“This Is The NFL. Everyone Has Baggage”

August 25th, 2014

Richie Incognito was a hot topic in the Bucs locker room

Tampa Bay center Evan Dietrich-Smith opened up this afternoon about the Bucs potentially signing checkered guard Richie Incognito.

Dietrich-Smith, a clear leader already on the Bucs’ offensive line, said he would expect an Incognito signing to draw a private chat with veterans in the Bucs locker room.

“Obviously, if they think he can help us win, they’ll bring him in,” Dietrich-Smith said of Incognito. “Lovie always talks about if you bring a guy into the locker room, you gotta accept the guy, you know, make him feel he’s part of the Bucs.

Dietrich-Smith said he was certain Incognito would be spoken to by management about assuming tame role in the locker room. And he and his veteran teammates would chat with Incognito, too.

“I think some of the older guys would have something to say to him. It wouldn’t be negative or anything like that,” Dietrich-Smith said. “I don’t think they would let the man in the locker room if they felt that it wasn’t going to be a good fit.”

The Bucs center added: “This is the NFL. Everyone has baggage.”

Demar Dotson said he would welcome Incognito and would like to talk to him “man-to-man” but not about his transgressions. “Everybody deserves a second chance at life. I think that this is his second chance,” Dotson said.

On Incognito’s past racist commentary, Dotson said he’d be “hoping that’s not how you feel inside.”

Yes, baggage is everywhere, as Dietrich-Smith said. Lovie Smith, however, would have to make his team believe Incognito’s dirty laundry in his dirty baggage is worth the investment of their trust.

59 Responses to ““This Is The NFL. Everyone Has Baggage””

  1. Harry Says:

    I love the idea bc Incognito would make us significantly better. I have been promoting him since February

  2. Big Rob Says:

    I have no problem with this. After the events of last year you know he will be on his best behavior. He’s lucky to have a job. If he gets it.

  3. Macabee Says:

    Bringing in Incognito is not something I would have suggested nor did I envision it happening. But I gotta applaud Lovie for taking a look or even signing Incognito because he wants to win. He probably has a clear remembrance of spending days in his basement last year and doesn’t want to go there again. So my props for doing something bold that may actually help his team win.

    Then remember, like Dungy, Lovie is a deeply religious man who believes in retribution and second chances. I have no problem with Lovie making this move if he is willing to invest the time and human capital to make it work. This team could use a healthy dose of testosterone to get younger players believing they can win. If anybody has a chance of making a success of this, Lovie Smith would get my vote!

  4. Tom Says:

    I dont think Richie is going to pull any more stunts like he used to. He knows this could be his last stop in the NFL

    The real question is how would our locker room and coaching staff treat him?

  5. AF_Buc Says:

    I like it.

    It kinda sounds like Lovie’s been preparing for this for a little bit by “always” saying to accept whoever comes into the locker room. Make the team better and lets play football!

  6. Brooks Says:

    If he keeps McCown off his arse bring him in.

  7. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    And here we were told there’s no way Lovie brings in a “cancer” like Incognito? That is almost as dramatic a 180 as a 90% guarantee Glennon would be traded before the draft and Tampa would be drafting a QB in the 2014 draft. Fluid situations 🙂

  8. Mazz Says:

    He has graded out positive for the past 6 seasons. This locker room with this coach will not allow any disruptions from him. They know what they are getting. He makes the team better. Plain and simple.

  9. Tom Edrington Says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…..

    Anyway, perhaps the guy learned a pretty painful lesson in Miami, it’s a matter of how much he loves and/or misses playing football…..

    …and what he is willing to do, deportmentwise to earn another shot.

  10. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    Macabee, I agree with almost everything you said. But I’m going to assume that you meant that Lovie and Father Tony believe in redemption, as opposed to retribution. That’s more of an Old Testament belief…

  11. joe$ucfan Says:

    everyone has been whining about the guards and now there might be an upgrade and many are acting like morons not wanting to bring the guy in. Risk-reward that is what we have. The guy can play and he would help us win which is what everyone wants. hes not coming to be a role model and if the players accept him so be it. Go L&L.

  12. T-DUB Says:

    If anyone can keep players in line, It’s Lovie.

    Lets give him a chance, and maybe he’ll be a ‘feel good story’ for the Super Bowl.

  13. Mort Says:

    Would rather suck without him than be good with him. He is a bad guy, plain and simple.

  14. Architek Says:

    now people want to be all holier than – the locker room has leaders and he will not repeat the same behavior.

  15. Snook Says:

    As long as L&L get honest feedback from the team before signing, I have no problems with this. Our O-Line sucks.

  16. Theodore Says:

    Lovie and Licht screwed the pooch with the guard position. I’m more angry with them waiting to sign this turd then the (potential) signing itself.

    Our starting guards are going to get their first action in the final preseason game. That’s not how to GM.

