“There Is No Way In Hell… “

August 31st, 2014
Former Bucs DT Booger McFarland is no fan of sleazy Richie Incognito.

Former Bucs DT Booger McFarland is no fan of sleazy Richie Incognito.

Yes, Bucs fans were some kind of outraged last week when Joe asserted what a pathetic, panic move it would be to bring sleazy Richie Incognito into the Bucs locker room. The ire of Bucs fans towards Joe abated, somewhat, when Bucs general manager Jason Licht lifted All-Pro guard Logan Mankins from the clutches of Patriots strongman Bill Belicheat.

Still, even with Mankins, most Bucs fans want Incognito for reasons Joe just can’t fathom. Neither can Booger McFarland.

The former Bucs defensive tackle and star of the new SEC Network, Booger slammed the notion that the Bucs should ever have the name “Richie Incognito” on their lips unless it is followed by several curse words.

(Clarification: Booger’s words were shared just before the Mankins’ trade went down.)

“How much of your soul would you be willing to give for a win?” Booger asked. “How much of your character would you be able to compromise just to put a better offense on the field?

“Offense continues to be a work in progress. Richie Incognito, I will just say this: I understand about winning. I understand that this Buccaneers team needs a guard. But point blank, if I am the coach, if I am the GM, there is no way in hell I bring in Richie Incognito to this team.”

In short, Booger wouldn’t touch Incognito simply because Booger said you cannot count on Incognito. And as Joe has always said, if you cannot count on someone, whether it is because of suspensions for breaking NFL rules or an inability to stay out of the trainer’s room, then what good is he to a team in need?

With Incognito, aside from being a locker room cancer, the eyes of NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell would be on him like a hawk. One misstep, and back on suspension he would go.

85 Responses to ““There Is No Way In Hell… “”

  1. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:

    Booger=media bias, it is the PC trend……

  2. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Joe, you know how many times every day I visit this site. I’m a fan of it and a real Buccaneer homer, so, do you know something we don’t. You really seem determined to sway any decision away from signing Ingognito. You, probably know more about football than I can imagine. I’m just a couch fan. That being said, I believe L&L probably know a lot more than you (no insult intended there). So, I hope you can focus more on current Bucs and get over Ingognito, at least until the Bucs sign him. If they don’t, it’s not a story.

  3. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Yawn- yes Joe, glad to see you’re still banging the “media Agenda” Drum.
    You saw the voting results.
    Most of us stopped being Media pawns a long time ago.

    No crime. Ex Team mates love him.
    I wish he’d sue the various agencies trying to get him Blackballed.
    It’s disgusting to each how media typed keep trying to keep him from finding work, over an issue that amounted to nothing more than a mentally weak rookie, crying to his mother

    I hope Lovie and Licht listen to the vast majority of their fan Base- and sign Ritchie Incognito.

  4. BucBob1 Says:

    Fathom This, If the Bucs don’t find another serviceable guard,and Rishaw Johnson becomes as porous as swiss cheese, I don’t see what other choice they have, but to sign him.

  5. Anthony Liga Says:

    Joe, in a few words, you are a disgrace. Why? Because you do not believe in redemption. You pile on…you would have been one that Jesus mentioned when he said “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. Please leave this alone and let the people involved handle this. No one needs or wants your take on this any longer. You are more than a tree hugger; you are a mean, judgemental, self righteous, tree hugger.

  6. mark2001 Says:

    Not saying we should sign him…I don’t know but we seem to accept wife beaters, drunk and drugged drivers, ect. on the team with hardly a peep in the NFL. I’ll accept the Coach’s and GM’s decision on that.

    But regarding this..”One misstep, and back on suspension he would go.”? Does that mean we should cut ties with “the hawk” as well? His seems to be in the Commissioners dog house as well.

  7. nate Says:

    He hasnt killed any1 and hes no wife beater or in a gang yet hes worse then all of them for some reason..I just dont get it.. if lovie likes him we have to accept it..eith you trust lovie or not.. I trust him no reason not to.. now if we lost to carolkna 49-0 thats a new story….

