Jameis Could Have Had A Ring

May 18th, 2018

Wrong place, wrong time.

If things had just been a wee bit different, NFL history in the state of Florida would be flipped on its side.

And America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, would have a Super Bowl ring.

Last year the Jags went old school and built a tough team with a punishing defense forged in a grueling training camp under the brutal Florida summer sun.And they came “this-close” to beating the Belicheats on the road in New England in January in the AFC championship game.

The only thing that kept the Jags from beating the Belicheats and winning the Super Bowl was the absence of Jameis.

That’s the word from popular NFL writer Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.com.

This morning, heard only on NBC Sports Radio, the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, suggested Jameis would be hard-pressed to find another NFL team to start for if Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht decided today to wash his hands of him. Florio cited Jameis’ (perceived) steep decline in play last year and mounting off-field concerns.

MDS couldn’t believe what his boss was saying on the public’s airwaves and took to Twitter to admonish the guy who signs his paychecks (MDS must be one confident SOB in his job security).

Joe thinks MDS is right. Florio, on his NBC Sports Network TV show this morning, offered MDS a platform to further explain his tweet and Joe will have more on that later.

In short, the Jags weren’t that much different than the Bucs under Father Dungy. They could play with a lead, but God forbid if the Bucs trailed in the fourth quarter. MDS all but said with Jameis on the roster with the Jags, he could transform wins out of what normally would be losses with Blake Bortles.

It is difficult for Joe to believe that teams like Miami or Denver or, yes, even Jacksonville, wouldn’t immediately fall over themselves to sign Jameis as a starting quarterback if somehow he was released today.

50 Responses to “Jameis Could Have Had A Ring”

  1. passthebuc Says:

    Not much to write about today???

  2. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Bucfan would not recognize a good qb if joe Montana was in front of them and tom Brady behind them.

  3. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Fools like Rob Guerrera need to be de-credentialed.

  4. Waterboy Says:


    Or Steve Young.

  5. BucFamous Says:

    Florio is the equivalent of an internet troll. Sure, Jameis who has never been arrested for anything would not be able to find a job while players like Tyreke Hill are stars. Based on what—winston’s play last year while he had a shoulder injury?

    Mmmkkkkayyy. Moron.

  6. webster Says:

    Mike florio is a butt hurt mariotta lover. I believe i remember him being a prime basher of jameis prior to the draft. He is an idiot talking head who does not want to admit he was wrong. I heard that stupid take this morning. And what was even more funny was when michael smith explained his thought process, florio responds that oh, maybe the bucs defense had something to do with it. Why is it butt hurt mariotta lovers feels jameis should win games all by himself and defense, kicking etc has nothing to do with the overall success of a team? Its really comical at this point

  7. Joe Says:

    Mike florio is a butt hurt mariotta lover.

    In 2016 Florio thought Jameis was an MVP candidate.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    passthebuc Says
    “Not much to write about today???”

    Well, considering I don’t check twitter or pay much attention to PFT, I’m glad Joe shared this.

  9. AlteredEgo Says:

    Oh please……..

  10. Defense Rules Says:

    I like Florio, but his conclusion here (Jags would win the SB with Jameis) is a crock. Jags lost that game with the Pats 24-20 … but in no way was it because of Bortles. He went 23-for-36 (64% completions) and threw for 293 yds (more than Brady). He had no INTs or fumbles (Brady had 1 INT & Pats fumbled once also). Both Bortles & Brady were sacked 3 times. Jags TOP was 35 mins (to 25 mins for Pats). Sorry Mike, but Bortles played very well in that game … at least as well as ‘average’ Jameis plays.

  11. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    Speaking of “Jags went old school and built a tough team with a punishing defense forged in a grueling training camp under the brutal Florida summer sun.”

    When are the Bucs gonna use that new A/C practice facility and when can we go?

  12. webster Says:

    @ joe

    In 2014 he was a jameis basher. I heard his stupid comments today. He said in 2016 he thought jameis could eventually be a mvp candidate but after the dallas game its been downhill and that 2017 he regressed. Butt hurt mariotta lover.

