DeSean Jackson No. 29

July 13th, 2018


This is a little surprising.

Perhaps it was because he was dinged up near the end of the season?

Perhaps it was because America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, couldn’t find him open and his numbers sank as a result?

Either way, the good folks over at Bleacher Report seem to believe the shine has faded from DeSean Jackson’s luster and Brent Sobleski ranked DJax as the No. 29 player over 30-years old.

Speed tends to fade as athletes age. DeSean Jackson isn’t a typical athlete. His game is predicated on taking the top off of defenses, and he’s still capable of doing so at 31 years old.

The wide receiver must establish a comfort level in Dirk Koetter’s system after failing to do so last season. Jackson managed 50 receptions for 668 yards during his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jamies Winston’s upcoming suspension complicates matters, but Jackson can lean on another veteran, Ryan Fitzpatrick, until Winston’s return. In doing so, the three-time Pro Bowl performer can prove he’s still counted among the league’s most feared deep threats.

Joe expects Jackson to have a better season than last year. He sort of became a trusted senior pillar on the club and Joe knows his teammates really respect him.

If for whatever reason Jameis and DJax cannot hook up consistently, than Joe is convinced Ira Kaufman’s year-old prediction will come true: that Jackson will not finish his three-year contract with the Bucs.

26 Responses to “DeSean Jackson No. 29”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Let’s see how it goes, especially with Fitz. May be better off cutting Jameis loose and keeping DJax.

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Anyone else miss the presence of Vincent Jackson?

    I understand he’s done now, but I really liked him. He had personality and dedication. The polar opposite of DJax.

    I don’t expect him to have much better of a season. I think and hope that Winston and Fitz will throw to the guys they feel comfortable with, and who run the correct routes.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Btw. Fitz should come out and go deep to Mike Evans on the first play, instead of running the ball first like most teams do.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    BigMacAttack, not gonna happen.

  5. Pete I Says:

    Well he certainly has a better chance of racking up some good number without America’s Choir Boy the trunover toucher of women sputtering under center.

    Fitzmagic? Or Fitztragic? We know what the Choir Boy is. Mediocre ar everything but yards passing- an irrelevant stat.

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Being #29 on the list of players over 30 years old isn’t all that bad Joe. The ONLY WR ranked better than DJax on that list was Larry Fitzgerald.

  7. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    I’m a huge supporter of the mentally challenged and I think it’s great that you’re taking part in this wonderful website for Buccaneers football. If you would like more help understanding how the game works, I hope you don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sure that joe or one of the more knowledgeable posters would love to help someone like yourself. I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

  8. Pete I Says:


  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Perhaps it was because he was dinged up near the end of the season?

    Perhaps it was because America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, couldn’t find him open and his numbers sank as a result

    I think you left out a third option, Joe.

    Perhaps it was because when Djax was open Jameis couldn’t throw it to him accurately.

  10. JameisNOT Says:

    As I have stated MANY times; DJ is just picking up a check, just like Vjax, Reavis, and now JPP. We are, unfortunately, the Browns of the NFC and the players and agents know it. We are going into our 42nd season and have only had a handful of consecutive winning seasons in which we chased away the one man that brought a shine back to this Mediocre organization, Jon Gruden. Should we all look forward to a rebuilding season next year.

  11. ATrain Says:


    You maybe on to something

    Interesting either DJax forgot how to catch or Jamies can’t throw the long ball

    Joe You are in the inside and see much more than the fans of Bucs Football
    What do you think about this observation???!!!!!

    Know the Problem. Fix it

  12. Pete I Says:

    I wonder if he couldn’t throw it accurately? We certainty know he often didn’t throw it accurately.

  13. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Hey buddy. How’s your day going? You getting excited for training camp?

    Real quick though… if passing yards are an irrelevant stat, as you said earlier, then why does Americas Quarterbacks accuracy matter at all to a deep threat like DJax?

  14. D-Rome Says:

    Interesting article. DeSean Jackson may be ranked low but there are only two WRs ahead of him and they are Demaryus Thomas and Larry Fitzgerald. Both are better.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’m hoping he has a Joey Galloway-like resurgence with the Bucs. The real question is who will be throwing the ball?

  16. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    I wish licht would have traded DJax to a contender he came here to this trainwreck & wasnt a jackwagon but it just doesnt work w jameis due to his inaccuacy, jameis needs the big WR w huge catch radius to make plays downfield, humphries is the bubble screen man and jameis usually hits that toss

  17. Zsa Zsa the Parrot Says:

    Again, Winston has only thrown 4 more picks in his 1st 3 years that Tom Brady.
    Peyton Manning threw 14 more interceptions than Winston with a crazy 58 in his 1st 3 seasons and they both turned out ok huh?
    You can’t have a gunslinger who is gun shy.

  18. Reality_43 Says:

    1st 3 Years Interceptions

    Tom Brady

  19. Reality_43 Says:

    Tom Brady 40
    Jameis Winston 44
    Peyton Manning 58

    I mean come on with turnover toucher comments

  20. T REX Says:

    This signing was a bust.

  21. The Buc Realist Says:

    Djax would have been ranked so much higher if a certain QB could have thrown a semi accurate deep ball!!!!!!!!!

  22. Pete I Says:

    Tom Brady and Peyton Manning aren’t turnover touchers.

  23. Pete I Says:

    Accuracy always matter.

  24. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Peyton Manning was busted for inappropriate touching in college

  25. WestminsterCoBucsFan Says:

    Here in Denver Peyton Manning>Jesus so nobody ever brings that up.
    Why? Because he won a super bowl with a bomb a$$ defense, while he had a terrible season and could barely throw the ball 15 yards

  26. TOM Says: