Who The Hell Is Calling Trent Dilfer?

September 16th, 2009

In one of the most chilling revelations Joe has ever heard, one of the worst quarterbacks to ever walk on an NFL field: Trent Dilfer, who currently works for BSPN, claims NFL owners — that’s plural — have called him asking for advice on who they should hire as a head coach.

God help us all! That would be like Joe asking some illiterate who Joe should hire to run a bookstore.

At any rate, the video below is an otherwise intelligent discussion between Tim Hasselbeck, who has a hot yet annoying wife, and Dilfer about the possibility of NFL owners hiring young coaches like Raheem the Dream.

2 Responses to “Who The Hell Is Calling Trent Dilfer?”

  1. SensibleFan Says:

    LMAO!!!!! Good one Joe.

  2. Chris Says:

    Trent Dilfer was 45-39 as a starter in the league. I’m sure I could find countless other QBs with a worse win-loss record. So much for him being “one of the worst quarterbacks to ever walk on an NFL field”.


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