  13. Joe Says:

    I like Florio, but his conclusion here (Jags would win the SB with Jameis) is a crock.

    Not Florio’s conclusion.

  14. Lamarcus Says:

    About 22 teams I will be all over JW if he was cut. About another 47 draft picks would be saved and kept to their original teams and the Bucs (huh?) will be looking for another Qb.

    And most likely and damning is that we will go to his home(new team) or he comes to Rayjay and stomp a mudhole in this team.

  15. Joe Says:

    Speaking of “Jags went old school and built a tough team with a punishing defense forged in a grueling training camp under the brutal Florida summer sun.”

    When are the Bucs gonna use that new A/C practice facility and when can we go?

    Joe’s just sitting here tapping his fingers on his desk, whistling “Unchained” waiting for the easily triggered crowd to scream how the Bucs need an indoor practice facility to win games.

  16. webster Says:

    @ defense rules

    You got it wrong. Florio believes jameis is a bum. It was michael david smith that believes the jags would have won with jameis. One thing you overlook with the bortles stats is the last 4 possesions of that game bortles could not move the ball. We have seen jameis a bunch of times give his team the lead with 2 mins to go. The jags needed one drive and bortles could not deliever.

  17. 813bucboi Says:

    Winston wouldn’t be a starter?….lol…..that qualifies as the joke on the day!!!!!!


  18. Pickgrin Says:

    Agree Webster – “butt hurt mariotta lover”

    Florio never liked Jameis – was oh so worried about his “character concerns” coming out.

  19. ruggyup Says:

    What a waste of time with all the shoulda, woulda, coulda stagnant history. Stay with the relentless hype about how great the Bucs defense has become and how dominant Saint JW is and will be forever. Buckle up Joe and settle down.

  20. Joe Says:

    Florio never liked Jameis – was oh so worried about his “character concerns” coming out.

    So were the Bucs. You are aware the team spent in the neighborhood of $1 million to investigate his background, right? Don’t care how rich someone is, you don’t toss $1 million away over an issue you are not concerned about.

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    PUHLEEZE!!! Can we stop with the Jags already. So they enjoyed ONE season that was mediocre at best and only stands out because like the Bucs the Jags have set the bar so low that simply getting in the playoffs is a big deal. I get that but lets wait until they get into the playoffs with regularity before we anoint them the next great thing.

    Again that Jags-Bills playoff game was the worst of the post season. It was out and out embarrassing football.

    The NFL has built it’s ENTIRE rep on parity and they’ve succeeded! There are maybe a half dozen good teams…teams that you expect to compete each year…then there are a couple of dozen you can toss a bag over and shake them up….some will have “Jaguar” seasons…some will have “Buc” seasons we could have either this year.

    I respect teams that are good or at least competitive for a period of time…not just a single year.

    We now have the ingredients in place to actually build a competitive franchise. Not just in ’18 but going forward.

  22. Horse Liver Says:

    People writing off Jameis Winston are fargin stoopid.

  23. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Fools like Rob Guerrera need to be de-credentialed.”

    Yep. How the f*ck did that guy even get a job is what I was thinking. Can I have that job?

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We just can’t get more hypothetical than this…..

  25. Duke Says:

    Big Ben has been talking retirement the last couple of years. Recently, He reversed course but the point is the Steelers are going to have to find a replacement. If you were JW……would you rather be a Steeler? And yes I’m sure that the Steelers would be a team that will be in the Winston market.

    But guy’s I don’t believe florio is off base that much. JW is not universally agreed upon as you guys seem to think. And rumors are JW has maturity issues off the field. I don’t have a clue what but that’s the deal. Wether there’s truth to the rumors is not as important as the fact that they exist. Because ultimately some GM’ s will believe it , a few others will accept it as an explanation for his on the field decision making process. The market for Winston today is not bigger than it was pre draft, so florio (who is in the loop) is more likely to be correct than a few baby Jameis worshippers.

    I would like to see JW in blk/yellow. Mainly because I hate to see talent wasted by career killing franchises.

  26. Jjones Says:


    You don’t just throw a cool million dollars away on someone you don’t want either! See how that goes both ways?

  27. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    This is ludicrous.

