BREAKDOWN: Jacquez Green on the Receivers

September 8th, 2008

Please welcome the newest member of the family, Jacquez Green, former Bucs wide receiver (1998-2001) and All-American receiver at the University of Florida where he helped the Gators win the 1996 national championship, alongside current Bucs WR Ike Hilliard.

Green will serve as a regular analyst concentrating on the Bucs offense, specifically the passing game and a focus on  wide receiver play. Green, who won back-to-back Madden Bowls, is now the offensive coordinator at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg.

Joe plans to announce additional analysts soon. Please give Jacquez a warm welcome and take a moment to read his comments on the Bucs’ receivers and the immediate future of the Bucs offense.

Concerning Sunday’s game, I think the main thing is [running back Earnest] Graham ran the ball real well. But I think [Jeff] Garcia is a little rusty. He hasn’t had enough reps in the preseason. Timing and precision is a big thing with the receivers and the quarterback. Garcia and [receiver Joey] Galloway have not practiced. They need to work together.

It’s the same thing with Antonio Bryant. He’s new to the team and right now he is the No. 2 receiver. But he and [Garcia] are basically new to each other. They haven’t been working together either. I’m sure when Bryant got here he was probably working with the second team. This wouldn’t be a big deal if Garcia and Galloway were working together in training camp.

This [rust] could continue if Garcia is too hurt to practice. In the NFL, the No. 1 quarterback gets all the reps with the first team in practice. If Garcia can’t practice this week, that could [delay] the receivers and Garcia from getting their timing down. You have to develop timing, it’s important. It takes time.

Bryant had a solid game Sunday. Bryant has a world of talent. I’ve been watching him since his Miami Northwestern days [in high school]. He has a world of talent and the more he learns this offense and the terminology the better he will be. It’s difficult to pick up [Jon Gruden’s] scheme at first. Basically, it’s the name of the plays. The more he plays, the better he will get. He’s very explosive.

And don’t forget about Ike [Hilliard]. Ike had a good game last Sunday. Ike has always been solid. Always. The moment or a play is never too big for Ike. It’s just never been too big for him. He’s always consistent. He’s a steady guy; he’s been that way all his life. He’s reliable. Ike runs a great route and is always good after the catch. I’m not sure how many people know he was a high school running back so I think that’s why he’s so good with the ball after the catch.

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