Have Your Say

August 25th, 2014

Let your voice be heard.

Joe can assure you the Bucs are paying attention.

48 Responses to “Have Your Say”

  1. Jeffbuc Says:

    Season ticket holder since 99 I’m all for Richie incognito he was in the pro bowl 2 years ago. Please sign him we all the pieces to make a run except for offensive line. Pull the trigger already so he can be ready for week 1. Get a victory against the stinking panthers and get the buzz going again in tampa bay. Can’t wait to have arehomecrowd crowd come back and have a home field advantage

  2. mpmalloy Says:

    Unless we’re complete idiots we should sign Incognito.

    I’m sure the guy is wanting to prove that he’s
    a victim of the political correctness police and
    not a racist. He’ll be on his best behavior.
    That said, NONE of his former team-mates
    (other than that one wuss) had a bad word to
    say about him.

  3. tampamac Says:

    Not sure how many total votes, but 90.74 % yes at this point.. Glazers, Licht, Lovie, make it happen. 1 year veteran minimum deal with performance incentives.

  4. JMN Says:


    I wouldn’t say “make a run” but at least maybe 9 wins with Incognito where without him maybe 7 wins. They still need a QB.

  5. Chef Paul Says:

    “Joe can assure you the Bucs are paying attention.”

    Hypothetically, does that mean if the results were 95% against it, that would go far in their decision?

    I ask because I would imagine if 95% were in favor, that wouldn’t have much impact on their decision, but 95% against might.

  6. Jeffbuc Says:

    Yeah I mean a run at the playoffs meaningful games in December heck November

  7. lightningbuc Says:

    If the Bucs sign Incognito, does that mean Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be coming to Tampa shortly after?

  8. Hank Says:

    Glad to see Bucs Nation has faith in our Staff & locker room that this will not be an issue & should get done!

  9. Dan Says:

    Seems pretty straightforward here

  10. tampamac Says:


    I’m black and trust me, Jesse and Al are irrelevant opportunists. We don’t consider them ‘leaders’ in 2014.

  11. Johnny Says:

    If the commissioner says he’s appropriately contrite, and if he can help our team, absolutely.

  12. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Cog by a landslide!! Bad boys attract ticket sales. Dennis Rodman, Allen Iverson, Brandon Marshall, Ochocinco, Pretty Boy Floyd etc. Even Bieber is more popular being a bad boy than if he kept the squeaky clean image.

    Who are the hottest women with? Bad boys!! If Joe were a bad boy he would have won Rachel Watson a long time ago!!

  13. BucDan Says:

    I voted Yes, because why not? Sign him to a non guaranteed contract so that he can be cut at anytime.

    The offensive line needs to be maulers. We just might need somebody with a little mean streak in them the way our QBs get touched from time to time.

    Take a look and if he doesn’t fit, send him packing.

  14. lightningbuc Says:


    Thanks for that. Don’t want to diminish the black/white thing because there is still lots of room for improvement, but those two clowns continually set the whole process backwards, instead of moving things forward.

  15. JWBucs Says:

    He’ll be cheap & they could cut him if he messes it up. He’ll also prob be the best guard on this roster.

  16. Unislookgoodunislookugly Says:

    Only person I’ve heard not wanting him has been Joe.

  17. BucFan20 Says:

    I think he would be fine. There is only one person I would want to hear from. Lovie is ok. But He wears 2 faces. Gerald McCoy should be in this interview.

  18. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    the fans have spoken almost 90% say yes. As did I because we like WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW’s

  19. tampamac Says:


    No prob buddy. I just wanted to clear the air because for some there’s this perception we(black folk) run to Jesse and Al as our spokesmen when the majority of us just shake our heads when we see them on TV.

  20. don Says:

    yes, by all means. It’s the NFL and I’m sure there is all kinds of situations in the locker room we do not here about. Come on, we need a “bully” on that line

  21. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I would welcome both Jesse and Al if AND ONLY IF they can compete for the other guard position.

  22. mike n Says:

    I say sign him if he comes in and is in good shape. Sapp was a real ahole and bully. If you have strong coaches and a strong locker room, it works. My only thing is, how good is he? I’m sure he is better than anything we got if he stayed in shape.

  23. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    IMHO, we would be stupid NOT to sign him.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Keep in mind, the locker room was not the only place he caused trouble. He is a very violent man. I’m all for second chances, but there better be plenty if stipulations in the contract.

  25. Piratic Says:

    How many of you have read the Wells report on what happened in Miami?
    I’m thinking that not many of you who are in favor of bringing in this POS have read it, because if you had, you very likely would have a vastly different opinion.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Even though I disagree, it seems as though the people have spoken. I wonder how they will feel when he has a melt down and cost us 15 yards late in the game. It wouldn’t be the first time for him…..or the second.

  27. CaptWes Says:

    I’m fine with giving him a shot if Lovie and Jason are confident about the existing locker room leadership, maybe talk to the vets, and have “the talk” with him first. One strike, you’re out. Lord knows we could use the help.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If he’s on the team, I won’t complain. We all know we could use him from a football perspective. However, I have a problem with people downplaying how much of a scum this guy is. Everyone only points to the incident in Miami, but there has been many more incidents. I’m sure that people are just too lazy to do research, but you really should. As a father of a girl, I’m not a big fan of guys that have sexually harassed women. Apparently that’s just me. I don’t take that stuff lightly. And while some will dismiss that to back up their stance as to wanting him on the team, the fact of the matter is he didn’t even deny he did it.

