“Free Agency Has Not Done Well For Us In The Offensive Line Position”

January 6th, 2018

Former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht talks offensive fixes, Jameis.

A Buccaneers sage of the post-Super Bowl era is Anthony Becht.

Not only did he play for the Bucs (2005-2007), he’s been a local media voice since 2010, including his current role breaking down film on the official Bucs website.

Becht has strong opinions on turning the Bucs offense into a scoring machine, and he let loose on WDAE-AM 620 this week.

First, Becht says America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, simply needs to play better by making more of the plays put on his plate by Dirk Koetter. “When he was healthy, it wasn’t good enough,” Becht said of Jameis. … “He’s just got to get better. Plays were there.”

Becht also channeled a common theme of the man who drafted him in the first round to play for the Jets, Bill Parcells. “In your third season, you need to be rising,” Becht said of the Parcells theme. “When you’re the No. 1 draft pick, it even goes faster. The pieces were in place this year.”

So here we are in the offseason, the offense is back now squarely on the shoulders of Jason Licht, who, Becht says, must rise up and rectify past failures.

“I think you got to make some strategic moves around [Jameis] also,” Becht said. “I mean, the offense is pretty much set as far as skill, but you gotta add some pieces. You gotta find a dynamic back that you can leave in there that can get you big yardage and explosive plays.

“I think you gotta shake some things up at the offensive line, not necessarily getting rid of guys, but moving some guys around and experimenting with better usage of the guys we have and adding a piece to that who can really help. Free agency has not done well for us in the offensive line position. We got Anthony Collins [in 2014]; that wasn’t the answer. With [J.R.] Sweezy coming in, I thought he was going that guy. Well, he hasn’t played like that guy that was in Seattle, and that’s probably a lot to do with the [back] injury. So will he be back to where he needs to be?”

Lotta mysteries on the Bucs offensive line relating to how players are evaluated. First, Evan Smith and Kevin Pamphile oddly split time at left guard this season. Both are now unrestricted free agents.

Sweezy will be coming off a new injury, and Marpet is coming off one, too. And who really is the better right guard? (Would it kill the Bucs to just draft a stud center?)

Demar Dotson has missed 18 games over the past three seasons.

And running back? Well, Joe’s still shocked Doug Martin was on the roster last year, and then used continually when was simply bad. Licht and Koetter have to look in the mirror on that one.

Tough talk from Becht. Tough decisions ahead for the Bucs.

92 Responses to ““Free Agency Has Not Done Well For Us In The Offensive Line Position””

  1. ManzielMadness Says:

    If Andrew Norwell doesn’t get paid by the Panthers, I’d be all for him

  2. SB Says:

    “at most positions” would be more apt.

  3. Buc'd Up Says:

    Billy Price at the top of the 2nd. Move marpet to right guard, try to grab norwell at left.

  4. Ndog Says:

    This is what I find funny/sad. It seems everyone knows these issues but the ones in charge of fixing them. We all said we need a top flight runningback, nothing was done, we all said get some DE’s, nothing was done, we all said we need some QUALITY on the oline, nothing was done. And here we sit a year later and the same people WHO DID NOTHING TO ADDRESS THESE CLEAR ISSUES THAT US NOBODIES SAW still in the same positions with zero accountability. I for one have zero excitement going into next year other than watching Jameis get better cause that’s really about all we got to look forward to.

  5. Ndog Says:


  6. BucEmUp Says:

    Adding two major pieces to the offensive in djax and Howard hurt the production. James and djax wasted a lot of attempts that would have went to grate, Humphries or Godwin. Moving market to center was a big change and Doug Martin sucks.

    It was clear after djax went down and Godwin and humph were used more along with barber getting carries the offense loomed sharp. In my opinion the best thing to do with this offense is maybe add a center and. Move marpet back to guard draft some young talent but this offense is right there is EVERYONE shows up to training camp and the best man starts.

