Oh, When The Saints…

August 22nd, 2008
"W" Proposed Waterboarding The Saints Pathetic Defense During A Recent Visit with Deuce McAllister And Drew Brees

"W" proposed waterboarding the Saints pathetic defense during a recent visit with Deuce McAllister and Drew Brees

Joe continues to keep an eye on New Orleans Saints camp, as Bucs opening day at the SuperDome is just 16 short days away.

The Saints head to Cincinnati on Saturday night, and, get this, their starters are planning to go for three quarters, according to the Times Picayune.

Here, we’re just trying to get our No. 1 QB and receiver on the field, and they’re talkin’ three quarters.

The consensus among Saints beat writers is that Drew Brees is in Pro Bowl form right now.

Tatooed tight end Jeremy Shockey debuts Saturday, after months on the shelf. And Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush will share the load in the backfield, as they nurse themselves back to 100 percent.

The Saints’ concern is its defense, which has been horrendous in preseason. That makes it all the more critical for the Bucs to get Garcia and Galloway clicking in time for opening day. The Bucs must be ready to steal this road opener, when the Saints are still figuring out how to get their defense off the field.

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