Will Dirk Koetter And/Or Jason Licht Make It To 2018?

December 3rd, 2017

General manager Jason Licht

The question in the headline is fired at Joe at least 10 times a day.

For now, it’s even a much more pressing thought in fans’ minds than whether America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, actually crotch-grabbed a female Uber driver without permission.

So where does Joe stand?

Well, at 7:45 p.m. on Sunday night, Joe knows Dirk Koetter needs a W.


Koetter simply cannot exit this season with a six-game losing streak. That simply can’t happen if Koetter hopes to return for his third season. Team Glazer won’t be able to sell that to anyone, certainly not Joe.

That’s the NFL.

Koetter would agree, Joe suspects. A six-game losing streak and a five-game losing streak in the same season is a nasty indictment of coaching.

The Bucs are too talented to lose six straight to whimper out of this season, not with America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, under center. And Joe can’t give Koetter a pass for Mike Smith’s defense if it continues to fall on its face week after week.

Koetter handpicked Smith and gives him complete autonomy over the defense. Ask Koetter about whether he might demand changes from Smith, and Koetter humbly says he doesn’t meddle much with the defense because he’d probably screw things up.

That might be true, but Koetter is still the head coach and the defense is his responsibility. Some guy named Chucky paid the ultimate price in January 2009, when a four-game defensive collapse (after Monte Kiffin announced he was leaving) sank the season.

Koetter needs to find a victory against Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina or New Orleans. Two should lock down his return.

It also sure would help the head coach if the offense continues to build on what it accomplished today, regardless of the what the defense does. Koetter has to at least have an answer to the question, “What do we do well?”

As for Licht, well, he needs more than the victory Koetter has to get.

Licht must have his draft picks shine, rookies like Justin Evans, Chris Godwin, Kendell Beckwith and O.J. Howard. Guys like Caleb Benenoch, Kevin Pamphile and Peyton Barber need rousing finishes. Donovan Smith must end strong. Cameron Brate is a feather in Licht’s cap, and it wouldn’t hurt to have Kwon Alexander snap out of his tackling funk. Patrick Murray can’t get a sudden case of the Aguayos.

Licht needs Team Glazer to be fearful of not finding a replacement who can match Licht in the draft.

That’s really Licht’s only hope, as Joe sees it, because Licht struck out too often in free agency.

Of course, it’s all a fluid situation for both Bucs chieftains. And there’s no way to know what’s really going on behind the scenes.

113 Responses to “Will Dirk Koetter And/Or Jason Licht Make It To 2018?”

  1. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    I would give Koetter until the middle of next season. Love M Smith but he should be fired the last day of the season if not sooner. However the Glazers need to put pressure on Koetter to clean up disipline on this team as far as penalties and play calling.

  2. Zwak Says:

    Stick with them or we will continue this joke of an organization it takes time!


  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Smith gets the boot.
    They bring in a defensive assistant from either Pittsburgh or the Ravens, to run the defense
    We install a 3-4 defense. Noah Spence and Beckswith are our ILB, Kwon and Lavonte are our OLBs.

    We trade McCoy to Atlanta- where he averages 3 sacks a game against us.

    Koetter and jameis share the same fate.
    If Jameis is found to be guilty of crotch grabbing- they both get fired.
    If found innocent- both return.

    Licht will be back. He can blame his failures on bad coaching
    For one more year.

    I dont think they will be- but Koetter and Licht should both be fired, for refusing/ failing to get this team a DE.

    I dont think we win another game

  4. Wombat Says:

    I think you would have to ask is this team trending up or down? Was this team that much worse off than the Rams or Eagles going into this year? I don’t know if another season of this would be good for anyone. Players or coaches. I hate that every year we are rebuilding, but the product on display at the moment isn’t worth the price of admission…….

  5. Buc'd Up Says:

    I think the writing is on the wall. Licht still isn’t extended, which feels like blazers don’t want to over commit if this continues. A guy like gruden may have already put out his feelings on licht , which might by like warm at best. Licht hits on some, but also neglects some of the most key positions we have been unstable at. Also the trickle effect, we draft a kicker 2nd round, next pick Vonn bell to saints. The next year we take safety in 2nd, which could have been an edge rusher or tailback or o lineman if we take a position of more value then kicker. You could argue the same kicker move cost the bucs a shot at kamara, hunt, mixon or cook.

  6. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m beginning to realize that 9-7 last season was a result of playing in a weak division and a mix of playing opposing Olives we matched up well against.

    It never had anything to do with the brilliance of Dirk and the only reason I see this guy staying as HC is if the Glazers decide to cling to that 9-7 season. IMO it would be a step backwards just like this season is.

  7. cmurda Says:

    Dysfunctional front office. Answer: Nope

  8. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    We have all the pieces. We just need to make it happen somehow. I think it is apparent Koetter is hamstrung, and neutered with Winston at QB. He opened his playbook up more when Fitzpatrick was in. We need to swap Fitz’s brain into Jameis’s body.

  9. SB Says:

    I have been a Jameis defender from the start. HE lost us this game today! \
    You guys can hammer me all you want but Jameis is the reason we lost. Bad throws, Bad decisions, Bad ball security, I can go on and on. I am growing tired of a ” an Incredible Football Acumen” continually being a Laughing stock. And believe me, I won’t speak for Tampa but AWAY from Tampa ALL are starting to call him a bust.

  10. Frank Pillow Says:

    I hate the idea of being South Cleveland, but it’s just not clicking here folks. Is this team really better than the one that Lovie last coached? Have we taken perceivable step forward? There are still gaping holes all over the roster. Whatever the message is, it’s seemingly not getting through to this team. There have been Xs and Os issues, questionable effort and, well, the record absent the 5 game winning streak speaks for itself.