    This teams problem is defense hands down

  7. Owlykat Says:

    I appreciate Becht’s opinion. It would have helped if he had mentioned that Smith needs to be moved from LT to LG. We also need a Center in the draft too but you can usually get a good one in the third round to back up our last starting Center and learn from him. We can get a good RB in Free Agency. The Titans did it last year and Licht should have then.

  8. WillieG Says:

    Can you actually draft a stud anything on the offensive line with any degree of comfort? It seems to me that the way college football is these days, offensive linemen are the biggest challenge for those evaluating talent.

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Agree 100% with you here Bdog. Every yr, we need DE’s. We need this and that. While other WINNERS..seem to plug in players without missing a beat. Is it our personnel selecting..or what? Our Defense finshed just about last this year. Yet,,There is nothin but Jameis talk. We lost 4 or 5 games by 7 points or less. Our D could not stop a top ranked college team. Koetter is hellbent on Smitty as DC. I HAVE NO/NONE COFIDENCE IN THIS MAN WHATSOEVER. AND I got this knawing feelin in my gut, we are gonna be right back here next year. doin the same thing. Bringin up the bottom. Atl, Saints and Panthers are gonna just tweak and get better. Its past sad..Its deeyham right PITYFUL!!!

  10. ManzielMadness Says:

    Theres gonna be a lot of talent in the 2nd round, wouldn’t mind acquiring picks, especially if Chubb isn’t there at 7 then I’d trade down with a QB needy team. We’d have a shot at a couple of guys like DT Payne, C Price, or HB Kerryon Johnson/Nick Chubb/Derrius Guice

  11. stevbobucfan Says:

    I also agree with you Ndog when will the bucs draft exactly what we need like DE..RB OL

  12. Upthegut Says:

    Number 1 priority for this off season…….hire Bill Belichick as President of
    Football Operation. He would oversee and sign off on draft choice, FA signings,
    Coaching changes, scouting and front office staff.

    I think he want out of N.E. and maybe even the details of coaching. He can change our culture overnight! If the Glazers are serious about being a perennial winner bring this man to Tampa Bay and get out of his way.

  13. unbelievable Says:

    LOL SB you are correct.

    Well we’ve actually done quite well with UDFAs… just not established FAs that we have to pay good money to.

  14. JonBuc Says:

    Belicheat to the Bucs? We wish! The Giants are in play for him if the Pats lay an egg in the playoffs and Kooky Kraft continues to meddle/take dynasty credit ( whispers that Kraft insisted on trading Jimmy G. at the urging of Tom Brady ). Belicheat would own the owners known as the Bros. Glazer. A great thought/fantasy…but will never happen.

  15. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Bellicheat ( as he’s so lovingly called by some) most likely prefers the Giants over anyone else, that’s if he goes..

    We still need to draft a QB…if Jameis doesn’t get to the next level in his 4th year..that should be it..stats are nice but they don’t win games..

  16. Stanglassman Says:

    If Ragnow (C @ AR Razorbacks) falls to the 4th round the Bucs should grab him. He was considered a 1st round pick before his high ankle sprain.

    Does anyone see Jason L. taking a G ( Quenton Nelson) at #7. Even if Barkley and Chubb are gone I don’t see it happening.

  17. chickster Says:

    bucs need the Glazers to step up his father was the man that could get it done these morons do not care about football . The lack luster head coaches is a shame to all buc fans . Make a splash glazers get in the game . You guys are LAZY owners GET INVOLVED IN THE NFL OR SELL THE TEAM I WONT SPEND MY MONEY WATCHING LACK LUSTER FOOTBALL SELL THE TEAM TO SOME BALLERS LETS GO

  18. Cover Deuce Says:

    A lot gets made of the pass rush, and to be sure, it was consistently awful. But the run game cost them more wins than anything this year. If you can’t get the easy yards on the ground when you want them, your offense is as good as [email protected]$&ed and the other team is going to get more cracks at your defense.

