s thinking. I didn’t turn around, and it’s going over my head.” 

Galloway, who was rehabbing his groin through the preseason, explained why he didn’t talk to the media during the preseason: “I didn’t have much to say. And the focus should be on the guys working on the field.”

On sitting out every preseason game, as he did this season: “It’s a negative. … I like to get tackled at least once and be on the field through two [long drives].”

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