  11. Bobby M. Says:

    Licht is only coming back if the next coach sees value in him….he’s had all season to get an extension….still doesn’t have it…for a reason. They aren’t extending him to then have the next guy want his own hand picked GM.

    The ONLY way I see Licht/Koetter coming back is if the Bucs believe winston faces suspension and a new coach doesn’t want to start with his starting QB out for 4-8 weeks.

  12. JimmyJack Says:

    Dirk doesn’t meddle much with the defense? Call me crazy but that sounds like crappy head coaching.

    For reference Bill Belicheck is a defensive guy……..I’m quite certain he simply relegates all offensive planning and coaching to his assistants.

    He doesn’t meddle with the defense……get me a damn break with this franchise. Hiring a freaking coordinator to head coach half a team? We must be the only NFL team who would operate this way.

  13. Mike n Says:

    Should be able to beat the lions but the most likely lose the next 3… 5-11 I think they both go unless Jameis plays like a star and the last 3 games are super competitive. Lay an egg on mnf like the last time Atlanta was in town an it’s over

  14. Ed Says:

    This team has no killer altitude, no physical players and the play routes or to long with this make shift line. Shorten the routes and the draw backs steps . Every is comparing this Quarterback to the these veteran Quarterback. Winston needs a true Quarterback Coach, and a head coach that will chew his but out on the sideline to keep his head in the game.

  15. JimmyJack Says:

    SB……..To end that game our defense did nothing but gag up chuck yards to blow the lead and give up the game winner. In our only possession our Oline got forced into a drive killing pentalties and our HC called plays that never gave Winston a chance to win it.

    I’m all for criticizing Winston for his costly fumble but to say it was his fault we lost is just playing make believe.

  16. JonBuc Says:

    Licht’s out, Koetter will be cut…Bucs will be lucky to get to 5 wins this season

  17. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    I’d keep Licht and clear house with everyone else.

    Licht has this roster pretty stacked minus a few positions.

    Koetter and Co. aren’t getting squat out of the talent level we have.

    I’m pretty much done with Jameis at this point as well and he was my favorite player in the league before this season…

    I’d take a QB round 1 and have an open competition or at least give Jameis another offense to operate and see if he can resurrect his game.

  18. Doctor Stroud Says:

    GM Licht is most likely safe, but the coaching staff should be concerned if the team quits on them, like what happened with Lovie Smith. Mike Smith will be the “fall guy” and might be a good candidate for the job at FSU or Mainland High School. Either way, he will collect Glazer Loot! Don’t spend it all in one place Smitty! #GlazerLootIsTheBest

  19. SB Says:

    I’m all for criticizing Winston for his costly fumble but to say it was his fault we lost is just playing make believe.
    Make believe? Really? Not just the fumble Stupid passes, Bad passes. Horrible passes at critical times. Throwing the ball yards over the los when he could have easily just run it? Dude was horrible today I don’t care what his numbers say either. That TD to Brate into Double coverage after he fumbled the handoff to Barber was pure luck. Kid has regressed.

  20. Who Dat Says:

    Everyone fears are zone defense! Newp

  21. SB Says:

    We should have NEVER gone to OT. A True ‘Franchise QB” would have gotten us TDs in DOUBLE DIGIT Possession drives instead of two FGs. We should have won by 13 At Least!

  22. Buddy Says:

    Joe it is hilarious to watch Dirks press conferences now. His body language & overall demeanor is terrible. Where is that arrogance he had??? Lol. Funny how karma works cause he stabbed Lovie in the back now he’s seeing it isn’t so easy being a head coach. He got drunk off a little power last off season & fired some longtime staff members. Now who’s on the chopping block? He needs to go back to being an asst coach. He’s in wayyy over his head.

  23. SB Says:

    I see Zero progression in Winston. Every and I mean EVERY FSU fan I know says the same thing. Those who don’t say it are just holding it in.

  24. JimmyJack Says:

    Bro the guy got sacked 8 times was hit 15 knocked down 12 hurried 12 times and forced to throw several passes away.

    That type of pressure will almost always equate to a garbage stat line. If you expect better then 21-32 and 270 yards you will never be satisfied.

    You’re also reaching at straws to call one of his good plays luck. If you are going to point a finger you have to be willing to give credit when it’s due.

  25. Costa Rica John Says:

    I think Licht will remain. He learned from his mistake of taking a kicker in the second round. Koetter might remain if he agrees to get another defensive coordinator. When Julio Jones tells the media the Bucs never made adjustments to me so Atlanta does the same thing over and over you know the coordinator needs to be fired.

  26. MadMax Says:

    If they can plan to move on from JW#3, I’ll give them another 2 years….if not, then nope. And Smith as DC just isnt cutting it.

  27. nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    You are right on target…it is so easy to blame Jameis when he came here after playing only 2 years in college and it was expected he would be coached up.

    The first thing trying to change him is not the solution, give him the fundamentals but still try and capture not destroy the fameis that’s in him. Every QB is not the same and to constrain him in areas like, the pocket and no QB runs. That messed him up today and afew other times because it was pounded his rookie year.

    Jameis don’t run.
    Jameis stay in the pocket
    Don’t do the sneak…do he always hesitates and throws.

    I am still routing for him and if not the Bucs, he’ll be Fameis somewhere else!

  28. SB Says:

    I never said he had good protection Jimmy. But you have to work with what you have. He made a Ton of bad throws/decisions tonight. If you think he played a good game then we have no more to talk about. I have been a fan for 41 years but I live in Montana and nobody up here has blinders on. Have a good evening sir.

