“I Violated Team Rules”

August 25th, 2014
Bucs OLB Jonathan Casillas discusses his game suspension Saturday.

Bucs OLB Jonathan Casillas discusses his game suspension Saturday.

A remorseful, humbled linebacker Jonathan Casillas faced the large turnout of the Tampa Bay pen and mic club this afternoon at One Buc Palace (thanks Richie) to discuss his recent brush with Bucs law.

Casillas was held back in Tampa on Friday for an unspecified action as the Bucs traveled to Buffalo for their preseason game.

Casillas, a starting outside linebacker, was replaced by Danny Lansanah.

While Casillas often used the phrase “violation of a team rule,” he admitted when pressed it was a “miscommunication on my behalf” that he was supposed to be somewhere and he wasn’t. Casillas would not offer further details, only stating his crime was a “violation of a team rule.”

Casillas didn’t think anything of his action it was so minor, he stated.

“Me and [Bucs coach] Lovie [Smith], we had an open line of communication the entire time,” Casillas said. “We talked as well today. This is a respectable organisation. When stuff like this happens, when someone violates a rule or a law or whatever, consequences will be dealt. That is where we stand. There is nothing that will carry on or bring about any repercussions.

“It’s not something I was happy about. A mistake was made. The punishment was dealt and I had to deal with it. It was tough because i don’t want to miss a game or be a person who violates any rule. I don’t have a history of that. A mistake was made and the consequences were dealt.”

Casillas, from everything Joe has heard and seen and experienced, is a professional. Obviously, something happened and it was strong enough that Lovie told him to stay home. That doesn’t sound trivial.

Casillas genuinely seemed remorseful about his action (?) when speaking, unlike other players who have run afoul of league or team rules (can you say “Eric Wright?”).

If both Casillas and Lovie are good with the penalty for whatever Casillas did, then it’s better to get this out of the way in preseason. The Bucs can’t afford to have guys miss regular season games for “micommunication.”

12 Responses to ““I Violated Team Rules””

  1. BucsQcCity Says:

    Maybe the punishment is incognito!

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    He probably told Lovie he missed playing for New Orleans.


  3. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think he was late to a meeting. maybe late to the plane or something.

  4. dan Says:

    forgot to call and say he was going to miss a meeting, is my guess.

  5. adamant Says:

    He probably missed the team photo

  6. Rich Says:

    He was on the radio early last week talking to Miller and Moulton down here in the Ft. Myers area (he’s fairly regular on 99.3). There was a point in the interview where he said something that made me kind of go “whoa”. I forget what exactly it was but it was unique enough that you never really hear a player mention similar type things. It was about the playbook, but I can’t remember exactly what. Maybe Lovie just was sending a message to be careful of what and how you say things to the media. It could hurt the game planning.

    Joe listened to that interview and pulled a quote from it last week. There was nothing in there that raised a red flag. –Joe

  7. T-DUB Says:


    when you getting that message board site up bro?

    so we can post different subjects.

  8. Mort Says:

    It was setting an example, probably nothing more.

  9. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Not knowing what he did = strong lockerroom…IMO.

  10. Harry Says:

    It sounds like he was more than just late to a meeting. I can’t help but to be curious as he does not seem like the type to do something very bad.

  11. Hawk Says:

    Did he inherit Freeman’s alarm clock?

  12. Seattle Buc Says:

    Maybe he got caught drinking a beer in the parking lot.