Charles Sims To Miss At Least Half Of Season

August 15th, 2014


The Bucs have suffered their first serious injury of the preseason (not counting wounds inflicted by watching the offensive line last week).

Rookie running back Charles Sims, a third-round pick, a guy very much in the Bucs’ plans on offense, will have surgery tomorrow. His right ankle, seen in a walking boot at practice yesterday, requires the procedure. The Bucs announced typical recovery is 12 to 14 weeks.

This is lousy news, but great news for Bobby Rainey, Doug Martin, Mike James, Jeff Demps and Jorvorskie Lane, all the guys looking for work in the Bucs’ crowded backfield.

Look for Sims to go on that fancy injured reserve designation that lets players return in midseason, but there’s no official word yet.

63 Responses to “Charles Sims To Miss At Least Half Of Season”

  1. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    gulp, well…it’s happy hour right now…SOMEWHERE.

  2. Phillip Says:

    UGH just got this update on my phone from Score… Sucks!

    PUP list for sure..

  3. robert9 Says:

    $hit…………gaurd in the 3rd round sure sounds good right now

  4. Architek Says:

    Oh he will be back!

  5. BucsfaninChina Says:

    O Lord… based on all the fan BS about Lovie picking up a RB rather than a lineman leads me to believe the countdown doomsday Fire Lovie clock may have just started ticking!

  6. Patrick in VA Says:

    Queue the folks saying that we wasted a third round pick on him instead of a guard. We should’ve known that he was going to get hurt. Let’s start the countdown for Lovie getting bounced out of here

  7. DHutch Says:

    Now, our beloved Jeff Demps can, perhaps, breathe a little easier. Hope the rook heals fast and comes back strong.

  8. T-DUB Says:

    Thank God for the LOADED back field now!!!!

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    Had a feeling they were going to ease him in slow his rookie season, now they have no other choice but to do that. It sucks but it happens. He’ll be back.

  10. Phillip Says:

    We better sign a Guard now

  11. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Patrick in VA Says
    “Queue the folks saying that we wasted a third round pick on him instead of a guard. We should’ve known that he was going to get hurt.”

    Him getting hurt has nothing to do with it. The need for Oline did. It was a poor choice simply because of that.

    I bet all those people wishing to trade a RB are going to shutup now.

    DHutch Says
    “Now, our beloved Jeff Demps can, perhaps, breathe a little easier.”

    Demps sucks. If he makes the team it will be a sure sign of bad evaluation of talent.

  12. Mike White Says:

    That’s God’s way of telling us we should have drafted a guard. Damn.

  13. Jon Says:

    Ok. We wasted a 3rd round pick. We did. Like it or not. We had Demps, James, Rainey and oh some guy everyone has forgotten Doug 2k Martin. We did waste a pick, glad this is a new year or the haters would really come out. L&L. Hmmm…not sold yet on player decisions. Love him as our head coach, I mean that, very happy lovie is our coach. See not all negative.

  14. DHutch Says:

    Bonzai, demps would be 4th on the running back list…making him more of a project. Not sure the term “bad evaluation of talent” applies that low.

  15. Jon Says:

    To make a point we traded away zuttah who starts and didn’t sign back Larsen for peanuts. Also have away mike Williams while we signed Collins and drafted a RB in 3rd round. I’ll leave Michael Johnson out of this for now.

  16. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Lol this means nothing but Demps’ chances of making the team get a little better. This is not a wasted pick. Its okay to go outside and enjoy the day, the sky still isnt falling.

  17. ElioT Says:

    Dammit!!! Here we go!

    Go Bucs!

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If we have to sustain an injury at least its with a position where we have some depth. You can’t have too many running backs.
    Anyone who believes that it was a wasted pick because he got hurt is an idiot….it may have been an unwise pick because we had more pressing needs….or an unwise pick becauise of his skillset….but noone could predict an injury.
    How about GMC’s injuries….was he a wasted pick?

  19. Unislookgoodunislookugly Says:

    A loss we can overcome. Picking him where we did in the draft hurts more based on the the need for o-line guards. Licht needs to show he knows how to play with big boys. He needs to make a deal for Boone like yesterday.