  29. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Licht SHOULD stay…bring in Gruden with Rex and booyah!

    SB..no point arguing with the Jameis’ fanboys…Jameis is mediocre at best…and I’m being generous…

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    I didn’t say he had a good game but when a QB is pressured all game long it can’t be expected if you are being reasonable. But I also can acknowledge when he makes a good throw which you won’t do so it seems to me you are talking out both sides of your ass.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    And sorry but you are indeed wearing Winston blinders when you call it call it throwing through double coverage which it wasn’t. And when you call it luck when Brate was open and the pass was put it the proper spot.

    The T.V. Angles are exactly the same here in Tampa Bay buddy. Don’t kid yourself.

  32. unbelievable Says:


    who are these long time staff employees that were fired you speak of?

  33. Getaclue Says:

    Only reason koetter isnt next year is because gruden got irked by the Uber thing with Winston killing a return or couldn’t work a deal out

  34. Nosetackle Says:

    I see no reason to get rid of Licht. He’s had way more hits than misses and he doesn’t have anything to do with play calling.

  35. PRBucFan Says:

    fire the coaching staff entirely

    im done with accepting mediocrity

  36. JimmyJack Says:

    Very generous of you PR to call the team mediocre

  37. I’m with Tmaxcon Says:

    SB you sir are indeed a moron, did he not give us the lead in the ball game, did not have us heading up the field after the Packers tied until Evan Smith ruined a big gain? Which Dirk Koetter then decided he would rather take his chances in OT, was it not Dirk Koetter who decided to stop running the ball inside Green Bay 10 after it was the main reason we got into their territory? Where is your blame for the defense who didn’t do anything to stop a rookie running back from having his way with them? SB, you sir, are a moron….

  38. godzilla13 Says:

    I agree with the expectations and accountability necessary for discipline, which involves the control gained by enforcing obedience, prescribed conduct and a pattern of behavior on this team as far as penalties and executing on play calling and tackling. Also a defined standard on the level of conditioning when reporting to camp and throughout the season. The other area which needs improvement is in the way in which the team prepares for the following weeks opponent. The problem is that the current coach and staff simply has not been able to meet the expectations necessary in all of these requirements to be a team capable of reaching the playoffs, let alone win a Super Bowl. Then he starts their franchise QB with two starting OL out on IR. They are lucky he survived, with the OL giving up 7 sacks a way to many QB hits and hurries. Dirk Koetter gets a D – for this seasons performance. If there is any other person responsible for the teams performance look no further than the GM. Jason Licht has made so many bad personnel decisions in both the draft and FA that you can not just continue to give mulligans out every time it happens. GM’s can not miss on your first and second round draft picks. GM’s who sign an overweight DT with a questionable work ethic for 6M a season, then release a better DT in Akeem Sprence, while releasing the best tackling slot CB in the league, Alterraun Verner, just adds to the list. The Roberto Aguayo pick should have been his termination alone. I still disagree with drafting a TE in the first round when you already have a top ten TE in Cameron Brate and so many other needs at DE, RB, CB, OT and DT. Draft in the trenches, then your secondary. Both Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht need to go at the end of the season.

  39. SB Says:

    LOLOL at anyone who is with Tmax. You people with your fake names and absolutely no football knowledge crack me up. Especially those like you sir that follow the largest Troll on this site. I am so happy that you consider me a moron. Coming from you it means a lot!

  40. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    Buc fans do you’ll think Harbauch would be a good deal for Tampa if he wanted back into the NFL or far fetched Mike Shuler Carolina OC

  41. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    @SB… W/ Jameis…

    Seemed to me that Jameis was playing pretty damn well when he wasn’t under major Durress. Which according to the stats was on damn 2/3rd’s of his drop-backs. Seeing that he was sacked 7 times, and was hit 13 more times, on 32 pass attempts.

    Come on dude.

  42. JimmyJack Says:

    Sorry SB but I have to call you out on that one. You are clearly not in a position to call out anybody on football IQ when you are clearly not understanding what happened on the 2nd Brate TD and chalking it up to luck.

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    Steve I think he would be better then the guy we have who was hired for a dumb ole playbook and basically only coaches half a team.

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    The fact that Dirk says he doesn’t mess with the defensive side of the ball pretty much mean we have two coordinators here and no HC. Quite embarrassing…….no wonder this team says they have no identity and are constantly being called out for lack of leadership.

    Just when you think it can’t get any more embarrassing you read about your coach not coaching half the team.

  45. Rob Says:

    After the Bucs lose the next four games and finish 4-12, the Glazers cannot justify bringing any of this inept coaching staff and several of the underperforming non players back. The human ATM, America’s turnover machine, Jameis Winston, can’t stop turning the ball over… It’s what he does best. The Bucs are not good enough in any aspect to overcome his turnovers, and the stupid a$$ untimely penalties. Koetter had my hopes up but proved not up to the task. Mike Smith is this years Lovie Smith with his failed defensive schemes. The Buc defense has given up the booty all year long. Set this dumpster on fire and go after you know who. Go Bucs!

  46. Kyle Says:

     at 10:17 pm

    I am sitting here watching the Sunday night game, eagles vs seahawks. Carson wentz is so much better than jameis. I hate to say it but im jealous. Hes so decisive and accurate. Its funny how.things work out, i hope the best for my team and winston but man there are some good young qbs out there. Btw, i am definitley in the GRUDEN MOB!

  47. BrianBucs Says:

    Bucs are about to finish last in the NFL South for the fifth time in the last six years. I think that’s a good sign that your entire organization needs a total rebuild from the very bottom to the very top

  48. BrianBucs Says:

    NFC South* ^^^

  49. JimmyJack Says:

    Kyle…….The Eagles also play all 4 phases of the game well. Point being: switch our QB with theirs and they are still a playoff team and we are still an uncompetitive team.