    I hope JW doesn’t read his press.
    Kid was 23 the last time he took an NFL snap.


    How many great QBs have there been at THAT age.
    A handful of nice seasons in ALL of NFL history.

    This is why the Bucs can never have nice things. Tampa is such a negative sports town when it comes to the fans.

    We have a 24 yr old QB who has 3 years of NFL experience, has enjoyed some of the best passing numbers in NFL history for someone his age, and who now has what looks to be a better defense, an improved running game, a talented stable of WRs, and two really good TE’s.

    You really can’t ask for a better situation going forward at the QB spot.

    I will say this: the coaches coming out and talking about Jameis is HORRIBLE. Monken is a complete waste of space with the airing of what he said yesterday. There is zero good that can come out of making those statements public. Amateur hour at best.

    I’m a rational man. I would have thrown a chair across the room if I met with Monken in private after his media sessions yesterday if I were Koetter. No good has ever come out of publicly airing what you want a QB to work on. Now, it’s a media story and all the talking heads are challenging Jameis’ leadership abilities. Players will read and see that. It seeps in.

    Amateurish at best.

  28. Barksdale Says:

    I know the Joes like Florio, but I don’t think any of these national guys are watching enough Bucs football to give us fans expectations about the team we watch week in and week out. I trust the Joes and Ira, other local guys…just way more in tune and close to the situation. Not ever going to put a lot of stock into what this guy says, unless it’s sourced info.

  29. Blue-footed booby Says:

    Mike Florio is on the money here. We Bucs fans here might not want to hear it and think our QB is in the top 1/3 of the league’s starting QB, but surprise looks like non-Bucs fans aren’t as high on Jameis as I have suspected. If Licht announces that Winston is on the trading block, would teams be head over heels trying to get him? Of course not, they’d rather wait for the 2019 QB crop of quarterbacks draft class.

    This is why I am staunchly opposed to extending Winston’s contract period. If need be give him 2018 and 2019 seasons to evaluate him, and if he still cannot improve his level of play from where he’s at now and the Bucs don’t make the playoffs in the next 2 years, no way the Glazers will sign off on extending Winston, just no way he will either be relegated to career backup journeyman QB like David Carr or straight up blackballed from the NFL due to off-field issues dating back to his freshman year of college.

  30. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    @Jjones – what an asinine post. Joe never said they didn’t want JW. For f$%# sake the team spent a number one overall pick on the dude so the fact that they wanted him in a bad way is obvious. It was a huge investment both money wise and for the franchise as a whole so they did need to spend money to find out who the real JW was and investigate a lot of concerns that were raised about the guy before the draft. Not sure how your dumb statement has any relevance to Joe’s article.

  31. webster Says:

    @ blue footed

    You have no idea what you are talking about. The only people who are not sold on jameis are the same butt hurt mariotta lovers such as yourself who had issues with him coming out of college. This man has put up better numbers than just about any qb in history over his first 3 years but thats not good enough. Playoff births takes 53 men and not just a qb. The great drew brees for 3 years straight could not get his team to the playoffs with a weak running game and the worst defense in the league. Why do you expect a 23 year old to be able to do it? Because you are butt hurt mariota lover. Speaking of your man crush mariota, he went to the playoffs with 12 tds and 15 ints. See how that 53 men thing works? They made to the playoffs despite his horrible year.

    @ duke

    You are full of crap. There are no rumors about jameis winston maturity off the field. The man has been a model citizen in this community. He is the first in the building and last to leave. He continuosly gathers his receivers in the off season to work on chemistry etc. His work ethic is second to none. Stop posting bs as if its fact.

  32. Dooshlarue Says:

    Currently, I don’t see a huge difference between Bortles and Winston.

  33. DalvinCookRules Says:

    The coaches have to coach the bad habits out of JW. He needs to become a more boring good QB to reach his potential.

    JW is a wind-up QB, he’s not a lightning quick release guy like an Aaron Rodgers or Dan Marino or Tom Brady, so he’s never going to become a SUPER superstar, but he can still be a highly effective QB with big-play potential and great leadership. That’s the most you are going to get, and THAT is good enough for him to be consistently in the Top-10 QBs of the NFL.