  19. AlteredEgo Says:

    chickster….the team was always the boys thing….pops only wrote the check to buy the team….

  20. loggedontosay Says:

    Only if Anthony Becht played as well as he talk. Jameis cannot focus on the development of plays when he has to dodge defender before he has completed his drop back. Take away the fumbles and the interceptions, there is no stopping Jameis. Take away Koetter, problem solved.

  21. MadMax Says:

    If they did go with Nelson with the 7th (Chubb and Fitzpatrick not available) I would be fine with that. He’s a future all pro for sure. Just use that 2nd pick on best av. DE.

    Then NT or DB.

    Kicker? Use a 4th on Nordin out of Michigan.

    OT Desmond Harrison (West Georgia) 6’8 315 could also be a nice late under the radar pick up….probably 5th.

  22. gotbbucs Says:

    Quenton Nelson

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We’re only .8 beneath the league average in points scored. Less than a point.

    Off topic, I’m watching Mariota right now. So glad we didn’t take him. Jameis is so much better.

    13 TDs, 15INT???? And people complain here?

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And before you say he’s in the playoffs, Mariota had nothing to do with that. They made it despite him.

  25. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, we dodged one not picking MM…..even though Im called a fan of his when I get mad and criticize JW3 (i never was a fan of MM)

  26. BucFamous Says:

    A) The plays were there? Really?? Our competitors point blank said that this was the most predictable offense in the entire NFL.

    B) Warhop sucks.

  27. Rrsrq Says:

    Q. Nelson, if Chubb off the board, I would say Barkley off the board too, but gotta fix the trenches, that is how Dallas did it, look at their lines, however, Marinelli probably the reason their defensive line got better and developed and think about they missed on a pick with Randy Gregory. Plus the RB class keeps getting deeper with S. Barkley, R. Jones, R. Penny, J. Adams, N. Chubb, S. Michel and I am sure I am missing a few names

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    What a BS call the Titans just got before halftime. Mariota is sacked, and fumbles in the process, and somehow they claim his “forward” progress was stopped and it’s not a fumble. HUH!?! He was never going forward, he was being tackled and just flat fumbled. If Jameis did that they’d have counted him with 9 fumbles on the play.

  29. Ndog Says:

    Prime example of favortism. If that is not a fumbled then Jameis would have like 8 less fumbles this year!

  30. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Licht will have had 5 years to build the OL/DL and failed miserably at both, major reasons thebucs 5-11, he drafts the kicker when the bucs needed DL/OL again, then all the good FA players the bucs ignore? alex mack he prolly would have been a dud in tampa but super bowl in ATL

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    Just a reminder on the KC-Tenn game… the Titans beat as many playoff games as the Bucs did this year, one. They also lost 4 more games versus teams with losing records, the Bucs lost one game to a 7-9 GB in OT, meanwhile the Titans lost 5 games to sub-.500 teams including a 57-14 loss to the 4-12 Texans. Talk about a team playing a cupcake schedule backdooring into the playoffs.

  32. SB Says:

    unbelievable Says:
    January 6th, 2018 at 3:08 pm
    LOL SB you are correct.

    Well we’ve actually done quite well with UDFAs… just not established FAs that we have to pay good money to.

    Exactly where I was going UB!
    Also Mariota doing Squat right now for all of the Mariota “fanboys”

  33. Rrsrq Says:

    Thinking the same thing on the Mariota fumble that wasn’t

  34. Ndog Says:

    Let’s all just face it, we just have a bunch of unqualified people running our team, scouting our players, drafting our players, and coaching our players. It is sad that fans like us have to deal with people that just ignore clear needs on this team every year. I mean there are quite a few people on this site that I think are clueless BUT I will give us all credit we are all true fans of this team and deserve much much better.

