Impressive Play Thus Far

August 22nd, 2008

The smart play by the Bucs thus far in the preseason is no reason for Chucky to scream.

Smart play by the Bucs thus far is no reason for Chucky to scream.

Yeah, Joe knows it’s only preseason, but…

In both Bucs wins, the thing that sticks out is how smart the Bucs have played. Through two games the Bucs have had zero (that means “none”) turnovers and have committed only three penalties.

Think about that; It’s pretty incredible. Since it’s preseason, there are too many substitutions to count with players playing alongside new teammates constantly, as low-round draft picks and free agents battle to impress Chucky to win a job.

Especially in the first game against Miami, with all of those substitutions, there wasn’t one delay of game called because someone forgot he was on the punt return team and didn’t get his rear end out on the field in time. That’s amazing.

If the Bucs continue this through the rest of the preseason, it bodes well for the regular season.

This shows that the team is playing smart.

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