“It’ll Be Marcus Sending The Plays In”

September 4th, 2014

Bucs QB coach Marcus Arroyo

It looks like the voice in the ear of Josh McCown on Sunday will be one younger than his.

Addressing media today at One Buc Palace, tight ends coach Jon Embree talked about how things would work without offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford.

He said longtime Tedford sidekick Marcus Arroyo would be the offensive commander-in-chief as part of a collaborative effort.

“It’ll be Marcus sending the plays in,” Embree said.

You can watch all of Embree’s chat here via Buccaneers.com. Embree, however, didn’t rule out Tedford’s return for Sunday.

Tedford has been helping with game planning a bit. Embree offered an example of Tedford coming in solo yesterday– when we’re not around — to the office this week and leaving plays drawn up that he likes against Carolina.

Embree stressed that the Bucs’ offensive staff has been preparing for Carolina for a long time and that Tedford using technology off-site has created a seamless situation.

Joe sure hopes so.

26 Responses to ““It’ll Be Marcus Sending The Plays In””

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Call what you see…know and feel will work best….I ALL the support I can give !!!

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    Heck, let’s go old school the way it was when I was getting into watching pro football and the QBs called the plays……Lived in Annapolis and the Colts assistant PR guys lived near us….still have all the PR pics of the 58=59 Colts….Johnny U called all the plays!

  3. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Maybe this is why lovie said months ago that we may not see the full playbook until week 4 or so… I guess it’s possible he’s out that long.

  4. robert9 Says:

    this is a good thing. I bet that guy plays madden, but we should check his gamer tag to see his record.

    nothing like some young blood to get aggressive. i like it.

    85-14 last light against the 49ers with me playing the bucs. bring it.

    I should be calling th plays!!!!!

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    While this could certainly turn in to a clusterf**k, I’m betting it won’t be worse than the first couple of series in the opener last year with our starting QB not being able to get out of bed on game day morning, footballs snapped over JFro’s head, delay of games, and the hands over the helmet ear holes faking that he couldn’t hear. Ahh, memories.

  6. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    As this point, there’s no reason to just look for the positive in it, maybe they find a talented young playcaller.

    It might be a total disaster. But, at this point, we are 0-0, and I’m looking at the bright side of things.

    Go Bucs. Dogpile on Cam!

  7. biff barker Says:

    Staff or player, it’s a team effort. Next man up. Arroyo’s been an OC.

  8. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    #Bucs are optimistic offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford — out with an undisclosed medical condition — will have some role Sunday, I’m told

    Tweeted by Ian Rapoport earlier today.

  9. robert9 Says:

    i’m guessing this guy lights it up. who knows better what the qb likes than the qb coach…

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Can’t be worse than the RUN, RUN, PASS, PUNT we are used to…..

  11. Paul Says:

    sad story.


    I’ve been a fan since day one, this year has me soooo excited. It could be a GREAT year to be a BUCS fan. Here’s to DEFENDING THE BAY !!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE THEM CANNONS !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Eric Says:

    Like when Gehrig replaced Pipp.

  14. blind melon Says:

    Arroyo is a very smart cat…

    We’ll be fine, regardless.

  15. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    New Offensive Coordinator who is out, a career backup as QB, The O-line is still shaking hands and learning each others name. Tight Ends coach calling plays? a bunch of new receivers and tightends. Seriously what could go wrong!!!

  16. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Heard Tedford has MRSA…

  17. BucsfaninChina Says:

    One season you are calling plays for Brett Smith at Wyoming and in a few months you are the playcaller for an NFL team. Life upgrade!

  18. RastaMon Says:

    Air Arroyo…….

  19. Snook Says:

    So it’ll be a guy who’s never called plays in the NFL filling in for a guy who’s never called plays in the NFL.

    Nothing to see here.

    With a new offense and Carolina’s defense, I wasn’t expecting fireworks Week 1 anyways.

  20. Jon Says:

    Hope it’s nothing serious with tedford. Worries it’s much more than we think. In addition the offense has a built in excuse when mcclown plays poorly.

  21. cbell96825 Says:

    i cant wait till sunday im gonna cream my jeans.

  22. buctebow Says:

    It will be better than Schian0fer8 anyway! I hope that Tedford/MRSA comment was a poor joke.

  23. Harry Says:

    @lightningbuc Says:
    “…While this could certainly turn in to a clusterf**k, I’m betting it won’t be worse than the first couple of series in the opener last year with our starting QB…”

    LMAO! Nothing could or ever will, top that calamity. I was in total disbelief. I remember thinking, how could anyone screw up this badly? But then it was a “team” effort.

  24. pick6 Says:

    the good news is that monkeys throwing darts at a play sheet would have been an upgrade over much of last year’s playcalling, so arroyo is dealing with a pretty low bar initially

  25. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think we can win the game. Come Monday the MGM will be saying “McCown had one good game! So what?”

  26. Greg Dyer Says:

    Obviously Coach Tedford’s health condition is serious, lets hope his recovery is on course and speedy. Even though our interest is of course rabid lets be respectful of the process and allow it to proceed. The Bucs want him to be in the drivers seat as much as we do!