  8. Ted curran Says:

    Aceofaerospace—–we’ll said

  9. Jim Walker Says:

    Thank you for sharing a link that I missed. Thank you for the site. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and excellent journalism.

  10. Cobraboy Says:

    A massive, stinking pile of PC baloney…

    The guy has NEVER been arrested.

    There is not one bit of information that says the guy cannot be counted on. Cripes, the ‘Fins voted him as a captain!

    Seems as though wife beaters, druggies, murderers, dog killers, etc. are OK and can be “rehabbed”, but Incognito for being aggressive in trying to toughen up a wuss? Nope. Off with his head.

    Bring in Richie Incognito for RG. The offense will work.

  11. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I wonder what feelings are/were towards bringing Michael Vick, Donte Stallworth, Ray Rice (Shiano Man) etc. back in to the league after what they did.

  12. Count Nephilim Says:

    IMO Tampa should have signed Incognito like yesterday, like stated many times before, if Incognito doesn’t perform or compromises our mission simply get rid of him; sign him cheap and maybe throw in no guaranteed money. Look just because 2 or 3 people can’t understand the need for Incognito, doesn’t mean Tampa should look away, it’s obvious the fans want him and why not? The guy can play. Tampa do us all a favor and give this man a job!!

  13. Lou. Says:

    Folks —

    Let’s all get on the next big media-driven crusade.


    There go all our offensive line worries.

    Tough player. Good background. High intelligence. Makes everyone around him better.


  14. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Booger’s feelings are

  15. BucBob1 Says:

    One thing I have noticed about the L&L regime, is that they love smoke screens. I have also noticed, that Joe seems happy to help them with that cause. (see Manziel Draft Madness) Collectively they are trying to exhaust the media frenzy, so that when, or if, Incognito is signed, the repercussions won’t be so bad.

  16. meatloph Says:

    I don’t know about you guys but if anyone left me messages on my voicemail threatening my family’s safety I’d have a pretty big issue with it. Incognito, whether he was promoted by his team to do so or not crossed a very obvious line there and is lucky it didn’t cost him more than it did. I don’t want him anywhere near my locker room, sent him to the raiders where he belongs.

  17. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    From purely a business standpoint, I understand not signing him until after week 1 so we do not have to guarantee his salary if it doesn’t work out. My gut feeling is that Omameh is not ready and Johnson, while looking at least servicable Thursday, doesn’t know nearly enough of the offense. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it would really be a shame if the defense is what it appears to be, special teams play well and the offense can’t get out of it’s own way because we do not have an NFL-caliber offensive line.

  18. Jeff Says:

    Booger only wishes his career was half as successful as Incognito’s.

  19. Macabee Says:

    Let’s deal with some facts regarding Incognito and the Bucs. Lovie said he would look at any player at any position that he thought would help the Bucs. He said it was part of the process. Lovie also said he would not bring in anyone that would upset the chemistry of the locker room. He further said that team leadership would have a lot to say about anyone that would be brought in. Not one Buc player interviewed said they would object to having Incognito as a team mate. And lastly, this is an important fact – the Bucs brought Incognito in, met with him for 5 hours, gave him a physical, and publicly stated that they had a good meeting.

    First think about those facts, now let me offer an opinion. I don’t think Lovie is a liar. He says many things that are subjective, sometimes ambiguous, and perhaps intentionally so. I think time is important this time of year and Lovie isn’t likely to waste time or conduct smokescreen interviews for media attention or otherwise.

    My opinion, I think Lovie genuinely believed and may still believe that Incognito may provide help at the guard position or he wouldn’t have brought him in. Does the Logan Mankins hiring affect Lovie’s decision on Incognito going forward? I don’t know that answer. I simply believe that when Lovie interviewed Incognito, he had every intention of finding an option at guard and Incognito, baggage and all, might be that option. For all we know he may still be an option. Will Lovie hire Incognito? I don’t know that either, but here’s another fact that I didn’t mention – Lovie would not name his starting right guard in his last presser. So you decide!