  34. Jjones Says:

    Can I get you a tissue Touchdowntampabay or do ya need a safe space to cry in?

  35. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Wtf are you talking about Jjones? Why would I need a tissue. Your statement was moronic and I was just pointing it out. What exactly do you think I am upset about. I assume you just don’t do much critical thinking and reading comprehension probably isn’t too good either.

  36. Jjones Says:

    So a safe space then?

  37. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    How’s this? I could care two squats about what the rest of the league thinks about Jameis!!!

    #1 The Fans. They don’t know our team or OUR QB any better than we really know theirs. They care about THEIR QB not ours…unless ours is beating them.
    Their opinions are meaningless just are our opinions about their QB’s are pretty much meaningless.

    #2 Coaches and GM’s They all have their own set of biases and then you have to guess how much of what they say is filtered for and by the media.

    #3 Media I respect the media for the team they cover. If a guy is like Joe or a beat writer for the local paper then I think he honestly knows his team. If he’s a league wide guy there’s just too much to cover. If he’s a writer for another team blathering on about the Bucs…blah..blah…blah..blah..blah.

  38. Blue-footed booby Says:

    @ webster

    If there was a survey of 30 of the 32 GMs around the league (excluding Tampa and Tennessee for obvious reasons) taken sometime this summer before training camp, I’d bet you my dignity and pride that Marcus Mariota would win out in a preference for starting QB over Jameis Winston in that survey. Again, just because we Bucs fans here in the forums generally like Jameis Winston and (some) believe he is a franchise QB, that is not the consensus among NFL executives around the league.

    Here are the young QBs drafted since 2015 who would garner more and better trade offers than Winston: Jared Goff, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Pat Mahomes, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and yes Marcus Mariota too.

  39. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Interesting. Michael David Smith usually trashes Winston. I don’t think there was a reporter that took Winston to task harder over the Kinsmith bs than MDS. He constantly made Winston out to be guilty with a grudge.

  40. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    StPete – you hit the nail on the head. Whenever I listen to these national guys I realize how little they know about the individual teams. We all know the Bucs because we see every snap on game day and follow them closely on sites like this. National guys see little more than the highlights that we see. They really are uninformed. If you follow the team closely it is apparent that JW’s injury was hampering him early. When he was fully healed the last 3 games he was basically lights out. We also know that he led five late 4th quarter drives to give us the lead and that sh!tty defense caved in all of them.

  41. webster Says:

    @ bluefooted

    Speak no more. How in the he11 do you know 30 out of 30 gms will take mariotta over winston? Oh because you are butt hurt mariota lover. Gtfoh. Oh and betting your dignity means squat to me. If its anything like youe 30 for 30 assesment then that means its not worth a whole lot. Again, gtfoh

  42. webster Says:

    @ touchdown

    Every idiot poster on here talks about playoffs etc. Think about this, when the bucs finished 9-7, do you remember what happened in the raiders game? Bucs were down 17-10 in the 4th quarter. The bucs scored on their last two possesions to take a 24-17 lead with about 3:30 left. What happened? The defense allows the raiders to march down the field and tie the game and we lose in overtime. How many games did the bucs miss the playoffs by? Exactly but lets get rid of the best player on the team to appease the butt hurt mariota lovers

  43. Duke Says:


    Before saying I’m full of crap, you should have simply said that you haven’t seen this, and ask what I’m referring to. I would have been happy to tell you.
    Now I will say if you think about it again and still say I’m full of crap…..I will post several links and it will be a smack down on your candy azzz. Personally since I find your perspective as one of few down the middle let the facts lead you to the truth guys, I hope you investigate and find out more yourself. If you can’t, I will help. If you think it’s not out there and JW is universally agreed upon……….then you are not open to the reality of the subject differing from your opinion.

