What’s The Deal With Sean Payton?

January 2nd, 2018

Saints coach still bitter over hassle in New Orleans?

There is something fans don’t grasp when Joe is covering a Bucs game.

Many seats in several press boxes in the NFL do not have easy access to the television broadcast feed of the game. This is true of Joe’s seat at the Den of Depression press box. So Joe strictly has to rely on the JumboTron there for replays, and sometimes at other NFL stadiums.

So a lot of things Bucs fans see, Joe never does until he watches a replay of the television broadcast. One of these things was Sean Payton getting weird with Dirk Koetter at the end of the game Sunday night. When this happened, Joe was likely in the elevator down to the tunnel.

The broadcast feed of Payton continually slapping Koetter on the shoulder looked weird, but Payton is a different cat (Joe went to college with him. Can’t say Joe knew Payton but met him enough and heard enough stories from others that knew him that what Payton did Sunday night isn’t really out of the ordinary.)

Well, it seems there more behind that odd exchange than what we saw. WTVT-TV Channel 13 had a camera crew nearby the exchange between Koetter and Payton and from the audio, it seems Payton is still steamed at America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, and Mike Evans sparking a melee earlier in the season at New Orleans, and apparently Payton blames Koetter for it.

You can watch and listen to the video below. Video courtesy of WTVT-TV Channel 13 and thanks to WTVT-TV sports anchor Scott Smith for sharing. Also props to @JeffTewksFOX13 for catching the moment.

66 Responses to “What’s The Deal With Sean Payton?”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    I was actually rooting for the Saints…if you can call it that…at least over the Falcons and Panthers. Certainly not now…very dickish move.

  2. JabooBuc Says:

    It’s called a Napoleon Complex

  3. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    JonBuc…me too!!! After this!!??? Hell no!!!!
    You guys ever see the backside of a chicken? Payton’s lips are shaped the same way..(o)

  4. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Doesn’t Sean know there was a bounty on Lattimore. He of all people should understand.

  5. Joe Says:

    Doesn’t Sean know there was a bounty on Lattimore. He of all people should understand.


  6. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    Wasn’t a good look for Payton, pretty childish.

  7. Eric Says:

    Dirk basically laughed the guy off.

  8. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Been in that kind of exchange before and it was 2 seconds from all smiles then GO TIME. Dirk has a hair trigger you can tell. Dirk wanted some thats why he did not let his hand go after the initial hand shake.

  9. Howard Cosell Says:

    Sean Payton mad, bro.

  10. Vico Says:

    Maybe Koetter is good in that way. But bad to bring back Smith.

  11. Mr. Ed Says:

    This is not worthy of a spot on the site. No news.

  12. cmurda Says:

    I just gained some respect for Dirk. He wasn’t having Payton’s whining and he shut him up and in so many words said bring it.

  13. James Walker Says:

    A real man does not need to bully to prove he is the alpha. Peyton looked like a man who knows that his window is closing fast.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    Payton is still mad the Bucs broke his leg.

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    I don’t see t the same ways – when Payton starts whining about Evans, Dirk should have leaned in and open mouthed kissed him – that’s what real men do.

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    Scotty, I mean Sean, just wanted to show Dirk his new ride.


  17. DB55 Says:

    Funny when jw barely touched Lattimore he was an out of control immature hack but when two coaches punch each other ….

  18. Walter Says:

    Payton would’ve been eating my fists if he touched me like that. Grow some balls Koetter, you’re embarrassing us.

  19. OneBucPerson Says:

    Payton is a sore loser, we’ve known this for years.

  20. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Is this the same Sean Payton who was wrapped up in bountygate?… is this the same Sean Payton who gestured a choking sign to freeman of the falcons and then denied doing it in his after the game press conference… that same Sean Payton? Makes me hate the saints even more! Dude suffers from a serious case of Napoleon complex.

  21. Eat me a W nom nom nom Says:

    Haha nothing funnier than a sawn off short man trying to be a tough guy. What a tool

  22. Pancake block Says:

    Not a fan of coach Derek Zoolander

  23. IsrBuc Says:

    Leaving SP’s behavior on this exchange aside, I think he has a point considering DK never sees anything. I remember it was an issue back then too. He didn’t see, He wasn’t told, He wasn’t aware, He’s back was turned.. Somehow we get that every time something happens.
    I don’t remember how it went on exactly but you’d expect someone told the HC what had just happened and HC to address it immediately even if he didn’t see it in his own eyes. Also- set some standards and boundaries, especially for your QB.
    The Jamies’s meltdouwn last week proves whatever DK is doing is not working. Assuming is doing something.

  24. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    Dirk’s got more snap to his slap than Sean ! Now if he can out coach him Thad b greeaaaat Milton …

  25. teacherman777 Says:

    I love Dirk Koetter.