  20. lue0615 Says:

    Mr Martin wasnt as innocent either joe

  21. Bob Says:

    The tree hugger strikes again. Blah blah blah…

  22. johnnytheMOON Says:

    I am sure if Richie looked different it would be ok ….

  23. RastaMon Says:

    What if Richie was black in this story……hmmmmmm

  24. buc'd Up Says:

    All that happened was the media and football stepped in and punished the evil white man before Al Sharpton could fire up his private jet. Dont you know white athletes are the majority in the NFL? (That was sarcasm, for all you 40 watt bulbs out there)

  25. passthebuc` Says:

    Slow news day

  26. Lou. Says:

    @ Johnny and @Rasta —

    Just don’t go there.

    Instead, support the DRAFT JONATHAN MARTIN campaign.

    Joe and the guys want a weak-minded low-talent third-string tackle-to-play-guard. They never will complain about the team’s performance so long as the Icky Incognito stays away.

  27. nate Says:

    If incognito just came out and said listen people im gay.. everyone would forgive him.. u know im right…

  28. Bob858 Says:

    Whats boogers take on ray rice, Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, and all the other players banned for performance enhancing drugs.

    What a loser

  29. Nano Says:

    We had Talib, mr.Stevens,Mike Williams.
    NOBODY is perfect including me, this morality crusade needs to stop.
    We are dealing with football players who are human.
    I hope that line holds against Carolina, cause if not the sign Richie movement will rise.
    By the way I love your site, but you’re getting kind of dramatic lately.

  30. Bob858 Says:

    Point blank

    Joe you are a huge hypocrite it’s so gross.

    Booger let’s hear what you have to say about everyone else in this league that has done something wrong – Martin was wrong too, why shouldn’t he be banned. JOKE

  31. Buccfan37 Says:

    Just wait until a beast of a prospect every team wants turns out to be gay. Would he be as divisive as Incognito? I’m sure there would be plenty of opposition from fans, but you could bet your last dollar and win that the media would support that player 100 percent. I’m torn on this idea of adding Ritchie to the Bucs. I agree with both sides of the arguement. Like a flipped coin that is spinning on edge and the result unknown.

  32. Orca Says:

    This article is dumpster diving again, Joe. We’ve been over this. People have had an opportunity to scream and clamor for Incognito. They’ve been calling people names, calling anyone against the idea too “politically correct” or a pinko or a pansie. They’ve had the opportunity to blame it on Jonathan Martin for being “mentally weak”… They’ve even managed to somehow take swipes at Michael Sam in the process.

    All that garbage could’ve been over… But no, you had to go taking a dump in the living room again Joe.

  33. Orca Says:

    This thread has brings out the FauxNooz white-man resentment crowd like nothing else. Way to go Joe.

  34. Orca Says:

    * brought

  35. Buccinutz15 Says:

    I will take Ronde Barber’s word for it over Booger’s anyday. Even rookie stud Austin Sefarion-Jenkins said he worked out with Incognito all summer. Incognito didn’t break the law, he just hurt someone’s feelings

  36. Pelbuc Says:

    How ironic that the type of behavior that Incognito was crucified over was the same Sapp used in the Bucs locker room ( i.e. The Ahanatu fight as one example) for many years but Sapp was never labeled a bad guy. How quick we are to judge what we don’t know. If Incognito is such a locker room cancer, then why did most of the Dolphin players take his side ? Joe, your crusade against Incognito is getting old and you’ll be the first one to blast the coaches if the Oline falters without Incognito. You’ll also assume last year’s pathetic Oline was somehow better. Oh, I forgot, you were the one lobbying for the Bucs to give Freeman a long term deal this time last year.

  37. Buddah Says:

    Exactly which team is it that is going to the super bowl because they have a great right guard? L+L are rebuilding a team not wanting a questionable quick fix by bringing in a low character guy with declining ability.