    Question, I see this so often that I will ask you to explain it to me
    When any criticism is directed at JW more often than not the reaction is to bring mariota into the debate and deflect any criticism away from JW. I don’t believe I have read any posts that say we should have drafted MM. If there is posts like this I have not read them. Point is JW is our guy. MM isn’t so why give a phuc about his.td/int number. If you think that is important explain why 2 years ago He has a far superior ratio than JW. Personally I don’t believe JW is any better by putting some one else down. JW I guarantee doesn’t take a day off because MM
    had a statistical anomaly like TD to int this year. Yes it’s an anomaly and throwing it this year because JW has been better a single year is an absolute phucing fan boi stunt…no respect for cherry picking . JW accepts the fact that there’s area’s he needs to improve. I have yet to hear him say..naw I’m good this year because of the season MM had

    So if JW can handle it why can’t you.

    Last , Tampa is a small town. Hard to hide things, JFro to the point, so my question is how could JW be able to hide any missteps. I don’t believe he has.
    Then , if you’d bothered to think, the question is who,why and what is the point.
    Florio isn’t always right , but if He’s going to fabricate lies because He’s not a fan of one guy, then his livelihood is in jeopardy. If you didn’t know his livelihood is worth several thousand times yours. So it’s fair to say that florio doesn’t care about MM not being a buc . So it’s not like he has skin in the game, and He won’t risk losing his house, car, wife to make up ship. I really wonder if you think a half second before blasting some one w a ridiculous conspiracy to .
    What ends I don’t know. Nor do I know how to twist reality that much to make sense.


  44. Dave Pear Says:

    Blue-footed booby Says: If there was a survey of 30 of the 32 GMs around the league (excluding Tampa and Tennessee for obvious reasons) taken sometime this summer before training camp, I’d bet you my dignity and pride that Marcus Mariota would win out in a preference for starting QB over Jameis Winston in that survey. Again, just because we Bucs fans here in the forums generally like Jameis Winston and (some) believe he is a franchise QB, that is not the consensus among NFL executives around the league.
    And you know this how?
    You personally know what the consensus is among NFL executives around the league?
    Really? Are you a league insider?

    You know all of the NFL GM’s? I bet you can’t name 10 GM’s.
    One thing I will give you is you did pick a perfect name for your self.
    The name booby comes from the Spanish word bobo which translates to “stupid, foolish, or clown.”
    ‘Nuff said.

  45. Blue-footed booby Says:

    @ webster

    I should’ve clarified that when I said that Mariota would ‘win out’ in that survey, that Mariota would win a majority of the 30 GM’s polled, so 16 out of 30 is what it’d have to be for me to be correct on that.

    Granted, I would still think that the number would probably be at least 25-5 in favor of Mariota in no small part due to Winston’s repeated lack of self control by blowing up on the football field when he headbutted the Rams player and earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty + the Marshon Lattimore poking incident + recklessly shoving Shelton Quarles in a fit of rage. But for the bet I would make just 16 out of 30 GM’s would be the benchmark.

    Also, while yes I would’ve taken Mariota at number 1 overall back in 2015 and would still do so today, I’m not mad or anything, and would still be accepting having Winston play out the remainder of his rookie contract to see how he fares in the next 2 years, I’m also high on the 2019 NFL draft class and I am of the opinion that a new regime in Tampa in 2019 would dump Winston for one of those QB prospects.

  46. Not there yet Says:

    Ok more nfl writers need to start getting drug tested, he’s doing some real hard stuff. People talk worse about Winston’s game than they do Blake bortles and that’s crazy

  47. webster Says:

    @ bluefooted

    Funny but profootballfocus just put out their top 25 under 25 list and your man crush mariota is behind winston. Jared goff did not make the list, nor did prescott, trubisky, mahomes etc. Thanks for playing though. There are some lovely parting gifts for you

  48. webster Says:

    Oh and its good to know that a player ie trubisky with his 2193 yards 59.4 % completion with 7tds and 7 ints is a more impressive qb than jameis to you. He would command more in a trade you say? That will be your little secret. Gtfoh

  49. Gman Says:

    Someone has officially run out of things to write about.

  50. Buc4life Says:

    This pro football talk place must just be click baiting during the slow NFL news season because the MDS statement is almost as ludicrous as what Florio said.

    If the refs didn’t decide to let every New England penalty slide whilst calling ticky tack calls on the jags once they went up 10 late in game then Jags win.