QB Coach: No Sign Of Jameis Distracted By Investigation

May 18th, 2018

Happy six-month anniversary!

It’s been six months since the NFL officially launched a conduct investigation into America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

For some reason, this probe is dragging on far too long, leaving the Bucs and their fans trying to figure out why the NFL thinks it’s ok not to make the investigation a priority. There’s zero evidence the NFL cares about securing a speedy and just resolution. And for Joe, that’s ridiculous.

The NFL wants fans completely invested — financially and emotionally — in their teams, but then a league conduct investigation that could lead to a season-trashing suspension isn’t given the proper attention.


There is good news, though. Jameis is not showing any sign of being distracted by the investigation, per quarterbacks coach Mike Bajakian.

JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman asked Bajakian whether Jameis has shown any sign of being off track because of the NFL probe. Kaufman asked a couple of different ways and Bajakian explained there’s not a shred of that seen at One Buc Palace; Jameis brings the same work ethic to the building every day.

22 Responses to “QB Coach: No Sign Of Jameis Distracted By Investigation”

  1. Jo_mama Says:

    No sign of distraction????

    His pre investigation performance is what we need to be concerned about.

  2. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    He is definitely going to sit at least one game. Heres hoping its not 4 games. Maybe our D will carry the team while Jameis is out like the old days? THAT would be a lovely sight!

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I remember when the debate was happening on whether to take him, I wanted Mariota and I said that he would probably stay well behaved his first off season because he would be too busy to get in trouble…and that it was his second off season when trouble could come up. That is when this supposedly happened.

    I ate crow for wanting Mariota years ago. Winston has proven himself.

    I don’t believe for a second that Winston did what this driver has accused him of. The revealed facts just do not fit. In fact, if not for what happened in college, no one would be giving this a second thought.

    This ‘me too’ movement is getting out of hand. While I think a bunch of women have been harassed, I also think a lot of women are lying about it, just so they can be considered victims and gain sympathy.

    This driver has changed her story twice. She was wrong about the number of people in the vehicle. She said Jameis ‘reached over’ and touched her crotch, then later said he grabbed her…and he did this from the rear passenger seat? Without the other passengers (who she did not mention) noticing?

    But, as I’ve been saying all along…it does not matter if he is innocent. Roger Goodell will suspend him regardless. These days, all it takes is an accusation.

    So far as not reporting it…there really was not a need. What if Winston’s credit card was denied at a store? Should he report that? Or what if a manager wasn’t a fan and asked him to leave? Should he report that? The whole Uber account thing was business…and therefore was none of the NFLs business until any accusation was raised in public. Because it was a non-issue until then.

    Winston should not be suspended…but he will be. And the fact that Goodell is waiting so long to reveal it is disrespectful to the Buccaneers and the fans.

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And besides…crotch grabbing happened to me all the time when I was that young. I had women sit next to me just so they could cop a feel. I didn’t like it (most of the time), but it happened. It was no big deal.

    Was it sexual assault? I don’t believe it was. I don’t go through life complaining about how I was sexually assaulted because of it. I don’t whine over it.

    The women who did it to me were rude, and none of them ever stood a chance with me because I considered them tramps because of it, but I would not consider them sexual offenders.

  5. BucHead101 Says:

    Well JW played better after Fitzpatrick sets the tone. So if it’s a 1 game suspension let it be game 1 an we win by a field goal. Then maybe JW will come in and play lights out the rest of the season.

  6. SCBucsFan Says:

    JW isn’t distracted because the only place this is an issue is on this message board

  7. Pickgrin Says:


    True That

  8. ben Says:

    Winston should have been able to make this a past subject . He has friends and lots of cash so why is this still an issue ?

  9. webster Says:

    What scbuc said.

  10. Walter Seidel Says:

    Just pay her off Jameis.

  11. Pryda ...sec147 Says:

    I work at this breakfast bar and I love to talk bucs and sports in general but this one guest I had recently I mentioned to him what he thought about the Jameis investigation and he had no idea this was even a thing! Then he realized how f upped the situation it is (the looming suspension… the possibility we move on from Jameis….)he grabbed his hair started pulling it out looked like he had just drank spoiled milk. Point is we like this to come to an end already.

  12. Buccfan37 Says:

    I believe Jameis did do what he was accused of doing. The chosen pic above was in response to the question Jameis did you do it?

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    Pryda –

    The thing is – this really isn’t “a thing”

    The NFL screwed up – BIG TIME – in announcing an “investigation” into the TMZish allegation that Winston had been accused of grabbing an Uber driver’s crotch.

    They’ve got NOWHERE to go with this “investigation” because there’s literally nothing to investigate. No formal complaint – No police – No Evidence – No statements taken at the time – No Nothing!

    The NFL literally has no where to go with this.

    If Goodell DOES suspend Winston for even 1 game without any proof of wrongdoing – I hope JW sues the holy crap out of Goodell personally as well as the NFL in a separate and very public lawsuit.

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    look on the bright side…..

    the good news is this staff has had 6months to form a plan in case Winston has to sit…..

    bad news is this staff is in charge of forming that plan……


  15. Clodhopper Says:

    Goodel is a negligent, power hungry, assbag.

  16. Duke Says:


    You are so on point……The only thing that I see different, is that the league had no choice but to say they started investigating. Had they not the press would be all over the league. As it stands, reporters had a 24hr cycle but that’s it. The investigation is a stone wall….. that can be quietly removed once the metoo sheep find another outrage to get behind.

    The criticism of Goodell is kinda unrealistic if you consider the enormous efforts underway to put the NFL out of business and his job to expand it.

  17. chargedcbh Says:

    And if he did show signs, would they tell you? Grow up Joe!

  18. TampaTown Says:

    Please leave this story alone until there is something to report.

  19. Licht’s Out Says:

    Buccaneer Browneye declared:

    And besides…crotch grabbing happened to me all the time when I was that young. I had women sit next to me just so they could cop a feel. I didn’t like it (most of the time), but it happened. It was no big deal.

    * Delusional per usual, BrownEye! Those “women” were actually Trannys…LOL!

  20. SOEbuc Says:


    “Winston should not be suspended…but he will be. And the fact that Goodell is waiting so long to reveal it is disrespectful to the Buccaneers and the fans.”

    Goodell and the NFL f#cking over the Bucs?! That just can’t be. You’ve obviously fallin off the rocker.

  21. SOEbuc Says:

    Four games would be total BS if they’re gonna use this new “my Uber account was suspended” rule. But Fitz played well as a backup last year so we’ll see what happens.

  22. Gman Says:

    Would not be surprised if he did this…would not be surprised if he escapes it…just like he has every other charge. NFL needs to spit or get off the pot.