  29. MR. T Says:

    The way I look at it, if he causes trouble he’s out the door, it’s that simple, so why not give him a try.

  30. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The world needs more bullies. /not sarcasm

  31. MR. T Says:

    Like the fan polls, nice touch Joe!

  32. NewTampaChris Says:

    If the Bucs had even one guard that was close to being competent, I’d vote “no.” But Licht and Lovie put themselves in this bind with bad OL moves in the off-season.

  33. Red86 Says:

    I’m down for Richie to be here. Not like we have an all star team up front. I think it’s a good move since McCown had his arm wrap the last game.

  34. Cobraboy Says:

    PC his going to kill the NFL.

    If Michael Vick can come back into the NFL, RI should be a slam dunk.

    If the Bucs are seriously committed to winning, they sign this guy with big incentives to keep his nose clean and be a solid teammate.

    Being a stud on the OL will cure his reputation with his teammates.

  35. Oahubuc Says:

    A little torn. I’d like to see us take football back from the PC gestapo that currently has hold of it, and get a mean guard in the process. But, this dude has legit problems. I voted sign him, though, because of the need. I think Omameh would kick his ***, though. He’s going to surprise some people.

  36. Mike10 Says:

    Ya this doesn’t even look like a question.

    -He’s said to have been incredibly active with tx – Goodell approved
    -I’m not sure if people truly realize how bad that O line looks – OL non-expert disapproved
    Keep the guys you got now, as back ups on an ‘as needed basis.’
    Collins either is learning to play LT (?), the left guard is making him look very bad, or there have been really good D-lines – but he does not look good!
    *Check out that sack fumble on McCown Saturday, pretty funny

  37. maleko Says:

    Please bring him in. He deserves a second chance. Even his own teamamtes in Miami stood behind him.He is accused of bullying a man who is 6’5″ and 315 lbs. Huh?!

  38. Joe Says:

    Please bring him in. He deserves a second chance.

    Correction: Incognito would be on his, well, 18th chance.

  39. Steve-O Says:

    You people would sell your soul for a dollar. Really for a player that is not a star you do not deal with anything close to this distraction you can find equitable players or trade a 2nd or 3rd for Boone before you deal with this clown he could wear a mask for a whole but he will come out AVOID IT!!!!!!!

  40. White Tiger Says:

    Not sure this tells a lot about Buc Fans, but it sure tells a lot about JoeBucsFan posters…wow. what complete dolts. Even more clueless than I imagined.

    There aren’t a whole lot of redeeming qualities about Incognito – he’s not an upgrade anywhere along the line – he’s just a longsnapper thats also played lineman. Anyone that depends on him is usually sorry they did – and I’m not real sure that any team that has depended on him – doesn’t usually sniff a winning season?

    Contrary to the previous threads joe has posted about Lovie statin the line play is no reason to panic…THIS is a panic move. It means you had no plan B….the only way this guy will play is if he’s so jacked up on animal HGH he whinnies in the huddle…!?

    Not happy.

    This move is full of suck.

  41. Shane Marco Says:

    So…looks like that backfired on you there joe. They should have been on the phone with Incognito 5 minutes into the Jacksonville game.

  42. Joe Says:

    @Shane Marco — Backfired? It’s a poll with a non-leading question. Get over yourself.

  43. Bangkok Buc Says:

    I’d don’t care if he’s a dick. I want the Bucs to win and if having a dick signed is an upgrade at the clear cut weakest area of our team, I’m all for it.
    Get it done and let’s win some games this year fellas.

  44. mark Says:

    Does he understand that his time away from football is because of his actions? Not because of the media or teams trying to be PC, but because of the way he had acted both on the field and off of it (he leads all offensive players in personal fouls since he came into the league). If he has come to understand that, and has taken steps to alleviate thoe issues; than the Bucs should consider signing him.

  45. Shane Marco Says:

    Sure the poll question was non-leading…your opinion on the subject was pretty clear though. Get over myself…..way to wear your heart on your sleve…sorry I hurt you feelings.

  46. Johnny Dejay Says:

    Incognito is almost as big a turd as Jeramy Stevens, and the Bucs had him on the roster for a few seasons.

    With that said, I’m against signing him. Pro Football is the ultimate team sport, so I don’t think having Incognito on the team would be worth even one more win than playing the guys that are currently on the roster.

  47. Sally Says:

    To compare igcognito to Charles Manson is ridiculous sounds like your singling him. Physical abuse is worst then verbal abuse who do you compare Ray Rice to, a blow to the head could have killed his girlfriend , he got 3 game suspension for Domestic Violence, Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger starting quarterback (troublemaker to many to list) he has gotten many chances and all the other sports players that do wrong over and over. Igcognito got 3 months suspension 8 games plus loss pay. He did his time, LETS MOVE ON what happen to giving someone a second chance. Have you ever made a mistake? I agree bullying is wrong in school against children . But a 6’5 315 pound grown man I don’t see it as bullying. If he can’t defend himself in the NFL he doesn’t belong.

  48. PRBucFan Says:

    I’ll be in the minority on this..

    Sad how much desperation breeds compromise.