  20. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Jon – and you have no idea whether any of those decisions that were made are going to turn out to be good ones. None of us have seen anything from this team aside from a meaningless game that nobody actually employed by the team put any stock in to. The depth chart changed because of things they saw that needed to be changed but that could have just as easily happened on the practice field. They play these preseason games for exactly this sort of thing. So they can see how players look in “game-like” situations where it doesn’t matter. Just because you’re overly anxious about getting to football doesn’t mean that the preseason is any more meaningful than it has always been. It’s where mistakes and bad play are expected so they can weed players out. We haven’t even played the second game yet so we have no idea whether they made necessary adjustments.

    This level of freaking out would be nonsense after the second game. I don’t even have words for what to call this outrage after the first PRESEASON game

  21. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Seasons over!! Shut it Down!!!

  22. Patrick in VA Says:

    Maybe we can get Bowers to play RB

  23. BigMacAttack Says:

    I disagree with you guys. It’s the NFL and injuries happen. There will be more, rest assured. Yes they need Oline help but Soms is a special player and will be back stronger and better. Adrian Petersen has been injured repeatedly and least this isn’t a knee. Plenty of depth for now and only a fool would throw Lovie or Licht under the bus right now. Get over it people and look on the bright side. Fools

  24. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Eh I’m glad it came at the RB position. Good thing we have depth.

  25. meh Says:

    It wasn’t a wasted pick because he got hurt. That just happens. Its a wasted pick because when he did get hurt we’ve got at least 3 other very competent RBs ready to go. Sims gets hurt, it sucks, but we’re fine at RB.

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    meh said it.

  27. Hawk Says:

    The Sims pick was not wasted, just ill advised. But any other choice could have just as easily been injured. Part of the game. The Bucs still may not keep four RBs (and a FB) if the the need and athlete is elsewhere. Demps still needs to impress.
    In reality, the choice of Sims will only look bad if an O-lineman, selected after Sims, steps in and starts this year.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On the topic of oline…there is one bright side. If bad oline play leads to a few turnovers, at least we know the defense will get the ball back many times.

    I might just turn out that the oline only needs a little time to develop and gel.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There could be a silver lining here……I repeat “could”…..perhaps this opens a roster spot for someone who performs very well & helps the team…..maybe it’s Demps…..mabie Lane….maybe an unrelated position like WR or CB….
    Next man up!!!

  30. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Joe – up until recently, I’ve read the parts of your articles where you write about fans throwing remotes through TVs, abusing bartenders or kicking pets in anger. I rolled my eyes and thought you were being over the top, if not ridiculous. After this preseason, I think you might have your thumb on the pulse of your fan base much better than I gave you credit for.

  31. Joe Says:

    @Joe – up until recently, I’ve read the parts of your articles where you write about fans throwing remotes through TVs, abusing bartenders or kicking pets in anger. I rolled my eyes and thought you were being over the top, if not ridiculous. After this preseason, I think you might have your thumb on the pulse of your fan base much better than I gave you credit for.


  32. Joe Says:

    .maybe it’s Demps…..mabie Lane.

    True, but that doesn’t mean Demps’ dropsies suddenly vanish as a result… or if Tedford changes his offense to highlight a fullback.

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    What kind of surgery?

  34. TBFAN813 Says:

    Unless Sims turns out to be a stud player it was a mistake to not draft an O-lineman higher in draft. Lovie Smith has a reputation of not recognizing the importance of having quality offensive linemen going back to his Chicago days. Smith not addressing the OG problem in the off-season may come back to bite him if the issue is not resolved soon.

  35. Joe Says:

    What kind of surgery?

    Unclear. You can probably thank HIPAA.

  36. T-DUB Says:

    one word: preseason.

    lets worry when its game 4 and we’re 0-3.

    Bring on Practice Saturday night.

    “tonight raymond james increases their prices for the Bucs Second Stadium PRACTICE, but you can come out and see them play against some one of different logos and colors…”

  37. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    @ Joe – How are Rainey & James catching the ball in training camp?

  38. 77 bassman Says:

    In the immortal words of florida evans “DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!”

  39. Joe Says:

    How are Rainey & James catching the ball in training camp?

    Rainey OK. James, not sure if he had many chances to catch the ball. Sims will be missed. He was easily the most NFL-ready of the rookies. Good chunk of offense was being built around him. Also, he could like up at slot. This is not a trivial injury to a rookie.

    Remember, an ankle is one of his wheels. Not trying to be an alarmist, but you don’t mess with a running back’s wheels.

  40. Brandon Says:

    Mike White Says:
    August 15th, 2014 at 3:20 pm
    That’s God’s way of telling us we should have drafted a guard. Damn.