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    Licht drafted 2 starters in Marpet and Smith, and Marpet could have been a pro-bowler (or maybe even an all-pro) at guard if they hadn’t moved him to center. Sweezy really wasn’t all that great in Seattle and everything I read was that scouts were extremely mixed on him, if he was any good or not. He played this year and was OK, so he should start next year you’d think. Dotson just keeps getting injured and he’s getting old, but he’s still a good starter. I think the change of Marpet to center just hurt the overall play of the line – and Marpet is much more valuable at G anyways, I’d love if the Bucs got a real C and moved him back, I think that would really help. Also for Jameis he had no fumble issues when he had the same center for almost every game in 2015 and the offensive line play was good – but for the last two years the o-line play has been terrible which has in turn killed the running game and lead to fumble issues. I think the basic pieces are there, and you got two young longterm starters, so it’s not a complete disaster, but they still have a lot of work to do to get that o-line playing well, something they haven’t done in 2 full years now.

  36. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Omg did y’all just see that mariota play?

  37. SB Says:

    I saw it Shut………….Lol good sh!t, mostly luck, however great reflexes.

  38. Ndog Says:

    Yeah I saw it he threw into like triple coverage and still gets a td. This guy is the luckiest player on the planet.

  39. loggedontosay Says:

    If only Jameis would play more like Alex Smith.

  40. SB Says:

    I must say ‘logged’ you are SO spot on. He used to play like that when he hadn’t put FSU behind. However if he could play as a mix of Alex Smith and JW……..!

  41. USFBUC Says:

    @WillieG that’s why if you look at the really good teams like the Patriots they draft multiple linemen every year between the Oline and Dline. Drafting linemen has become something of a crap shoot after the elite talent is off the board.

    The Bucs will have the cap space after cutting and trading some players away to go fix certain parts of the team in FA. If they do FA smart, big if there, then we can be smarter in the draft.

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m so spilt on this Titans/KC game, I want to see the Titans lose since they absolutely don’t deserve to be in the playoffs – but then again I LOVE seeing teams lose at home in the playoffs, in particular when they had a big lead. Watching the fans go from celebrating to completely depressed is fantastic. I mean it also is fun for a home team just to get beat down, like the Bucs did to Philly in Jan 2003 when they shut down that dump of a stadium, but there is something special about being up big at half-time and blowing the game at home.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    loggedontosay – If you mean you’d like Jameis to put up OK stats when it doesn’t matter and then choke in the crunch, well, I think you’re misguided.

  44. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Rod Munch…I’m the same way..I want to see 60,000 disappointed fans on live TV..if my Bucs are not in the playoffs, the heck with all of them..

    But I do want Titans to win..only because being an underdog…

  45. SB Says:

    I must say, I am taking a shot of Montana Roughstock right now to what Could have been. All the while I am being careful not to lament what was!. Cheers Friends!

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    LifeOfABucFan – Exactly, if my team can’t win I want as many people as possible wanting to slit their wrists. F em is what I say.

    For the Titans however, as I pointed out above, they played the easiest schedule in the league, beat one team that made the playoffs (the Jags,who were tied with the Titans for the easiest schedule in the league) and they lost 4 more games against teams with a losing record than the Bucs did. Put the Titans in the NFC South and they’re a 3-13 team this year, give the Bucs their schedule and they’re probably 10-6 or 11-5. Also Mariota has played the easiest schedule of any QB in the league since he was drafted and generally only puts up good numbers versus bad teams, inflating his stats.

    So again, it’s really a mixed feeling for me watching this. I think a tie that goes 35 extra quarters and ending tomorrow afternoon would be ideal.

  47. SB Says:

    Mariota turns from Joke to keeping Tenn in it………………Yup does it again! WTF

  48. Rod Munch Says:

    Now lets see that clutch Alex Smith come in and win this! LOL!

  49. SB Says:

    Actually I think it will be Hunt that keeps them in it Rod.

  50. Rod Munch Says:

    I’d say the refs have this game rigged, but seriously who wants to see the Titans in the 2nd round of the playoffs? But that was another awful call.

  51. SB Says:

    Smith a victim of Drops.