    He is a great man and a great OC.

    We have the best offense that we have ever had.

    And Coach Koetter is cool as hell and real as hell.

    I love you Coach!

  26. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Not to mention, Sean was back in a place where his own team broke HIS leg just a few years back…

  27. Easy Says:

    LOL at Payton getting butt hurt. What a tool. Dirk straight Son’d his a$$ with the harder slap to the chest

  28. Buc believer Says:

    Welcome back Koetter looked liked a high school Dork with a face full of zits trying his best to talk to the head cheerleader. You could even see how embarrassed he was. Peyton bitch slapped him… good for Peyton.

  29. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Even though Lattimore was on our side instigating?

  30. Bucnbeliever Says:

    Cough bounty gate cough cough

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Little man’s disease flaring up. Don’t like the Saints….never did….never will….will root against them always.

  32. BoJim Says:

    Walter Says:
    January 2nd, 2018 at 1:46 am
    Payton would’ve been eating my fists if he touched me like that. Grow some balls Koetter, you’re embarrassing us.

    Easy to be tough behind a keyboard huh?

  33. ManzielMadness Says:

    Coming from the guy who blackballed his DC during bountygate… you know what they say about glass houses Sean…

  34. mark2001 Says:

    I don’t know if Sean is upset…but look at Dirks face…he sure looks like he thinks Sean is threatening him.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe, when you post these videos, could you also link to them? For some reason I cannot play the videos…but when I do to the source I can.

  36. BucUToo Says:

    Buc Believer – guess you didn’t catch where Koetter pushed him back in the shoulder. Then it was Koetter who walked after Sean to say, “hey man i’m just trying to tell you good luck”, then Bitch Peyton reminded Koetter how butt hurt he was that the QB was beating up on his player. Koetter just laughed it off. The Saints are over rated, and their fans are awful. Almost as bad as Philly fans, except they know less about football.

  37. Waterboy Says:

    He was just mad they loss but Dirk better be careful Sean might put a bounty on him.

  38. EA Says:

    Damn, I thought Payton was a classy cat, it’s not koetters fault for what happened in the first game.
    Good find.

  39. denjoe Says:

    The more aggressive guys team is in the playoffs? no! he’s a jerk and gruden’s a jerk, we would rather lose every year than to be a meanie!

  40. LargoBuc Says:

    F Sean Payton and F the Saints. Cant wait to kick their next year.

  41. EA Says:

    This reminds me of when Jim Harbaugh shook Jim Schwartz’s hand a little too hard and Schwartz kept running after him.

  42. bkbuc Says:

    Payton steals pain meds from his team’s facility and is the head of bounty gate. Sounds like a scumbag to me. Oh, and he wears eyeliner.

  43. ndog Says:

    This is the kind of thing that makes a rivalry. If our players have any backbone at all next years games with them should be an all out war, which if happens could be very good for this franchise. The getting pushed around (literally) needs to stop and I cant think of anyone better than to show that against than the Aints.

  44. darin Says:

    Payton is borderline sociopathic. Cant stand the guy. Having said that tho dirk was definitely in the wrong the first game. Stupid look on his face not even knowing there was a fight 5 yards from him. Evans should have been benched. Childish acts by jameis and evans and dirk had no clue nor did he do anything about it once he knew. Anyone who thinks lattimore started it by talking needs to get a grip. Get yourself some front row seats sometime and listen to all the talk going on all game, from both sides. Talk is talk, big deal. Still would have loved it if dirk threw a haymaker at numbnuts.

  45. Getaclue Says:

    Probably on withdrawls from the pain pills he’dbeen stealing and on edge

  46. JWBUCS Says:

    What is the feedback on whether Koetter brings a Marvin Lewis or Jack Del Rio consultant into Tampa for 2018?

  47. Grt1 Says:

    So when Jameis and Evans lose their cool it’s immaturity and thuggish. But when this punk does this he has a reason. Peyton said his piece to Koetter after the first game in NO and Koetter took it because Koetter knew he was in the wrong. Sean is just a complete jacka$$ and should be called out in the national media. But he wont, angry old man with a history of classes acts vs young black men acting immature, what do you think the media is going to run with. Like I always say double standards.

  48. ndog Says:

    Why does everything have to be turned into a race thing? Cant it just be that this guy is a jerk? Last time I checked people were hammering Gronk for his dirty hit on the Bills corner. ESPN took about 5 days hammering the guy, which he deserved just like Evans.

  49. adam from ny Says:

    woulda been cool if “welcome back” bitch slapped him smack across the face like a woman…

    like seriously cool…

    and said “see ya next year punk”

  50. adam from ny Says:

    joe –

    koetters new name at least for a month should be:

    “welcome back”

    can we please just call him “welcome back”

    it’s to dang coooo!