    God is not a flipping Bucs fan. OBVIOUSLY. And who’s to say we draft a guard and he doesn’t tear his ACL on the first day of camp? An injured player can’t help his team no matter what position he plays.

  41. Patrick in VA Says:

    @brandon – god is a Bucs fan my friend. Being a Buc fan now is analogous to the trials of Job. I like to think of lovie as our Moses come to lead us from persecution

  42. Jason Says:


    Hahaha! Man, you went WAY back for that reference! Took me a second to remember it, nice one!

  43. BoJim Says:

    Well that sucks azz. Was looking for him to contribute this year. I don’t think we wasted a pick on him. Most people came around and thought he was a good addition. Now everybody’s saying we wasted a pick. smh


    @77 bassman, CLASSIC !!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  45. OAR Says:

    Roses are gray. Violets are gray…..$h!t I’m a dog!

  46. Bobby Says:

    Sure it was a mistake to draft Sims because we all know that 3rd round offensive linemen come in and light it on fire their rookie year…..yeah…sure they do….

  47. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Patrick in VA & Brandon

    The last time I spoke to GOD…..he told me he was a fan of everyone!!!

  48. 77 bassman Says:

    @ jason @ bucs legend lol that’s all i could think of.
    It sucks i hope sims gets back soon GO BUCS

  49. Jim Says:

    Should have never picked Simms. He is 23 and will be 24 in September. No wonder why he looked decent in college, he was a man playing against kids. Running backs are prone to injuries. He most likely will be done this season and will be Twenty Five next year. At best he will be around for 3 or 4 years.
    The Bucs could have had a guard that could have helped the team for ten years I went nuts when the pick was made. Wasted pick!!!

  50. Mitch Says:

    It happens. Hope he recovers well & comes back strong.

  51. BirdDoggers Says:

    At least there is a silver lining with decent RB depth.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lets lay the blame right where it belongs…..on Darrell Revis…..that’s right….if he would have taken a big pay cut….we would have ended up with a 4th round pick instead of a 3rd…….Sims likely would not have been there…..but with our luck, it would have been Revis that went down with injury!!!

  53. Buc the Haters Says:

    I agree with Joe that this is a huge loss. One of our best weapons & best opportunities for mismatches down the drain for at least half the season… Sucks.

  54. Patrick in VA Says:

    @TBBF – I hate to be the one to break it to you but you weren’t talking to god. That was jon gruden

  55. clafollett Says:

    Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark. I was really hoping to see what this kid was made of. I agree with Joe, he’s going to be sorely missed.

    I’m hoping they decided to keep Lane. That’s a big body to run behind. Martin did well running behind Lorig. I think he may have a good chance running behind Lane considering the state of the OL.

  56. Harry Says:

    Harry (3rd person in honor of Pablo who we haven’t seen lately) had a fit we did not draft a GUARD in the 3rd rd. In fact, I am still pissed about it. BUT, 1) can’t blame Lovie for Sims getting hurt, and 2) the OL might forever be a weakness in Lovie’s master plan to build a SB quality team, but hopefully he will make up for it in other ways.

  57. Andrew 1 Says:

    Mike James must be dancing the jig right about now. 24 hours ago it didn’t look good for him to even make the team, now he’s a lock for sure.

  58. jdogg99 Says:

    wow u guess call urselfs Bucs fans all I c is bitching its the Bucs we will still go 10-6 GMC is not scared of r oline y r we

  59. buc4lyfe Says:

    Earn your money Tedford live up to the guru title you were given and work with what you got and don’t bring the rookie back until he’s 110% healthy

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    Depending on the surgery, it may be better for Sims to not play this year for full rehab.

  61. Jon Says:

    @ Patrick. Please stop hiding behind the name and admit you’re a Glazer!!! Look, watch tomorrow night when Collins gets abused and Johnson goes sack less tell yourself again “it’s just the preseason”. Besides the easier decisions in 1st and 2nd round pick, please let me know what FA/draft pick that wasn’t a prior buc you are excited about. That’s all, just using my eyes and not my heart. I think, and this is scary, the buc realist may be right, season over????!!!

  62. Chris Says:

    Who cares? The guy was slow and lacked any real ability. He was a 6th round type of talent that this front office wasted a premium pick on.

  63. Bobby Says:

    @Chris says “Who cares? The guy was slow and lacked any real ability. He was a 6th round type of talent that this front office wasted a premium pick on.”

    Joe, if you ever start a ‘Hall of Shame’ for stupid quotes on JBF…please include this one.

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