  17. Scot Says:

    Joe, If this signing happens I will start drinking immediately even if I am still at work. In celebration. The final piece of the puzzle starting to come together. Plug Incognito left side Rishaw right side and we will be in business with a rock solid O-line

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    Well done Lovie. If he’s better than what he have then bring him in. He’s done nothing that makes him undeserving of another chance.

  19. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    They said it perfect Lovie wouldn’t let the guy in the Locker Room if they didn’t feel like he has made a change in his attitude. He is a tough nose football player and been around league now for awhile, honestly I would love to see the guy bounce back and repair his image because like Dotson said everyone deserves a second chance and in the process help us WIN!!!! Because we all know thats what it is all about. I think he is a upgrade at guard and so does the front office.

  20. T-DUB Says:


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  21. Soggybottom Says:

    I think everybody has needed a second chance at one time or another and people can change, and it is not like he beat a woman or other things nfl players have done and still allowed to play..

  22. joe$ucfan Says:

    Grab assing among men or beating up women. We have two confirmed women beaters playing in the league now. Please save the hypocritical rightgeous indignation by all who are now whing about bringing this guy in.

  23. T-DUB Says:

    also, order 1-2 sizes bigger than what you think.

  24. robert9 Says:

    whats with all this racist crap? because he used the N word????

    If there was the equivalent of the N word for white people that offended us it would be used on CNN and be ok.

    he’s in a locker room full of black guys. it’s probably used 100 times a day.

  25. The Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Sign him and we are already better at the line. If he acts up, cut him. No biggie.

  26. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    @mort are you serious? YOu are satisfied with 4-12 every year? Cmon man, we should exepect L & L to put the best product available on the field for the city and the fans to be successful, as stated there are plenty of NFLers with baggage, give the dude a chance I believe he also was awarded the dolphins man of the year in 2012…..GO BUCS

  27. Capt.Tim,back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Great Move! Incognito was a 2012 Probowler. All of his teammates stood up for Incognito- not Martin- when questioned or interviewed.
    I think you’ll find Incognito is no “Meaner” than Rishaw Johnson, who I think will be our other starting guard or years.
    Rishaw has a reputation almost as bad as Incognitos around the league. Both are loud, fierce tough guys.

    Once those two learn their way around- Josh will have a clean jersey.
    Bravo, L&L! A good move. Adding a Probowl talent for nothing!

  28. BoJim Says:

    I really don’t want him in a Bucs uni, but if L&L sign him then I will be pulling for him.

  29. Macabee Says:


    Nice get. I did mean redemption. Retribution is receiving fully deserved punishment, which I think Incognito has already received. Good looking out!

  30. Chef Paul Says:

    I have a question.

    If a guy is an “honorary brother” is he not allowed to use the N word around the people that gave him that title? Like if you had a white friend you called an honorary brother, would you be ticked off if he called you that in a phone call? Sure, if he said it into a microphone on a podium it wouldn’t be kosher. I ask only to understand the social politics of it all. Obviously, I am not an honorary brother, of I would already know the answer lol. I just find it hard that someone could be called a racist if they have tons of friends from different ethnicities.

  31. JT Says:

    I wouldn’t mind bringing him in. Our offense needs a little fight in it.

  32. billy buckaroo Says:

    Likely Incognito a smoke screen/bargaining chip more than a serious situation. 1st they can feel this all out in case they are forced to consider him for improvement in this weak line. If they have some others in mind or trades in the works he drives the price down for the other players they might trade for with him hanging out there as a possible OG.
    Maybe he has finally figured things out but either way the players will figure him out very quickly and let L&L know what they think.

  33. Buddhaboy Says:

    good thing is, he wont have to pay for extra baggage at the aiport.

  34. T-DUB Says:

    I think signing this probowler is an excellent idea and upgrade to what we have..

    along with our new jerseys that we can get under $24 with no shipping..

  35. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    is that jersey site legit?

  36. flmike Says:

    Literally looking under every rock for help…

  37. dick2111 Says:

    Must say, this is one of the more humorous comment sections I’ve read in a long time. I know we appear to be desperate for OLine help, but Incognito? Really?

    This guy’s got a very colorful history (to say the least). He came into the league in 2005 with the Rams, and was waived in Dec 2009 for ‘losing his composure’ (heated argument on the sidelines … with his head coach no less). That’s after 4 years of incredible behavior. Was picked up off waivers by the Bills in Dec 2009 and played 3 games for them (Bills didn’t resign him). Miami picked him up in 2010 and he made his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2012 (‘course we all know of his ‘indiscretions’ in 2013).

    He was voted as the dirtiest player in the league in 2009 … by the NFL players. His record of ‘indiscretions’ with both the Rams and Dolphins is incredible. For kicks, Google it and check it out.