  38. Delson Says:

    Outraged? I think ur readers expressed an opinion of their own. Unfiltered from a moral cop editor. Your poll proved that the Buc fans of this website would rather have a PROVEN vet rather than JUST A GUY all other nfl teams passed on. Omameh n Cousins dont even deserve roster spots. The other 3 rookies we have, have shots but that’s like throwin darts blindfolded hoping u at least hit the target. What incognito did was malicious yeah. I woulda beat his asz but that’s me. If u are that lack of judgemeng that you’ve made joe would u be a writer? Or a criminal? A druggie? A cheater? Maybe Batman? What would u be? What is Riley Cooper? A closet racist whose only apology was made because he was caught? If incognito was a distraction I don’t think lovie nor licht would even breathe a breath of hesitation to release him. F*** Goodell’s thin ice licht holds incognito’s employment card. For the record I don’t condone what he’s done n I don’t believe the rest of ur readers condone it either but if incognito can change his image n play great football I’d rather him do it here than anywhere else. Why? Because I bleed pewter n red. Ps the jerseys actually look good on the field!

  39. OB Says:


    Thanks again for keeping up entertained until next Sunday.

    What is really funny about all of this, it doesn’t matter what we think or want, it is what L & L think and want. It is like the old Abbott and Costello skit about who is on first, I don’t know who is where or what on this team any more but I am sure that L & L do and if who ever is playing first team offense keeps scoring like they have with whomever is playing first team defense it is going to be a joy to watch and since we are not perfect, a few tears at times.

    I hope all the Joes have a great Labor Day and don’t hurt yourselves with food and drink and those twists and turns you keep putting out there.

  40. Soggybottom Says:

    2 game suspension for beating your girlfreind on camera no doubt, but off with richies head.. Cry me a river.. Me face hurts me frowns so much..

  41. D-Rome Says:

    Booger only wishes his career was half as successful as Incognito’s.

    What an ignorant comment. You’re suggesting Booger exchange winning two Super Bowls for what, a single pro-bowl selection? Ridiculous!

  42. oldfart44 Says:

    I trust management’s decision. Lovie is too experienced to base the success of a player on his first year; I think we know this process will take time.

    If anything, I would like the Josh Freeman situation cleared up. Something is not right. What happened with the investigation? I’m not interested in hearing libelous and slanderous statements like he love cocaine; prove it.

  43. Soggybottom Says:

    @oldfart44, It is cleared up HE SUCKS..

  44. Kaptain Morgan Says:

    Chances are Incognito will be playing somewhere this season…Chances are Michael Sam will too. Wouldn’t it be fitting if they ended up on the same team?! Sit back and watch the media rekindle and then burn their stories to the ground over and over again. Maybe ESPN can “bully” Incognito and ask him if he’s taken a shower with Sam as his teammate? :p

    If/when the Bucs sign Incognito I’ll begin to care about him again…for now, I’m moving on. Besides boycotting all future articles based on editorials from ex-players regarding the possibility of signing controversial players who aren’t even on the team yet, I’ll worry about the who’s actually on the Bucs schedule. Bring on Panthers!

  45. Capt. Blighe Says:

    The is the pro’s not college Booger. How much will you pay for a win ? EVERYTHING. This Idea of we only won 8 games but we did it the right way.
    Is total BS !! To quote a famous philospher “If you ain’t first, your last !!

  46. Maze Says:

    Upgrade the hole that is the right guard position and sign him already. Probably after week one but it should have happened like yesterday.

  47. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Damn, Joe. You opened the floodgates with this article, but I guess you knew that when writing it.

    My question to you is: How can you constantly praise an arrogant A-hole like Johnny Mancrush and give him the “he’s a college kid” excuse but flip the switch and completely despise somebody who never committed a crime? Incognito may also be an A-hole too but this O-line needs a little mean and nasty. Besides, you really think he’s gonna start “bullying” everybody when he knows this is his last shot in the NFL?

  48. stratobuc Says:

    No one gives a damn what Anthony McFarland thinks, nor should they. I’ve checked out his takes on his radio “show”. and they’re laughable.

  49. White Tiger Says:

    I applaud Lovie for allowing the idea of bringing in Richie ‘Disguise-y’ [witty yet obscure Dana Carvey reference inserted]…because it was only to get talks with San Francisco (for Boon) or New England (for Mankins)…of the schneid.

