Mike Evans Catching On Quickly

May 17th, 2014

mike evans 0517

Yes, Bucs fans are still buzzing over the catch by Mike Evans yesterday. It was an impressive move by the No. 7 draft pick from Texas A&M.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith was impressed as well, but more so with other things Evans is doing.

Especially how quickly Evans is adjusting to life in the NFL.

“Very quickly,” Lovie said. “Mike, of course, he has great hands and the physical ability, you can see that, but it does take a lot for a rookie to come in and we’re not there. We’re not game ready by any means right now, but we like the progress we’ve seen from Day 1.”

Evans has been working and impressing with the veterans during his first few days as a pro. So a Grant Hill-like tomahawk dunk of a catch isn’t swaying Lovie. He’s seen that and more the past few days.

“It’s good to see him up close going against a 5-10 defensive back,” Lovie said. “We have some big tall men out there making plays. He has excellent hands, you saw that in college. We haven’t been surprised about an awful lot, you take a player that high in the draft you expect to see some spectacular plays from them.”

As Joe wrote yesterday, if Evans continues to make catches like he did yesterday, and certainly Vincent Jackson’s size allows him to work over smaller defensive backs, Bucs fans should get very good value for the price of their tickets this fall.

10 Responses to “Mike Evans Catching On Quickly”

  1. pablo Says:

    How will Vincent Jackson feel when Mike Evans takes his #1 spot next year?

  2. Luther Says:

    If they both start, what difference does it make to Vincent Jackson? He should be grateful that he doesn’t have all the attention on him so he can get some wide open looks for a change.

  3. rhymenoceros9 Says:

    I feel like there’s gotta be a better comparison than “Grant Hill – like”. But then again I guess you don’t watch too much hoops so it’s OK.

  4. Walter Says:


    He’s a classy guy, so he’ll take it just fine. I’d be willing to bet he’s glad to finally have another weapon next to him.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Jackson knows this is a business. He knows he got his big payday from dominik and when the time comes he will either take a pay cut to stay and be a part of something that could be special or go to another team. Roddy didn’t take it personally in Atlanta. It’s how it goes. If he leaves I’m sure they will have a backup plan. I’ll bet Jackson has a career year this year though!!!

  6. chris43 Says:

    Detroit has Megatron, we now have Optimus Prime.

  7. Orca Says:

    Man, I don’t know. I mean we have the 4th best QB in the division. I just don’t see how he’s going to catch any balls with the 4th best QB in the division. We might as well give up now since we have the 4th best QB in the division. I don’t know why we didn’t draft Johnny Football seeing as we have the 4th best QB in the division. I don’t see how Joe can be enthusiastic about anything when we have the 4th best QB in the division. Joe needs to write more about the 4th best QB in the division and how we can win games with the 4th best QB in the division. Sarcasm, of course.

  8. OB Says:

    Joe if the 4th best QB in the division wins more games than any other QB in the division, is he still the 4th best QB in the division or is he better than that or is he really the 4th best QB but on a better team?

    I believe that Atlanta was the 4th best team in the division last year, what does that make Matty Ice?

  9. Joe Says:

    I feel like there’s gotta be a better comparison than “Grant Hill – like”. But then again I guess you don’t watch too much hoops so it’s OK

    College hoops, yes. Not the nonsense in “the association.”

    Last time “this Joe” watched a full non-basketball association game, Danny Manning played for the Clippers.

  10. Surf Buc Says:

    @Chris. Optimus Prime! Yes!

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