Alterraun Verner: Cornerback, Film Critic

August 20th, 2014

roger ebertWant to know aboutrecent movies like “Godzilla” or “America?” Or how about which is better, “The Godfather” or “Goodfellas?” Bucs cornerback Alterraun Verner might be able to help you out.

Since Verner has been sidelineed virtually since the start of training camp with a nasty hamstring, he explained to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club yesterday that he wasn’t just standing on the sidelines fashioning a floppy hat. He was watching so much film while his teammates were working out that he felt like he was turning into an NFL version of Roger Ebert.

“Really just watching film and talking with the coaches and things like that,” Verner said. “Because the only people that are really good at what we’re doing is the coaches because they’re part of this system, they’ve been in this system. A lot of us other than Major Wright haven’t really been in this system. So just watching film and talking to them and just picking their brains on what they expect in this type of situation. So that’s why I watch a lot of Bears film just to see how teams are tackling and things like that. So it’s mostly just film work and mental reps.”

Fans would be wise to keep an eye on Verner, a prize of the free agency period for Bucs coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht. Hamstrings are weird things, and if Verner’s hamstring has been so bad that he still doesn’t know if he can take the field in the third preseason game, Joe thinks it’s reasonable to believe this issue could dog Verner all season.

The Bucs got Mike Jenkins for, at worst, depth. He, too, has taken no preseason snaps and has rarely seen a practice field. So there’s really no point in banking on Jenkins to back up Verner.

Guess Bucs fans better hope Rashaan Melvin (again, another injured corner) gets out of that boot of his and gets healthy fast, a prolonged problem for the second-year man from Northern Illinois.

Between Verner, Jenkins and Melvin, that trio could start a movie review syndication. Three thumbs up?

12 Responses to “Alterraun Verner: Cornerback, Film Critic”

  1. phil Says:

    At least we have Banks.

  2. deminion Says:

    One of my fav movies Casino

  3. teacherman777 Says:

    and leonard johnson! lol

    at least leonard johnson LOVES to tackle

  4. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Would it not be ironic if Lovie’s top free agent signings went the way of Mark Dominic’s free agent players.

  5. Jim Walker Says:

    They could be holding him just in case. I don’t want or need to see GMC next game.

  6. robert9 Says:

    we’re just lucky the panthers supposedly have no passing game. for now.

    that should be a defensive slugfest provided we have 2 decent healthy CB’s

  7. Waterboy Says:

    I agree with Jim Walker, I don’t even want to see GMc on the field for another 2 weeks.

  8. Zam Says:

    i like Verner, i have high hopes

  9. AaronDowning Says:

    I just want to see GMC on the field Saturday so I can see the entire defense (pretty much) work as a unit and see what they can do, given Verner plays.

  10. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    It would be good to have the D-line play without McCoy to see what they are made of…and to test McCoy’s back up with the ones…

  11. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    My Money’s been on Johnathan Banks from the moment he shut down Calvin Johnson last year as a rookie with Reevis on the sideline….Jenkins should NEVER have been put above Banks in the depth chart on that fact alone.

  12. BoJim Says:

    BUC4LIFE79 Said:

    “My Money’s been on Johnathan Banks from the moment he shut down Calvin Johnson last year as a rookie with Reevis on the sideline”.”

    Too bad he can’t cover both corners. 🙁