    The roid-raging, juice-baby, long-snapper, turned NFL ‘bully’ (whatever that is)…will only be a Buccaneer if aliens beam Lovie Smith up to coach the Saturn Nites….If Lovie didn’t like his locker room affected by a player who stored his mattress in the front yard, he’s certainly not going to allow a human excrement bag to be brought in.

    Thanks for playing though, watching you all beg for an absolute moron helps me understand the lack of intelligence expressed in many of your posts.

  50. BucIt941 Says:

    Incognito is a horrible person as an individual. I fully believe in second chances and a shot at turning over a new leaf but when it comes to Richie he has ALWAYS been that way, all the way back to his High School days. Do those of you who actually want us to sign him even know more about his past then his small stint in Miami? Are any of you aware of how he is labeled ACROSS THE LEAGUE as a dirty player constantly getting personal foul flags? Or how he has always and will always be a bully and a cancer to any lockeroom? Not to mention he really isn’t all that good on the field point blank. He is just a recognizable name so the average fan think “Well hey, I know his name he must be good”.

    Be happy we got Mankins of all players to fill in at LG allowing 5 other players to compete for that RG we are bound to find a fit. But please for the love of God stop trying to bring a horrible character into this team just for the sake of doing so. I’d rather not have an A**hole in the lockerroom

  51. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    He’s never committed a crime my arse!!! Just because you don’t get arrested doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It’s truly amazing to me how people completely ignore the multitude of things this guy has done over his career, and instead only point to the incident in Miami, which they conveniently never even attempted to read the report. That’s the very definition of ignorance.

    How many teams does he have to get kicked off of? How many locker rooms does he have to destroy? How many games does he have to cost his team due to his selfish personal foul penalties?

  52. BucIt941 Says:

    Not even counting character concerns. As a player you are getting nothing more than a guard version of Jeremy Trueblood, decent at run blocking, horrible pass blocking and perfectly timed drive killing penalties. If that’s what fans really want on this team rather than letting one of those younger guys try their hand. Go for it

  53. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Says:

    Not saying Incognito was, or is an Angel, but let’s all remember his coaches asked for him to try and toughen a teammate up.
    Obviously, toughening up teammates was not his Major at Nebraska.
    To make matters worse, the big baby he tried to toughen up is black, and his mommy is a lawyer.

    I still think we should sign him, I just think we are waiting for the season to start so we can get a better financial deal.

    And, as far a Booger McFarland goes, since when did a Defensive Tackle “Like” a Guard ?

  54. Gt40bear Says:

    I believe Incognito is not a good guy but as Long as Ray Rice is allowed to have an NFL job or as long as Ray Lewis will be voted into the HOF, he should be allowed on a team. Mike Vick has exhibited pre-serial killer behavior and Riley Cooper even got a new contract so until they are banned, Incognito should have a job…as long as he is still a serviceable player! If most former teammates like him and if a coaching staff is worth a damn (meaning they are able to control any unproductive behavior), any team in need of offensive guards should think about signing him…yes that includes our beloved Bucs!

  55. Mathius Says:

    No body else is even considering bringing in Incognito. People talk about the guy as the Bucs brought him in they would win one more game. He isn’t that guy.

    He has been kicked off of every team he has been on.

    Kicked off of Nebraska
    Kicked off of Oregon after 1 week of transferring there
    Cut by Rams
    Not resigned by Buffalo
    Kicked out of league in Miami

  56. mpmalloy Says:

    Fight the power!
    Free Richie!

  57. mpmalloy Says:

    Just kidding.
    It sounds like the Martin incident was a culmination
    of a long term behavioral pattern and not an isolated
    incident…..therefore, for that reason, we’re better
    off not to let him pollute Lovies locker room.

  58. MGM4Life Says:

    Incognito – Overzealous rookie hazing.

    Vick – illegal dog fighting, killed animals.

    Ray Rice – knocked his future wife out cold.

    Greg Hardy – beat his girlfriend up

    Aldon Smith – drugs.