  50. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Chucky paid the ultimate price in January 2009? I didn’t know they executed him.

  51. Kyle Says:

    Jimmy, i appreciate your response but it really is nonsense. Im just looking at the eye test, it isnt fantasy football. Wentx looks like a better thrower of the football, he looks more decisive, and he is very accurate, jameis has been lacking in all of these areas as late. Just sayin.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah man I’m not disagreeing about Wentz I’m just saying that our team is bad at every phase of the game. No QB is going to fix all that on his lonesome.

  53. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    The eagles also have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

    Where as Jameis was hit/ sacked today on 20/32 passing attempts.

  54. Cobraboy Says:

    Licht stays, but this coaching staff has to go. There has been *zero* performance improvement at *any* position.

    This team started training camp soft, and they got softer.

  55. Todd Says:

    Koetter is gone I don’t see the bucs winning anymore games this season

  56. Joel Guinand Says:

    I have been a Bucs fan my entire life, but honestly it gets really hard to keep supporting a team that year after year craps the bed. Winston was fantastic in college, but he is not a quality NFL QB. I don’t know if it’s the lack of a good coach or the fact that he just truly is not cut out to be an elite QB. As for the coaching staff; what else needs to be said? They are obviously clueless to what it takes to run a team. With all the talent the Bucs have fielded this year, there is zero reason they should be this bad. I used to blame the Glazers outright for not caring, but damn, they can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to getting a coach/GM combo that can get this team back to being great. I personally think the Bucs need to clean house in the coaching/GM department as well as bring in a new QB. Winston, IMO, regardless of whom the coach is, is not the right QB for us. Maybe the Glazers can get Gruden to come back and the Bucs can get going again. All we can do I guess is just keep watching and hoping something changes for the better, because watching your home team underachieve yearly gets tiresome.

  57. SB Says:

    What Joel just said.
    By comparison in the game on right now Russell Wilson is 14TDs to 1 INT in the fourth quarter for HIS FLIPPING CAREER. 14 to 1!!!!!! Carson Wentz is I believe 28 TDs to 5 ints this yr. ( I don’t feel like Googling)
    Look……..I may be the Only Gators fan here that supported the JW3 Draft. That said I don’t have much solid ground to stand on by doing so. The kid is NOT learning from his mistakes. Either that or he just doesn’t have it which I prefer not to believe.

  58. SOEbuc Says:


    I know a guy named Jon that’s known to make QB’s cry on the sideline.

  59. Todd Says:

    Watching wentz and Wilson just makes me sad Winston is trash compared to those two

  60. Pierce Says:

    The Glazers have no vision. Stop going with the flavor of the week and stick with something.

  61. Conte Piscateli Says:

    At this point I don’t care if they are back next year. All I care is that we scrap overhaul both lines. Tired of watching us get pushed around every game. I did think this game was a big black eye for Koetter though. Everyone outside the organization felt Barber was the best back on this team. Week 13 he finally plays, over 4 yrds a carry, led the team in receiving yards. Why has the coaching staff been so stubborn, or unable to evaluate their own roster?

  62. SB Says:

    I wish they would get Jimy Graham another TD for my FF team but I need him more the rest of the yr! Dude is manhandling the TE TD race!!!!

  63. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    I do like Gruden but is he the answer. When Gruden took us to the super bowl we had M Kiffin and a hell of a defense On the other hand if Jamis don’t stop making simple mistake sitting him If Gruden’s the one to bring in a decent defense and sit Winston if he keep making the same simple mistakes I am all for it

  64. Kyle Says:

    This is how it is being a bucs fan. Im used to it, we used to watch steve deberg at the old sombrero, he was actually decent. Haha. I was and am all for winston but he can be a bone head. Hope its a maturity thing. He played well enough to win today, but as rhe nunber one pick, he needs to be better.

  65. Lakeland Says:

    Why is everyone so high on Jason Licht? I don’t get this Jason Licht love. He’s the mastermind of this pathetic team. He build this garbage team, this fan base is crazy. They say Dirk Koetter can’t coach, they say Jameis Winston is garbage, they say Doug Martin is garbage, they say the O-Line is crap, the defense is crap. Yet Jason Licht job is safe(so they say) and he drafted Jameis Winston with the 1st pick of the 2015 draft, he brought Doug Martin back, he didn’t upgrade the O-Line, he didn’t upgrade the D-Line, he didn’t upgrade the secondary, he hired Dirk Koetter as Head Coach. But he should come back? This fan base is as pathetic as the team.

  66. IStillBleedOrange Says:

    I’ve watched a lot of bad Buccaneers teams dating back to when we were in the AFC West playing 14 game seasons, in the midst of a 26 game losing streak. In the 80’s we had some rather grim teams as well, often winning only 2 games a year. I have to say, even in those terrible days of cellar dwelling, I never lost interest in the team, nor did I stop caring about them, even when they made some really awful mistakes and costly errors.

    Now, in the midst of mediocrity, and repetitiously terrible QB play, I find my ability to give two $#its about the team slipping away. When all the hype was on getting Winston or Mariota, I prayed that we would choose Mariota. I saw too many interceptions and poor decision making in his days at FSU, where playing in a weak conference allowed his team to overcome his personal errors. Anyone remember the game he was suspended, and he came out dressed like he was going to play? That right there was a big red flag about his judgement.

