Demar Dotson Special Guest (Part III)!! Ira & Joe Get Personal With Dotson, Talk O-Line Decisions & More

July 12th, 2018

JUST TWO WEEKS til training camp kicks off and Ira Kaufman continues to swing a big summer stick with his podcast presented by Ed Morse Cadillac Tampa and Ed Morse Cadillac Brandon. No weaksauce takes yet another must-listen from the Sage of Tampa Bay sports and Joe. Demar Dotson (Part III) is here, where Ira and Joe get personal with the Buccaneers’ right tackle. Click play above or tune in at iTunes, Google Play or Find the Ira Kaufman Podcast ranked on the Google Play podcast “Top Charts” (all genres nationwide), where it’s been the past nine months. Stay informed, thinking and smiling every single Tuesday & Thursday — and there is NO offseason. Click or download above. It’s fun, free and easy. Enjoy!

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