  52. MadMax Says:

    @SB, sipping some clean Herradura Reposado with Modelo….cant wait to see the dirty birds get stomped!

  53. SB Says:

    If Bill Walsh had Alex Smith………………………………

  54. MadMax Says:

    This game is closer than I called to some guys earlier at work today….i said KC by 14.

  55. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk would punt here.

  56. Rod Munch Says:

    Hey Gruden, if you’re going to hear a trench coach don’t stand with your legs spread, it just makes you look like you have a really misfitting normal coat on.

  57. Rod Munch Says:

    Who was saying he wishes Winston would play like Alex Smith. LOL! LOL! LOL!

  58. SB Says:

    Tenn has about 80% chance of winning right now. Unbelievable!!

  59. Rod Munch Says:

    SB – You mean the Titans had a 100% chance of winning once the game was in the hands of Alex Smith.

  60. Rod Munch Says:


  61. MadMax Says:

    OH $hit!! TD KC!

  62. MadMax Says:

    Na, he was down

  63. Rod Munch Says:

    Hahahahahhahahaha Henry was clearly down – this is even better, the home crowd thinking they got a miracle play and it’s then taken away. Hahahaha, this is fantastic.

  64. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m hoping for a riot.

  65. Rod Munch Says:

    Those midwestern fans are pretty polite, they barely booed. I guess they knew it was BS to think anything good can come from having Alex Smith on your team.

  66. loggedontosay Says:

    I think that if Jameis played more like Alex Smith the result would be the same as the game we are watching.

  67. SB Says:

    Holy FuK………..Did you see the Block Mariota just laid for Henry !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    If Jameis played like Alex Smith he’d be known as a choke artist and never would have won a national championship at FSU. Alex Smith is like a less talented Peyton Manning, he chokes without the defense to bail him out.

  69. Eric Says:

    Yeah that Mariota is so horrible he threw a beautiful bomb for the go ahead touchdown! In the playoffs to make it even more clutch. Gaudy late game garbage yards mean nothing if you go 5-11. Im not Titans fan but Im definitely not going to hate like some of the jealous Winston Republican Guardians. Face it we grabbed the wrong guy and it hurts some if you to your core. Now that makes he happy!
    “What a performane by the 3rd year pro!” (Jon Gruden)

  70. Rod Munch Says:

    9-7 in the AFC South is 3-13 in the NFC South… just saying.

  71. Bird Says:

    Not a mariota fan boy

    Definetly not a Jameis ball gargaler

    You all saying mariota garbage , lucky and blah blah blah.

    Pretty sure He just won an away playoff game with practically no weapons on offense. (Solid offensive line though)

  72. SB Says:

    Like it or not guys, Mariota WON that game for Tennessee. I am a JW guy despite being a Gator but Damm…………

  73. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Yo did anyone think Mariota would win this??????? I am really excited for the kid.

  74. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    You know you’re my homie, but wtf game are you watching? That O-line and Derrick Henry won that game single handed.

  75. Rod Munch Says:

    Bird, LOL! The Titans have one of the best offensive lines in football, the best combo of RBs in football, a pro-bowler TE, a high 1st rounder WR and Eric Decker, who while not the guy of the past is reliable. He literally threw into quadruple coverage on the TD and had the ball slapped back into his hands – then missed a wide open Corey David on his second to last drive when he had plenty of time to throw the ball -although he did come back with his next throw which was much more difficult and got it there. Mariota has good legs and that’s where his value he, he’s not a QB, put him in Dirk’s deep ball offense and the guy isn’t even a backup. However in a power running offense where he can make plays with his legs he’s fine – but he’s also played the easiest schedule in football. Still I’d rather have Mariota starting for me than the choke artist Smith.

  76. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Titans have the GM the bucs should have, who actually drafted in the trenches and grabbed an RB in henry that the bucs should have gotten heck even the KC rb the bucs coul have gotten, and all those bucs non moves get you 5-11

  77. Rod Munch Says:

    From ESPN…

    Titans are now 2-14 in the Marcus Mariota era when trailing by 14+ points, both wins against the Chiefs.