    Regardless of the past, right now, in the present, Winston has shown he is more than adept at losing the football. It must have been one of his majors at FSU, Losing Possession of the Football 101 or something. Over 40 starts in the NFL, it is expected that he should know by now not to do the things he does on the field. I hope every year that our team will improve and make the playoffs, to be competitive and play meaningful games. Being a long time Bucs fan, I guess I’m used to bad Buccaneers teams and the enduring hope of “Next year”.

  67. Lakeland Says:

    NFC South

    New Orleans 9-3

    Carolina 8-4

    Atlanta 7-5

    Tampa Bay 4-8

    But Jason Licht job is safe

    This is a joke

  68. FortMyersDave Says:

    Lakeland is correct in what he said, plus look at the 2016 draft, basically nothing to show for drafting 3 times in the top 60 picks….. Licht has done nothing to suggest he deserves another year under contract though it can be logical to see him argue that he brought in the proper talent and his coaches did not utilize said talent properly. Can’t wait until MNF and hear Chuckies name yelled from the stands at halftime as the Bucs trail 27-6 on 2 FGs and the ATL running laps around Ray Jay…..

    About Winston….. Its beginning to look like Winston and Mariotta are simply both mediocre qbs. I suspect if the Bucs took Mariotta instead of Winston he probably would be IR’s by now as he appears to be more injury prone that Winston despite playing behind a decent Ol up in Nashville. Mariota may have character but last I looked he has 9 TDs and 112 picks to go with the injury time he has acrued as the Titan starter this year, the guy is a game manager ala Bortles but today that might have been enough to win in Green Bay while Winston failed again…

    Koetter is gone! Twice in 2 weeks he has short yardage situations and goes away from the run and although the ATL would have beat the Bucs regardless, he did throw away a W in today’s game. best case scenario for the head stick carrier, the Bucs upset Detroit and then draw the Saints on the last game of the season where they have already locked up a playoff seed and pull all their starters so the Bucs get a cake W. At 6-10 he could argue for another year but would have to answer for Mike Smith shortcomings on D as well as his own questionable play calling and would have to p make numerous excuses. In all, too many mistakes compounding a bad season so I think Koetter sealed his fate today.. And lets not forget the fact Koeter stuck thick and thin with Doug Martin, that has to work against him as well. Next week it is more likely Stafford throws for 400 yards than the Bucs getting the W with Koetter calling the game…

    The big question now is who gets fired first: Koetter, the Giants HC or Fox in Chicago. All 3 go, but who exits first?


  69. FortMyersDave Says:

    uhh not 112 picks, only 12 for Mariota as of today…. Nonetheless he has regressed along with Winston, neither guy looks like a top 15 qb right now.

  70. Blackmagic00 Says:

    From everything I see pretty much every game is:

    1: We suck in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

    2: Because we suck in the trenches, Winston gets creative to a bad point and running backs don’t really have any options.

    3: We seem to always go turtle with a lead and run at stupid times because Winston has trouble do to the trenches.

    Our next draft DEFINITELY needs to focus on the trenches. I believe all else is in a good state; Barber is a stud behind a good line.

    My two cents, Go Bucs!!!

  71. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Hey, maybe Chucky can take Dirks team to a Superbowl. Lol. GO Bucs!!!

  72. Owlykat Says:

    We are building now for the draft: 1. LT 2. DE 3. Center 4. RB, (2d 4. From Trade of Muscle Hampster) DT. and sign top DT free agent too. Set requirements on 50 for next year or be cut. Fire Licht!!! When we get sacks and stop the run our DC will look good; with better OL and Barber the RB starter Koetter will be winning again. Dumping Licht and getting a top GM to get a good draft above; we will be back to competitive again and have a good shot at playoffs.

  73. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Right now the Bucs are picking at #8 in the draft.

  74. Joeypoppems Says:

    Well black Monday is on 1/1/18 so yea, they make it to 2018.

  75. Jason Says:

    If the Bucs clean house I will never watch a game again. Teams have down years and that doesn’t mean rebuilding is necessary (again). Starting over after only two years into the Koetter tenure would be an epic mistake.

  76. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Trade Doug Martin^^? Huh? Doug is in the final year of his deal.

  77. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I’ve changed my mind over the past few weeks. Koetter and Smith (as well as the GM) should stay a year depending on their outbrief with the Glazers, which often says a lot. Just ask Lovie Smith who told them he wanted to bring a consultant in for the D but still keep his sons/friends as coaches. That got him the axe. But Jameis needs to relegated to being a backup at least through next season where he stands to be suspended, already making it a wasted year. Bring in Kirk Cousins or Alex Smith. Keep three QBs but let Fitz and Winston compete for #2. Evaluate Winston over the year and decide to keep him or let him go. Koetter needs to be HC and not be calling plays. It’s a shame no one has directed that change, especially him. Horrendous play calling again yesterday in the last two minutes especially.

  78. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Regarding Wentz, I do like his intangibles but his offensive line is one of the best in the game as well and that makes a big a difference.

  79. Defense Rules Says:

    Lots of fascinating comments (plus some not so fascinating), that all seem to point to one thing: Bucs need to do … SOMETHING. Pretty broad range actually. Bucs have a myriad of problems right now, problems that won’t be fixed by making 1 or 2 tweaks. Contrary to what several said, we’re REALLY not THAT close, to anything except the cellar of the NFC South.

    OLine needs beefing up (OK, maybe a near-total makeover). DLine needs even more (at least 3 new quality starters IF we keep GMC, Ayers & McDonald). Secondary will need at least 1 CB & 1 Safety as starters. And oh ya, we also need a quality RB.

