“Around 80 Percent” Of The Playbook Is In

June 7th, 2014

McCownGlennonTalk to Bucs starting quarterback Josh McCown and he’s bound to share how urgent it is for the 2014 Bucs to hit the ground running like a polished offense that’s been together a long time.

Easing in to a new offensive line, a quarterback with new targets, and an offensive coordinator that has never called an NFL snap, is not OK with McCown.

McCown, as well as his offensive coaches, has everything in overdrive.

On Tuesday, quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo told Jenna Laine, of SportsTalkFlorida.com, that the Bucs don’t expect to be installing many new plays and looks when training camp kicks off.

Arroyo was asked how much of Jeff Tedford’s mysterious playbook is installed.

“We’d all like to believe you’re upwards around 80 percent,” Arroyo said, “that way we can create all the game situations. You know you’ve talked through everything. You’ve got stuff on tape. There might be some subtle nuances that you go into camp later on after the summer break to install, but outside of that, most of it’s in.”

Of course, Joe knows teams add play during the season and things change based on personnel and constant player evaluation, but Joe suspects there will be no loss of urgency.

McCown knows his job is on the line. Lovie Smith could have a quick hook. And the Bucs have a couple of nasty defenses awaiting them in Weeks 1 and 2. Facing Carolina and the Rams with a sketchy offense is dangerous territory.

You can enjoy the SportsTalkFlorida interview of Arroyo below.

21 Responses to ““Around 80 Percent” Of The Playbook Is In”

  1. Hawk Says:

    I doubt that Lovie is quick with the ‘hook’ for several reasons.
    #1. Almost everyone, on the offensive side, is new, or hasn’t played in almost a year (Martin). That means, they are not used to playing ‘together’, and that is a big deal on offense.
    #2. Both, the Rams and Panthers have very aggressive D-lines. Add that to #1 and you have room for concern.
    #3. New coaching staff means new expectations and goals. As much as Lovie/Licht like to say they are planning to “win now”, only a fool ‘expects’ that to happen.
    #4. McCown is here, among other reasons, to teach/mentor Glennon. That’s not as easy if he is ‘pulled’ from the starting position. Unless injured, I don’t see Glennon starting before the bye week. In blow-outs, Glennon will get opportunities to play, but I hope that the Bucs are playing well enough, that his opportunity to start doesn’t come until next year.

  2. Architek Says:

    The organization and staff just seems better organized and more professional as a whole. Everything from the interviews and the media interaction is better – yet not too revealing.

    I really like Tedford and Arroyo as the leaders of the offense and the cerebral but simple approach their bringing.

    Basically from what I understand they are asking the WRs to run their routes and be at their spot versus reading and reacting to the coverage which takes longer to master and offers more opportunity to have miscommunication issues.

    I know we will have growing pains but I suspect this will be a great long term investment for the Glazers.

  3. SAMCRO Says:

    Yeah, I’m not worried about St. Louis. It’s not like Bradford has lit the world on fire, and I predict this will be the game M.Sam goes on I.R. with a broken fingernail. No way we lose that game, especially when D. Brooks gets his jersey retired, and we get a great bobblehead to commemorate his achievements. If we win one game this year, it has to be that one. :)

  4. That Guy Says:

    Meanwhile, back in Texas, Johnny Football is getting wasted on an inflatable swan at the X-Games.

  5. Buc the Haters Says:

    @ Hawk

    I agree with all of your points except that only a fool would expect us to start winning immediately. Gil Brandt thinks we will make the playoffs this & he’s one of the most knowledgeable football minds in the country. And I agree with him. I think the Bucs will finish the regular season 12-4 & make a deep playoff run.

  6. Off Topic Says:

    If you look on the back of Glennon’s jersey you’ll be able to see,
    that the way the number is stylized, inside the eight,
    if you take away the the top and bottom trapezoids,
    it resembles an H.
    I’d like to think the H is symbolic for “Hero.”

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    “Lovie Smith could have a quick hook.”

    Highly improbable.

    Don’t expect Lovie to start off on the wrong foot with his new job by playing “QB Carousel”.

  8. RastaMon Says:

    I made it out of HS with around 80%

  9. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    80% in the beginning of June is looking good. September will be at 100%
    Right on track! Go Bucs!

  10. Hawk Says:

    I respect Gil Brandts’ ‘knowledge’, but I bet that even he would admit that ‘guessing’, at this time of year is a crap-shoot, at best.
    Last year he predicted the NFC division winners would be, Cowboys (Eagles), Lions (Packers), Falcons (Panthers), and 49ers (Seahawks).
    I’d just as soon him ‘guess’ that the Bucs will finish last.

  11. Buc the Haters Says:

    @ Hawk

    Fair enough. Good point… Not to toot my own horn or anything, but prior to the 2010 season I made a bet with Ian Beckles that the Bucs would go 11-5… Of course, I was wrong, but nobody else saw that 10-6 coming… Well, I have made any specific predictions since then and I’m predicting 12-4. So obviously we’re going at least 11-5 lol

  12. Buc the Haters Says:

    Typo *haven’t made any specific predictions since 2010

  13. Hawk Says:

    I’d be glad to take your 11-5. :^)
    Personally, I’d be happy with 8-8 in Lovies’ first season, considering all the changes in players/coaches.

  14. Swaggy64 Says:

    When Lovie’s starting QB was Rex Grossman he stuck with him for a long time despite many horrendous multi-interception games. If Lovie has a quick hook this year it would mean a philosophical change from the past. Maybe a lesson learned?

  15. Miguel Grande Says:

    My early season prediction was 0-16 last year but the Little General let me down.

    I’m liking Lovie but 12-4 is delirious.

  16. Bob Says:

    No way Lovie is on a quick hook.

  17. Samcro=Moron Says:


    Why because Michael Sam is gay? Dude grow up it’s 2014. I bet you never played a competitive sport in your entire life. You are probably some old @$$ dude who can’t get with the times. There defense alone is a reason to be scared of that team. Man this site was so much better when you were banned. You literally don’t know a damn thing about football and must comment on every article. Ignorance at it’s finest. By the way this is coming from a 28 year married STRAIGHT MAN.

    You’re a do uchebag

  18. fritz50 Says:

    “In blow-outs, Glennon will get opportunities to play, but I hope that the Bucs are playing well enough, that his opportunity to start doesn’t come until next year.”

    So, what you’re thinking is that the if the Bucs are in a blowout, it’ll only be in a loss, right ? I’m thinking that the stars might align, and we might see a blowout WIN, or two….it could happen !!!

  19. DallasBuc Says:

    Samcro=moron- well said sir!

  20. Hawk Says:

    @ fritz50 Says:

    “In blow-outs, Glennon will get opportunities to play, but I hope that the Bucs are playing well enough, that his opportunity to start doesn’t come until next year.”

    So, what you’re thinking is that the if the Bucs are in a blowout, it’ll only be in a loss, right ? I’m thinking that the stars might align, and we might see a blowout WIN, or two….it could happen !!!

    After re-reading, you are right, that my inference seems to be that it will be the Bucs getting blown out. That is not what I meant to say, but, is it possible that with all new coaches and almost all new players, that some early games will be hard to watch? Yes. But, as you say, ” the stars might align” at some point and Glennon will get to do mop-up duty.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  21. Bill Byrne Says:

    To think Lovie Smith “could have a quick hook” is as valid of an opinion as “Johnny Football” coming to the BUCS as pick #7. The Falcons and Panthers have fallen off in talent and the Saints have stayed balanced. If the BUCS stay healthy, they have a real good chance to make the playoffs. Depth on the offence line still has to be addressed and there is time to take care of this need.

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