    Josh Gordon – Drugs.

    Ausar Walcott – attempted murder

    Joe Lefeged – Gun charges

    Ben Rothliseberger – charged with rape


    Yeah Joe, that Incognito fella is BAD news. But any of the other guys listed would be welcome I suppose?

  59. ryan Says:

    get the sand out Joe. Who cares what Booger has to say about this situation? You sound like a butthurt fanboy with these postings about Incognito.

  60. Matt Says:

    The NFL is a game of men dressing up in outfits playing a game in the grass. Whats said in the locker room or on the field is none of ourbusiness. IIt’s a vicious game and many guys talk trash and the less witty ones will say things like murder, shoot, kill etc. It happens, it’s boys being boys.

    Im 31 years old and when I was 7-10 years old we used the word “faggot” to describe not a homosexual but a kid who talked trash about others but then couldn’t take it when others talked about him. And Jonathan Martin is the definition of a faggot.

    Incognito would immediately add .5-.7yards per carry to our running game. We have a strong locker room with Gmac, David and Goldson and now Mankins. I think he’ll tread carefully with the next opportunity he gets and tune the trash talking down drastically. With the addition of Mankins the risk reward of taking a shot on Mankins is almost all reward. Incognito will be starting somewhere by week 3 and hopefully its for us and not Carolina.

  61. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Sounds like the Fan base remains intelligently united.
    Although a couple career clueless fellow tree jiggers did appear
    Like flies on a steaming fresh new pile of s*+#.

    White Tiger- who only post to argue- not really a football guy, more of a Debater. Possibly a masterdebater.

    And the sad lil teletubby from the islands, who, despite being Heartfelt, has never been on the right side of an argument yet. I think he’s a delicate lil flower- like Martin. Hawiianbuc- pathetic

  62. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You guys are helpless. Truly don’t have any clue what this guy is about. Obviously it doesn’t matter to you, because your mind is made up. I was actually starting to turn the corner on this guy, but after reading the true ignorance of so many, and I’ve regained my sanity, and even some morals.

  63. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah Captain, I’m wrong here because I have some sense of morality. I also have a daughter, and what Incognito did in Miami makes me sick. If that makes me soft, so be it. Apparently, 32 teams agree with me, even a desperate team like the Bucs.

  64. Brent Says:

    I’d sign him cheap no guaranteed money for a year and cut him. Then draft a guard early next year (2nd or 3rd rd). That guy will be so afraid to mess up he’ll walk straight. Plus hell be watched like a hawk. This team looks like a 6-7 win team anyway hence nothing to ruin short term anyway. Please stop with this I have a daughter reasoning. You’d probably be offended by half guys in nfl if you knew them. This game is played by a lot of crazy testersone fueled nuts. This isn’t figure skating.

  65. Mr. Mudge Says:

    All the mentions of the other scumbags and their transgressions is irrelevant. They’re not members of this team either. If you just want to defend Inclogzero in a comparison with wife beaters, go ahead. In my opinion, violent offenders like Ray Rice and Greg Hardy should get a lifetime ban. But that doesn’t mean anything about the other turds we should avoid signing. Is Inclogzero being locked out? No. Somebody will sign him after week 1. I just hope it’s not the Bucs.

  66. chickster Says:

    Ray rice beats up on girls and joe slanders at will if I was on the other end of this constant bad mouthing I would see joe in court or in a boxing ring

  67. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, you can’t sign him to a no guaranteed money until after the first week. If a player is on the roster week 1, his entire salary is guaranteed.

    As for being offended by half the guys in the league, that’s a stupid exaggeration. I played college basketball, and I’ve been around college and pro athletes my entire life. Hell, I’ve partied with the Pro Bowlers in my younger days. They are wild, but they aren’t a bunch of sexual predators. There are a few bad apples, but the overwhelming majority would never do the things Incognito has done. And those that have, I don’t want them on the team either.

  68. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    perhaps you should look up what “slander” means.