    Most of all however, we need to ‘fix’ this coaching staff. There’s actually nothing wrong with the coaches we have in-place IMO. Glazers screwed the pooch when they dual-hatted Koetter as HC & OC … they panicked is what they did. REALLY BAD DECISION. Dirk is a decent OC when he can focus 100% of his energy to just being OC. Throw in HC responsibilities on top of that, and he’s in over his head. Bucs need to figure out how to fix that … fast. Folks may be down on Smitty, but given the mediocre talent he’s got to work with on defense (DEs particularly), I think he’s done about as well as could be expected.

  80. The Buc Realist Says:

    So far this year

    Offense 20.2 pts avg, Ranked 22nd in the nfl!!!!!

    Defense 24 pts avg, Ranked 21st in the nfl

    Both need 2 starters on each line!!!!!!! do that and this team looks totally different next year!!!!!!

  81. tnew Says:

    Its a fantasy (and not logical) to think that the Glazers will give up on Jameis before trying him with another O.C. and or head coach. I think Koetter was good for Jameis to get him to this point but now its time to move on. The ONLY reason that Koetter was kept was to develop Jameis. To this point, both have plateaued in their relationship. Keeping the band together for the sake of keeping the band together makes no sense. I want like nothing else to have a stable coaching staff with a stable QB, but not with this performance.

    More damning to Koetter is I don’t think you can find a single offensive player that is playing better as time has passed. I think the ENTIRE group is regressing. Dotson was closest to be a progressing player, but Brate, DJAX, Evans, Martin, D. Smith, Sweezy, Pamphile, Marpet, Rodgers, Humphries, Winston all are plateaued or digressing. I think Koetter has plateaued as a HC as well. He seems overwhelmed with the combination of play calling and time management

    You guys wanting to dump Winston need a visit from the Ghost of Buc QB’s Past this holiday. Potential (thats what Winston is) franchise QB’s are difficult to find. With a year and a team option left on his rookie deal, it is beyond critical to figure out if this is the coach or the player.

    Further more, I was a huge fan of Martin. I think it was the correct choice to bring him back. HOWEVER. At this point in the season, cut him immediately. His stop in the backfield running style doesn’t work with this line. If Martin blows up with another team (I highly doubt that) it just gives one more point of validation against the coaching staff and front office. If Barber blows up, same thing, why did it take so long to get him in, and how bad are they at talent evaluation at RB. Take a flyer on a RB sitting on a practice squad. Maybe you catch a break like Baltimore did with Alex Collins (a guy I wanted the Bucs to get as soon as McNichols went to SF)

  82. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I’m not sure what the answer is, but my suggestion would be:

    Give Koetter one more season (unless Gruden wants back in!)
    Bring in a new DC.
    Trade/cut Desean Jackson (Godwin is a fine #2 WR)
    Trade Gerald McCoy….he’s still a disruptve player with value
    Sign Evans, Brate, Humphries to long term deals(along with Howard and Godwin, our receivers are pretty good!)
    Spend the next 2 Drafts to remake Offensive and Defensive lines.
    Invest a high pick in a top RB prospect
    Put Jameis on a short leash for a while….but I think he will be ok in the long run

    Both lines need an overhaul, we need a playmaker at RB to take pressure off Jameis, the Desean Jackson experiment is a bust, and it’s time to get some trade value for GMac so we can move forward. Other than that, there’s still a decent core of a team here.

  83. D-Rome Says:

    Backstabbing Jason Licht hired Irk (No D necessary) Koetter and Mike Smith to be better than Lovie. They failed. Simple as that.

  84. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Gruden in 7 seasons also had 3 losing seasons, and 2 of his winning seasons were 9-7, same as Koetter. His SB and only playoff wins were his first season, with a D already built to win. I think it was Monte Kiffen and Rich McKay that actually made the difference, not Gruden. How quickly we forget.

  85. Easy Says:

    Koetter deserves another year. Licht has made some good good draft picks and some bad ones. The thing for me with Licht comes down to free agency. Waaay more misses than hits

  86. not there yet Says:

    Sometimes your opinions are worse than my kids. After this horrible season of coaching Koetter needs two wins to keep his job but the draft picks that have already shown they can produce but aren’t being used have to continue producing?

  87. AlteredEgo Says:

    I’d give them both one more year….of course I am not happy but it’s too soon for a knee jerk reaction…one more year !

  88. AlteredEgo Says:

    Unless #55 want to come as GM 2018

  89. pewterpirate99 Says:

    There’s nothing they can do to make me change my mind on them and this abortion of a season. No matter what they do from now till the end of the year, as a fan I want the whole regime gone. They don’t impress me at all nor do I have ANY confidence in the front office or this joke of a coaching staff. Our defense is just pathetic, it’s a joke(I only keep our trio of linebackers, everyone else can be replaced for better personal). I want Jon Gruden back, and I could care less how many of you out there don’t want him back. I know if Jon comes in here there’s going to be an overhaul part of this team and it’s partial lack of talent. We need to go out there and get a proven defensive coach to come in here and rebuild this putrid defense and put some dog in them. I wouldn’t mind having Jim Schwartz but I know his next move will be to be a head coach again. But I would also go after Rex Ryan. He was a hell of a coordinator with the Ravens and the Jets defense was always good when he was there. He’s available, just sitting on ESPN doing Sunday count down. If they go into next year with the same ole SOP that they have now, they will continue to lose and get worse. Glazers, you’re losing fans fast get off your hands and do something.

  90. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    You’re delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    They had better make it, or I am done. Been following this team since the beginning, but if they fire yet another coach, I have no reason to stick around. Doing so will set us back yet another 3 years, and the new coach will be lucky to have 2 years (and it won’t be Gruden).

  92. Destinjohnny Says:

    We need a team president
    Jason is an okay scout but he doesn’t have vision and the ability to complete a roster

  93. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If I had to pick one to keep…it would be Jason Licht. He’s just too good in the draft to let go.

