Mankins Is Smiling, “Much More Comfortable”

September 4th, 2014

logan mankins 0827cThe mean, nasty veteran in the Tampa Bay locker room, Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins, is a soft spoken guy off the field

Mellow. Confident. But after the trade that sent him to Tampa last week, Mankins seemed in stunned disbelief, literally a state of shock.

Joe was pleased to see Mankins smiling today at One Buc Palace and talking about how “much more comfortable” he is now that he’s gotten to know his teammates.

This is great to hear — and see — and bodes well for Sunday’s season opener. Enjoy Mankins from the locker room today, via video below.

9 Responses to “Mankins Is Smiling, “Much More Comfortable””

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Yeah…he’s gonna get a BIG fat check on Tuesday !

  2. Luther Says:

    @RastaMon That is the same thing I was thinking. Instant raise and much warmer weather. Hopefully we get some wins so that is not all he has to look forward to.

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    Pretty sure he has the same salary he had before. He was traded. That means he just packed his stuff and moved somewhere else and we assumed the contract he had, with NE paying a portion of it.

  4. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Yeah Patrick, but no state tax in FL… His paycheck will be significantly better.

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bigpoppabuc – Good point. I’ll give ya that

  6. Nick2 Says:

    Yes his paycheck will be bigger. He left the Pats because they could not agree on his salary demands. He will earn alot more here than there. Joe was speculating that Licht told his agent to not agree to take less because we will show him the money!!!!

  7. James Says:

    Guys, he’s probably a resident of NE somewhere, which means he’s still paying state taxes.

  8. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Still in disbelief that we got his guy.
    Absolutely one of top 3 guards in the league, for a 4th string TE that didn’t fit the system here!

    Hopefully this line can start to get some continuity now.
    Although I think our new Right guard still hasn’t signed yet.
    This could become a great O-line!

  9. hecticbuc Says:

    Lol Tim wright a 4 th string Te you are ridiculous the reason our offense was so horrible was our play calling was horrible wright is going to blow up in new England he will be there new hernandez and at a much cheaper price