Lovie’s State-Of-Minicamp Address

April 24th, 2014

The leader of Lovieball, veteran head coach Lovie Smith, addressed the media this afternoon to talk about the past three days of practice. You can catch every second of the audio below via WDAE-AM 620.

Lovie talks about all kinds of topics, including his take on the schedule, Da’Quan Bowers,¬†Mike Jenkins¬†and so much more. Grab a cold one and listen.

8 Responses to “Lovie’s State-Of-Minicamp Address”

  1. Mumbles Says:

    Gee, Lovie sure is full of enthusiasm! I really feel good when I listen to him. The players seem to be hyped too. That’s part of the battle, getting everyone to gel. Go Bucs!

  2. Random Sports guy Says:

    Joe Can you you add the Video from buccaneers.com?

  3. GlenninGrad Says:

    Jeff Demps totally comitted. I’m so psyched.

  4. Owlykat Says:

    I listened to an interview with Rainey on the Bucs site and he said the players have been working out on their own off site together and helping each other and he already knows the playbook and how great it is to be here and to have the opportunity to play for Lovie. Here Lovie was excited to see how well the players practiced and how good of shape they are in to handle the up tempo. He was talking casually about an absent player and saying he will get an opportunity to show he can perform as they want him to and that a player with his skill should be able to do it. These players get it. Lovie has high expectations of what he expects from every player and you have to tune in and make sure you do it or you will be replaced by someone who will make that effort. He gives everybody a fair chance but if Lovie had been H.C. over the past few years Lewis and any other underproducer would have been gone in a New York minute. This is real discipline as opposed to Shiano’s toes on the line nonsense. There is going to be good morale in our clubhouse and an urgency to win for Lovie!

  5. Joe Says:

    Joe Can you you add the Video from buccaneers.com?

    No, the NFL does not offer embed codes. They are still in the 20th Century. Hell, even MLB now offers embed codes and that outfit is always stuck in the past. NFL may be the lone sports league that does not offer embed codes with video.

  6. Hawk Says:

    So, Joe, what does the ‘Tedford Offense’ look like? There are those, in here, who were quite sure that the staff would be fools to not get started as soon as possible. So, did they give the big secret away? What’s it look like?

  7. Scoobs Says:

    Confidential info Hawk, if Joe tells you then he has to…

  8. Hawk Says:

    @ Scoobs
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