    But Koetter is a victim of Licht’s bad free agency choices and its not his fault the defense doesn’t have enough talent yet.

    Really, its not Licht’s fault either. What fans don’t seem to be grasping is that when you draft a franchise QB, you also build around him in the draft so that the offense matures along side him. Licht had no choice but to make offense the priority.

    And doing so meant neglecting the defense for a while. He’s been addressing it a little at a time, and the defensive picks he has made are paying off. He just needs a little more time.

    If I were the owner, I would extend him two years.

    And I would let Koetter finish out his contract. That would accomplish three things. First it would give him a fair amount of time to make things work. Second, it would allow the defense to get drafted players in place. Thirdly, it would prove to other coaches that the owners of the team are not impatient little brats.

    And if things don’t work out? All the pieces will be in place for the new coach. Jameis and the oline will be far more matured. Defense will have the pass rush fixed.

    Frankly, given two more years, I believe this team can become a major superbowl contended for a long time to come…and next year we should be able to compete in the playoffs.

    If we don’t replace Koetter and Licht. Mike Smith on the other hand…

  94. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And their contracts would end at the same time in that scenario.

  95. The Buc Realist Says:

    many so called fans simply over-estimated the roster (actually for years now) !!!!! When you see all the rookies that are and have to play, should have been a hint!!!!!!!! The old free agent that are brought in as band-aids and bridge-gaps yet, many pro-claim these moves as the final piece to the playoff puzzle!!!!! everyone needs to settle down, and as Mr Derrick Brooks always say, let the process happen!!!!!! The GM on the regular is bringing in players in the draft!!!!!! The coaches are some of the better X’s and O’s coaches we will find and a very diverse!!!!!!! Look at the record of this regime of the first games of the year and coming off bye’s they are 4-0 Look at the team penalties as they are in the top 10 for least penalized!!!!!!!!! With a little more talent and roster maturity this team will be consistent!!!!! But we have to let it get there!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist is right. Dang it. 😉

  97. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    @The Buc Realist

    It;s like they see us draft positions, and don’t get that each one needs time to acclimate to the nfl.

  98. tnew Says:

    I like the idea of naming a President of Football operations to oversee the vision of the organisation. For me, that would buy Licht another year. We need an overhaul of the Pro Player Personnel side of the business. Licht HAS to have a plan in place to fix that or he should be fired.

    Koetter to stay must have contingencies.

    1.. Mike Smith…. I am a fan boy of Mike Smith. Love his book. Recommend it as a must read. My family has read it. I strongly encouraged and provided copies to employees. Bought the “No Complaining” bracelet that he spoke of in the book and gave it to family and employees. But….

    Being said, Mike Smith needs to be let go. This is the biggest degradation of defense I can recall from a team that has arguably added talent, than any I could ever recall. Why? Inconsistency. Most games they look like a top 5 defense one drive and a bottom 5 for the next three. We need a huge talent upgrade or a big defensive adjustment. I disagree with building a defense around a 3 technique unless it is Warren Sapp (a once in a history of the game type player) This philosophy is just flawed. For the three tech to be impactful enough to justify the salary, he must expose himself and the team to big plays vs the run.

    The change can even come from within, but it must be a different philosophy.

    2. He must be the head coach. Give up play calling, offense design and game plan responsibility. He should have input, just as he is responsible for defense and special teams. Koetter might be a good head coach. He is not a good Head coach and OC. If it is Monken, that experiment needs to happen now.

    3. They have to win two more games at least to finish the season. 0-4 won’t cut it. Neither will 1-3. 2-2 maybe.

  99. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai

    Some say that the “big Jump” happens between year 1 and 2!!!! But that is false, It takes multiple years!!!! Rookie looks good in year 1, year 2 not so much as tape shows weaknesses to opponetents, then it is if that play can adjust and overcome weakness and show new strengths if they are “great” players!!!!!!!

    But some think they know with in 1-3 games played!!!!!!!!! To see the truth every year, one must drop all prejudice against said player!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. D-Rome Says:

    Yep, here come the Johnny-come-lately’s with their “I told you so’s” and raving about how the roster isn’t good enough. That’s nonsense. Those same people were saying the roster was built to win in 2015.

    The Buccaneers under Jason Licht has a worse winning percentage than under Mark Dominick. Jason Licht isn’t some master at the draft either. How many snaps did Vernon Hargreaves play yesterday? How many FG’s did Roberto Aguayo make yesterday? How many TDs does Charles Sims have this season? I could keep going. Oh and by the way, who hired this coaching staff? All this and not to mention his free agency failures.

    Yet some of you are “Totally Confident”. Trolls! The only thing I’m totally confident about when it comes to this team is that they will be worse than 6-10. FAIL!

  101. Mike Johnson Says:

    IF DirK K goes winless the rest of the season? He;s packin bags along with Smitty. Nback stabbin Licht is a Spinmaster. He will throw both Koetter and Smitty under the bus to save his own skin (job). Just watch and see.

  102. brooks55hof Says:

    Hire the Chin

  103. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Roy T. Buford Says:
    December 4th, 2017 at 7:30 am
    Gruden in 7 seasons also had 3 losing seasons, and 2 of his winning seasons were 9-7, same as Koetter. His SB and only playoff wins were his first season, with a D already built to win. I think it was Monte Kiffen and Rich McKay that actually made the difference, not Gruden. How quickly we forget.