  69. Brent Says:

    Wow Hawaiian buc that’s the dumbest post yet. No crap you can’t sign him til after 1st game to avoid no guaranteed money. Did I say you could? That’s a known fact. As for exaggeration you gotta be kidding? The nfl is full of guys with off the field issues!! Do you read the paper or watch tv? Or are we just going by what you deem inexcusable. The nfl has reinstated incognito. I can write a list longer than my arm of guys with bad conduct playing every week!! You would have to kick out a third of the league for offensive violations and criminal behavior? Or I guess we could pick and choose according to your views!! Yeah right!!

  70. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Hawiian- whining like ussual.
    No, you don’t have morales.
    If Incognito was a black, drug using Transexual- accused of raping the Dolphins mascot- you’d be accusing the Bucs of Rascism- for NOT signing him
    You cried what a great guy Talib was- when he’s slapping innocent cabbies, and shooting up the Hood

    You aren’t Morale. Morale is defined as living by a standard of Right and Wrong.
    You are a far cry from that. You just slob along with whoever are P.O.S media tells you to side with.
    I’m sure you are crying your little eyes out that Michael SAM was cut- even though every evaluator said, based on his talent- he was a long shot
    But he S*+#< D**^•, so your kind feel that- being Gay and Black- he just friggin deserves a roster spot- cause he's gay.

    Go to Wikcompaion- says Incognito is one of hardest workers in NFL.
    Was leader of the Dolphins O-line
    But you don't want him to play again- because he said the "N"word.
    Oh my Gawd!!!
    I was white, in a black majority locker room. I was racially insulted hourly
    Big F+*g deal
    Plus it doesn't count to guys like you,
    Cause I'm White.
    I can only be a racist. Not a victim of Racism
    Pathetic, Hawiian- as usual

  71. Brent Says:

    By the way, I’m not crazy about him either. My main point is not much to lose if you get him cheap with no guaranteed money. I see him as a 1 year stop gap until next years draft. This team isn’t elite. We can’t even say their average? What’s the huuugggee risk??

  72. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wow Captain, I only now realized that you’ve got some serious issues. What in the hell are you talking about? What does Michael Sam and/or race have to do with this? I could give 2 sh!ts about Michael Sam. Nice job though trying to pretend as if you know me. As I’ve said for at least 15 times, the incident in Miami is not even close to my big problem with Incognito. You’re a freaking lunatic anyway, so I don’t know why I bother trying to discuss anything with you. All you do is ramble on and on, going further and further away with each sentence.

    For the record, I’m white too. I was the only white guy on my basketball team, and I never once got ridiculed for it. Teased in fun, yes. Insulted, absolutely not. Perhaps I’m less of an arse hole than you, which could potentially still put me as a pretty big arse hole. You didn’t read the report anyway, so whatever.

    I didn’t defend Talib as a good guy. I said over and over I would completely understand him getting cut. I never complained once when we got rid of him. Why don’t you pause from going postal and check the archives. Difference is, he was already on the team. Had we gone after him, I would have been absolutely opposed to it. If we do sign Incognito, I’ll be done complaining about him, until he screws up. That should probably keep me silent for about 3 weeks.

    Meanwhile, you continue with your ridiculous rants and insults, because it’s freaking hilarious. It makes me feel better about myself to know that there are people out there way more f’ed up than me.

  73. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I don’t know if your knew that or not. Relax buddy. Not everyone does know that. Good for you that you do.

    You go ahead and list me 18 Bucs (1/3 of our team) that has half the record of Incognito. Besides, we would be bringing him in, which is very different from supporting a guy already a part of the team. Do you think if we knew how bad Talib was going to be they would still draft him? Of course not. Incognito is a good guard, but he’s not great. He’s been sitting on his couch for close to a year, aside from the occasional clubbing of his Lamborghini. He’s going to take a few weeks to be able to even play. Is he really worth that much risk? You don’t think he can split and destroy a locker room? If you were a coach, would you want to deal with him? How many times have you actually seen him play? Are you watching coaches film? I remember him for costing the Rams a game with a selfish personal foul penalty. I think we will be fine without him. If we suck this year, we would suck without him. He’s not going to win us a bunch of games.

