“Oh, It’s Going To Be Worse For New York.”

September 16th, 2009
Bucs running back Derrick Ward might have flashbacks to his days in Giants blue during the next Bucs home game

Bucs running back Derrick Ward might have flashbacks to his days in Giants blue during the next Bucs home game

It seems the lone negative of not having Bucs home games blacked out this season is subjecting the team to verbal abuse before a sea of the visiting team’s fans.

Yes, there were lakes, rivers and streams of Cowboys blue at the Bucs home opener, and Earnest Graham didn’t like it.

Graham, speaking on 1010AM on Tuesday, said he expects a lot more blue for the Bucs home game against the Giants on Sept. 27.

Asked whether he noticed all the Dallas fans in the stands Sunday, Graham said, “I noticed all the Dallas Fans. Oh, it’s going to be worse for New York. You know that, right. You know everybody’s from New York.”

Asked about the numbers of Cowboys fans in the stands and looking up at the them when the game was out of reach, Graham said, “It was just blue. It bothered me. … And they were very vocal after the game. …Not something I could say [on the radio]. …They were saying a number of things.”

This pains Joe to no end. But it’s no surprise. Anybody who went to the Bucs’ last playoff game — against the Giants in Tampa in 2007 — knows Giants fans will number in the tens of thousands for the Sept. 27 game. 

Ironic, that this year the Bucs will wear the throwback orange jerseys for the first time in November. So many of those games of yesteryear saw the home crowd littered with enemy colors, too.

4 Responses to ““Oh, It’s Going To Be Worse For New York.””

  1. nick Says:

    This makes Nick sad. First game of the year and Bucs players already get the treatment at home. C’mon people show a little pride in your city and team. I know, the economy (which only affects Tampa Bay teams and fans apparently), the ownership, the weather. blah, blah, blah

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    $25 parking, $25 parking, $25 parking. $85 seats. Want someone to blame Bucs, Glazers, NFL. Look in the mirror. I kept my tickets, but I don’t blame fans for not wanting to pay for an inferior product. The Mizers, I mean Glazers are cheapass pond skum. This is their fault. They won’t spend the money to build a top ranked franchise. they say they will or they tried or this or that, but they lie and lie and lie. Then they spend a lousy $2mil for a childrens museum and act like they realy gave something big. They waste more than that on cut players. They have to be among the worst owners in the league. I have not heard one single fan pay them tribute or say a kind word about them in the last few years. Cheap Cheap Cheap. Suck Suck Suck. Glosers.

  3. Pete Says:

    Ticket prices are too high.

    I kept mine this year and I never park in the stadium lots and now don’t buy any food or drink (well the free refill cokes I do) at the stadium.
    Even so its over $300 for a family of 4 to attend.

    The Giants game is going to suck!

  4. Joe Says:


    Joe has no idea why people don’t take advantage of the cheap parking in the neighborhoods behind the CITS?