    Really Roy? So it was all Monte and Rich that were responsible for that Super Bowl? How quickly you forget. It was Jon that brought in Ken Dilger, Joe Juruvious, Keenan McCardell, Michael Pittman,and his knowledge of the Oakland Raiders ( which was he’s team as well that he got to the Super Bowl not the putz o-line coach Bill Callahan ) which were ALL a critical part of getting to and winning that Super Bowl. Yes Sam Wyche and Rich, not Dungy, drafted the core of that defense and Monte was the Godfather of it. But don’t sit here and say we would have won that Super Bowl without Jon Gruden because that’s straight up BULLSH!# ! We DO NOT win that Super Bowl without Jon Gruden, and yes I want him back desperately! I want his swagger, his attitude, and his football knowledge. BRING BACK CHUCKY!!!!!!

  104. NFLNut Says:



    JAMEIS: 10,322 yards, 62 TDs, 39 INTs … 23 years old

    PEYTON MANNING: 10,312 yards, 70 TDs, 52 INTS … 24 years old

    BEN ROETHLISBERGER: 8,519 yards, 52 TDs, 43 INTS … 24 years old

    BRETT FAVRE: 8,211 yards, 46 TDs, 46 INTs … 25 years old

    DREW BREES: 8,177 yards, 50 TDs, 35 INTS … 25 years old

    TOM BRADY: 8,334 yards, 54 TDs, 33 INTs … 26 years old

    ELI MANNING: 8,361 yards, 58 TDs, 44 INTS … 26 years old

    PHILIP RIVERS: 7,712 yards, 54 TDs, 29 INTs … 27 years old

    @@@ JAMEIS’ numbers are better than ALL of the above QBs and the only one even close is Peyton Manning who was a year older while other guys were close to 4 years older! @@@

    Now … for the idiotic Jameis-bashers who want to paint Jameis as a complete “bust” … here are the stats through the first 40 games (or less if they never even played 40 games) of former #1 overall “bust” picks:

    JAMARCUS RUSSELL (31 gms): 4,083 yards, 18 TDs, 23 INTS … 24 years old

    DAVID CARR: 7,504 yards, 30 TDs, 39 INTs … 25 years old

    TIM COUCH: 7,450 yards, 42 TDs, 46 INTs … 25 years old

    JEFF GEORGE: 7,052 yards, 33 TDs, 41 INTs … 26 years old

    All you sensible fans, feel free to copy and paste this post every time the Jameis-bashing loons post on this forum!


  105. NFLNut Says:

    I wish the Bucs would have tanked the Jets/Phins games so they can finish 2-14 and get the #3 pick as that could be traded down for a boatload of picks to a team seeking it’s franchise QB … but as-is we should have a top 10 pick and end up with one of: Bradley Chubb, Quenten Nelson, Mike McGlinchey or Derwin James … all fine players!

  106. Cobraboy Says:

    If Koetter is kept, his responsibility should be the team, and an OC (Monken) should run the O and call plays.

    Smith needs to go. That defense is abysmal, and it’s not just talent. The D needs a complete overhaul.

  107. Rod Munch Says:

    Dirk is overwhelmed as head coach, I think it’s that simple – he just doesn’t have what it takes. His teams are constantly out coached and he rarely makes in game adjustments – and the feather in the cap is that he’s an awful offensive playcaller from the sideline. Move Dirk back into the booth and tell him only work with the offense and with Winston, make Mike Smith the “real” head coach and promote someone to run the defense and instruct them to not play the corners 15-20 yards off the LOS the entire game. There, fixed. I hate the idea of firing yet another head coach so soon – again proving Lovie should not have been fired – but fix the problem in house so there aren’t all new schemes to learn and yet another rebuild. That is unless you can truly get a big solid name that you go all in with for 5 years – like say the got Dungy to come back as an example.

  108. Tom S. Says:

    Love all the dumb fans that think this roster is “stacked.”

    Yeah guys, it’s the most stacked 4-8 team ever. That’s why Jason Licht is the best GM since the “Rock Star” and should suffer the same fate, because after 4 years this team is built for a SB run. It just needs it’s 5th head coach in 6 years, LOL.

  109. 44is88 Says:

    They should! But it wouldn’t put it past me to have the Glazers fire there happy your fired trigger once again. Stay the course gentlemen!!

  110. Larry Says:

    Winston is over rated, period!!! Great college player. He is average in the pros. Way too careless with the football!! Tired of hearing that he is “only 23 years old”. Dude, he is finishing up his 3rd season. He also has some definite character issues. Too many problems with him and women. They can’t ALL be wrong! Winston was Lovie Smith’s choice. He had full control over that pick. Not sure if Gruden is the answer or not but what is going on now is DEFINITELY NOT the answer! The Bucs have some good pieces to the puzzle in place but they are a long way from the talent level of Atlanta and New Orleans.

  111. Buc believer Says:

    Let’s hope not

  112. QBKilla Says:

    Dirk is a good coach. Yes he makes some questionable decisions every so often but his scheme is good and the players believe in him. Problem is our O-line is not very good. It’s easier to cover Mike Evans with our crappy run game. We need some upgrades up front ASAP.

  113. Big Daddy 58 Says:

    Get some D line <rush the freakin passer and the defensive back issues are solved. Vernon Hargreaves is the slowest first round db I have ever seen though. Thats why he gives so much cushion ,and still gets beat like he stole something.Linebackers are set ,better than average group when healthy.Oline is shaky at best, time to deal Dotson although he was fairly steady this year but getting up there in age. Sweezy,looks like an animal at times but inconsistent. as is Donovan Smith. Marpet is fine at center with another year he will go pro bowling. Receiver is set except we have a receiver built for speed over the top and we have a qb that cant be accurate over the top ,and touch over the top is not a skill that you can learn .You either have it or you don't .I love Jameis but in light of recent developments outside football maybe we need to look that position over again .Any way you look at it the bucs are a few years away from competing .