  74. Brent Says:

    I just don’t see the big risk if you have a cheap 1 year contract and use him as a 1 year stop gap? I see some risk like you say. If we were patriots or elite i wouldnt do it either. To me 8-8 or competing for playoffs would be huge upgrade over last few years. We cant afford to keep going 4-12 every year. bad for franchise imho..With him and mankins I feel we have a decent o-line which is the biggest weakness of our team. Like I’d said he is just a stop gap til next year to be watched like a hawk.

  75. Orca Says:

    Capt. Tim… You might just be a racist and a bigot, cuz you’ve clearly got the white man’s resentment running at full throttle.

    Also, your vocabulary sucks. Morale:


    Now go back to your cave.

  76. chickster Says:

    Hawaiian when u finish blowing joe try to post something that makes sense you sound like a little girl

  77. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Try using smaller words, because apparently words like slander are too big for you.

  78. Mathius Says:

    WOW!! Hawaiian Buc doesn’t agree with signing a guard, who no team in the league would sign, is blanked blank blank. So all of the morons on this website are smarter than 32 football GMs? I think the fact that Incognito isn’t signed yet by any team should shed light that all you people have no idea of how the NFL works.

    Probably the same folks who thought drafting Manziel at 7 was a great idea.

  79. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Orca and Hawiian- and finally- the last effort of the discriminator.
    Incognito has do nothing wrong in the Eyes of the law, and the NFL.
    No charges filed, cleared to work. No problem
    Yet two half witted tree jiggers like yourself, appoint your totally incompetent selfs as judge, Juror, and high tribunal.

    You two clueless jerkoffs decide that Ritchie Incognito- innocent in the Eyes of Law and League- SHALL NOT WORK AGAIN
    The clueless have spoken. You have committed the highest form of discrimination. An Innocent man shall be Blackballed from his employment.
    You two. Self appointed idiot spokesmen for who? Damn sure not the Majority.
    Yet you continue on your little self delusional campaign of Moral righteousness.
    Not smart enough to release that your actions embody discrimination.

    And worse yet, if someone should stand up for this man- innocent of unlawfulness, cleared to work, then this man must be a racist- anyone who disagrees with your attempt to discriminate against an innocent man, must be a Racist!!
    Yeah- I knew that would be the first words out of your mouth. It ALWAYS IS. It’s easy to say, and can rally people against someone.
    Even if they haven’t do anything wrong.

    With no legal cause, you tree jiggers have decided that Incognito shall not work. That is textbook discrimination.
    And anyone who disagrees- obviously is a racist.
    Because you treehuggers said so. You don’t care about his innocence.
    You’ve decided.
    You’d make great Nazis

  80. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Yeah- I won that one. Despite my damn phones constant changing of words!!

  81. Hawaiian Buc Says:


  82. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Geez, why does arguing with you gotta be so hard? Lol

  83. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Anybody watching NFL network right now?
    They just said that Jeff Fischer, his GM, and Owners released Michael Sam- because they were cowards- and “couldn’t handle a few extra Cameras and Questions”
    He wasn’t cut, because he was a bad player.
    It’s because the Rams discriminated against him.

  84. 77 bassguitarist Says:

    @ captain its political correctness we are done
    For in this country …..sad days ahead my brother

  85. Orca Says:

    Capt. TIm-

    Dude, your support of Incognito is kinda irrelevant to why you appear to be a racist. It’s all the energy you invest with a whole lotta words, painting a picture of the angry resentful white man. All the anger directed at “political correctness”. Ot that Jonathan Martin is weak, or some kinda nonsense about Michael Sam. You seem to have issues with everybody except the bully himself. And it’s entirely possible the guy has turned himself around and wouldn’t be a piece of crap. Yes, it’s possible, and the Bucs could sign him if L&L believe he’s learned some lessons. Are there bigger pieces of crap playing in the NFL? Yeah, probably, and I don’t want them on my team either.

    But, you clearly have no idea what a nazi is, you have some anger issues, and your grasp of reality is tenuous at best. Get some therapy man….