    I know we need to upgrade our OLine, especially the guards, and also believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Also sure that Lovie would keep him on a very short leash.

    But maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason that no other NFL team has even brought him in for a look-see.

    Navy has a term for it: Loose cannon on the deck.

  38. T-DUB Says:

    100%. ive ordered 1 jersey (david #54 red XXL) but i had to go one up to XXXL.

    my friends have ordered over 8 jerseys between the 3 of them.

    its legit.

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  39. BUCSFAN68 Says:

    I think they should look at Alex Boone

  40. biff barker Says:

    They were seemingly stubborn to address this but it’s simply not worth bitching about at this point.

    Fix it.

  41. T-DUB Says:

    look under the ‘feedback’ tab and they’re are people posting legit pictures of the jesery.

    Sorry, Joe doesn’t do links unless they’re very relevant to the post.–Joe

  42. Anthony Liga Says:

    If Ray Rice can play in the NFL for punching
    out women…than Incognito can be given a
    second chance.

  43. Anthony Liga Says:

    If Ray Rice can be allowed to play in the NFL, than Incognito
    can play for saying a racial slur. Everyone has said a racial slur
    and those who say they haven’t are lying.

  44. teacherman777 Says:

    this guy learned his lesson.

    big time!

    i guarantee he comes in, shuts his mouth and plays HARDASS football.

    i am pumped about this!

  45. buc4life24 Says:

    Everyone makes mistakes in life and deserves a second chance. We have enough leadership in the locker room to keep it together and keep him in check!

    He would come cheap, be on a very short leash and fill a massive hole we desperatly need for our offense to produce what we potentially have!

  46. Yeah It's me! Says:

    T-DUB …. Thanks for the Bucs Shirt Info!!!

  47. Brooks Says:

    Well at least nfl.com is talking about us.

  48. K.from FLA Says:

    Bold — Big Time. Nice move! Cheap and good does not come around often. Incognito knows this is his last chance. He will likely work hard to earn it.

  49. Kevin Says:

    The should sign Incognito and get Boone. We need all the help we can get.

    T-DUB, thanks for the heads up on that jersey site.

  50. STFU Sapp Says:

    Perhaps part of the private veteran conversation should include, “Hey, which one of you wants to actually block for the QB?”

  51. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Incognito was South Beach man of the year in 2012. Donald Sterling NAACP man of the year 2013. Both have black girlfriends. Sounds good to me!! Sign Cog now!!

  52. Martinii Says:

    I don’t condone “Bullying” but I played DE in my youth and I’ve been kicked, bitten,spit on, and found that my dear mother had terrible reputation. As a freshman in college I was hazed and forced to do push-ups in the mud at 3 AM in a driving rain storm. It is what it is. Anybody who has lined up on Saturday or Sunday knows what I am talking about. If Incognito can block bring him in. If he causes trouble in the locker room kick him out (or even better give him a dose of his own medicine.)

  53. ecspider33 Says:

    Ok I visit joebucsfan everyday and I read everyone’s comments and rarely comment but we have had murderers, rapists, wife beaters, gang members, druggies, etc.. If Incognito helps us win than let’s sign him. It’s Gerold McCoys locker room he will not let it be infected by trash, shoot he is able to grab his teammates by arm and walk them back to the huddle. If Incognito gives us the best chance to win more games than 4 well lets sign him at least he is not gay.

  54. BucFan20 Says:

    I have no problem with him here. If he can help get the job done fine. And if he used the N word it may have been a slip just like when Blacks get in fights with each other.. People that hang around African Americans hear it all the time. If you don’t think it is used out of any player out of all 32 teams or sports your a fool. I don’t see TMZ at the movies because the N word was used. Is it right? NO. I would like to hear what Lovie and McCoy say if he signs. I think everyone trust Gerald.

  55. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’ll say it again, I’d rather have Incognito than Martin EVERY day of the week. This is football, not golf.
    Bullying in football?! What a joke!
    If he can play…

  56. Destinjohnny Says:

    We could have smash your Ferrari day!!

  57. Bucballya Says:

    Everybody deserves another chance. Hopefully Incognito will learn from his mistakes. He will probably be on his best behaviour, at least when it comes to his teammates. Tampa has a strong leadership core, and guys like McCoy and McCown will not allow anyone on this team to openly engage in that type of behaviour. Our locker room already has a great attitude and I don’t think there is any opportunity for the kind of harassment that allegedly happened in Miami. That being said, I don’t think that Incognito will be a long term solution for our offensive line.

  58. Jack Says:

    I say, let the players decide if they want him. He has been through the NFL counselling, and has earned a second chance.

  59. oldfart44 Says:

    Does this mean that we can give Josh Freeman a second chance? Just asking. I’m quite sure that Incognito has learned a lesson from this mishap, and would be put on a short leash. If the club has good leadership amongst the players then they also would not let him get out of line.