  78. SB Says:

    check this out Dusthy


  79. Mike Johnson Says:

    Buc fans can’t face the truth cause they can’t handle the Truth!! Our organization sucks to holy hell and Beyond!! I guess Koetter will buy DC Smith a new set of binoculars and a remote recliner for his pressbox coaching. Mans gotta be comfortable you know… Commanding his Defense from high on his perch.

  80. Bird Says:

    Butt munch

    What is so funny. I said oline was good

    Delanie walker is 50. Had 3 td. We had both tight ends score more

    Corey Davis was injured all year. Didn’t have 1 td


    Henry only got touches cause demarco out.

    Keep making excuses though. You are right.

  81. BucTrooper Says:

    “When you’re the No. 1 draft pick, it even goes faster. The pieces were in place this year.”

    No. Wrong.

    Who was your go-to running back? Who was your pass rusher?

    Pieces were NOT in place. Comments like that make it hard to take Becht seriously.

  82. SB Says:

    While my link is in moderation, for those of you that feel like it, check out the “Sports Science” link that compares Derrick Henry vs. Ezekiel Elliot.

  83. Ronteco Says:

    Licht is clueless in picking talent in the trenches.

  84. Eric Says:

    Killing em inside huh Rod Munch. Talk about excuses galore. This is gonna be what drives Winston fans to meltdown status. Best part of it is yyou get to hear until or if Winston ever gets to the playoffs much less make it to the second round .Second best part is HE IS THE REASON THEY WON THAT GAME! He did what Winston has never done, take a team with marginal talent on offense. We have 3 stud Wr’s Two stud running backs and a pretty good running back in Barber

  85. James Walker Says:

    Carl Nicks

  86. Eric Says:

    Sorry but Delanie Walker and Henry are like 40 caliber pistols vs. The Buc Cannons. It really is that simple to understand if you dont have Winstons ball$ slapping you upside the head causing massive irreparable brain damage! Lol

  87. Eric Says:

    2 stud TE’S…oops

  88. loggedontosay Says:

    Mariota is a poor mans version of Cam Newton. If we had the Titains defense we would be undefeated for the next five years.

  89. Blackmagic00 Says:

    We can all sit and speak and act as if we know the answer. At the end of last year the answer was more weapons for Winston. We have them and yes, WITH A BIG FAT YES, he needed them. The smaller part; The bigger part, which no one really saw is the trenches. We’re on our way. If people don’t think that the organization sees and knows this? They definitely know this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we move up in the draft and give up something just to land a better trench player. They know this. Fans and haters out there, just please except that the coaches and gm are actually smarter than you and know the needs. And they probably see needs long before us, but can’t fix it until t he draft or free agency. “ECEPT FOR THE STUPID DOUG MARTIN BS”. Wish we could trade him or something.

  90. Blackmagic00 Says:


  91. MadMax Says:

    Chubb and Vita will fix the trenches on the D side of the ball.

    Chubb in the 1st, then move back into the bottom of the first for Vita…or if we’re lucky, he makes it to the 2nd.

  92. Bucsmon Says:

    Maybe Licht will get a clue after what the Titans did. Tough defense that holds the Chiefs to 21 on the road, smashmouth run game executed well by the 2nd half and average WRs with a QB limiting his mistakes.

    Not saying that Mariota is better than Winston in every area. Heck there hasnt been a Heisman QB since 1980 that has won a S Bowl and Im not sold on Baker Mayfield either. But the Titans went 9-7 2 yrs in a row, made the playoffs without 4000 yds passing because 4000 yds does not = Wins. Its all about wins, not 18 Turnovers as a QB in 13 games, no pass rush on defense, letting D. Martin keep getting several carries a game with a 2.9 yd per carry. Whats wrong with this picture?