  51. Anmlmike Says:

    To me this is because we DID NOT lay down like the Shameless for Jameis game and accept our lower pick! Was a deal set in place? Just sayin’

  52. Buc believer Says:

    @BucUToo… it is going to take me a while to get over this season and even longer for me to get over the keeping of Koetter and Smith. I could stomach Koetter staying but Smith in NO WAY deserves this job. ANYTHING either one of these bozos will not sit well with me until next year.

  53. ATrain Says:

    Really this coming from a Coach who sat out a year because of paying players to take cheap shots
    Wasn’t that Payton

  54. firethecannons Says:

    After seeing this video you can bet that payton was highly motivated to stomp Bucs into turf
    yet Bucs embarassed them and perhaps set their trajectory into downward spiral

    Love to see saints lose early with injuries obtained

    dont fok wit my coach

  55. Nate Says:

    whats the DEAL??

    I told yall and so did tkraz that the Saints New world Order take down

    got sean payton SO MAD…..not at evans….



    now I know salty sean is kinda petty but that is a long way from going from showing discipline ” carry a mutha fing stick”

    JOE??? LOL what you think

  56. Buccfan37 Says:

    It was an odd postgame coach handshake, the hands to the chest, very unprofessional from the prick Peytons standpoint. Saw a replay last night and it was even worse. I’ll be pulling for an early Saints exit from the playoffs.

  57. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    I thought the chest clap looked a lil bit on the assaulting Koetters manhood side myself. Sure know I woulda felt that way if he’d done it to me! Koetter shoulda grabbed two handfuls of Peytoons shirt and given him shaken baby syndrome! You don’t put your hands on a man like that without repercussions Smokey!

    I’m also sure us kicking his butt when they all thought they had us beat also threw some salt into his lil chafed booty cheeks also. Messed up their bye and money as well.

    Adam from Ny you’re a lil slow on that, I’ve been calling him that since he got here. I reference to a1970 sitcom titled Welcome Back Kotter. You seem maybe a lil young too know about that one.

  58. Rod Munch Says:

    Actually if Dirk is going to talk about carrying a big stick then all references about him should be to Boogie Nights since that’s the only other Dirk (Dirk Diggler) I’ve ever heard of, and he too carried a big stick.

  59. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Coach Payton should get a 2-game suspension for his pursed lips alone.

  60. Desanova Says:

    Here’s the thing Sean.

    I didn’t do it myself and I didn’t coach Winston and Evans to do it and we have these things called officials and administrators who deal out penalties and fines (and they did).

    Here’s the thing Sean.

    Your DB should move on to his sideline after a play and not stand there rubbing it in our face.

    Here’s the thing Sean.

    I’m still pissed off that you ran several years coaching the bounty system for your defense.

    Here’s the thing Sean.

    If you going to confront me, stay here in my face and give me a chance to reply.

    Here’s the thing Sean.

    How about congratulations?

  61. BuccLuck Says:

    Just fuels the fire for my dislike of the Saints. Too bad Brees, a great guy, had to find success in NOLA (or the NFC South in general). Anywhere else would have been fine. I like Dirk a little more after seeing this.

  62. DB55 Says:

    Why isn’t the TB media calling for fines and suspensions?

  63. Buc believer Says:

    I wish Peyton kicked his arse!!!

  64. DanBucsFan Says:

    Well I believe we now have even more of a rivalry brewing here lol. N it sure looks like Dirk is saying “bring it” …pissed or not Payton shoulda let Dirk finish explaining himeself. Unless they plan on having a discussion without cameras on them. Sounded like Dirk agreed with him n was explaining why he didnt do more at the time. Oh well, 2018 GAME ON

  65. unbelievable Says:

    I respect Koetter for the way he acted there.

    Sean comes off like a little whiney b!tch.

    Not really surprised though, him and Brees have always been this way. I think every time Brees has ever been hit during a game, he’s cried about a player being dirty afterwards. They are hypocrites and cowards.

    Especially considering they were prime people involved in bountygate.

    And for the record, I thought Jameis, Evans, and Lattimore were all acting like complete idiots when that all went down. I have no respect for that, but far less respect for Sean Payton. I hope the Saints get crushed in the playoffs.

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    To my eye Dirk got punked there, and by the time he got to the press conference he should have had something to say other than the typical boring good luck garbage. HOWEVER, if Dirk said good luck, break a leg – that would have been awesome and my respect for Dirk would have shot up tremendously. However you can’t have a rivalry with someone when they punk you and you just say what a great guy they are and wish them the best. That’s some Generation Glee limp wrist stuff.

    Also just imagine if someone had done this to Dungy… what would have been the outcome? I’m guessing Sapp, Brooks and Lynch and the rest of the team would have went out and at the very least tipped over the Saints team bus.