“Getting Back To My Old Ways”

April 28th, 2014

Enjoy Joe’s next exclusive interview from the Bucs locker room! This time, it’s Adrian Clayborn talking about his past, present and future.

Joe’s very confident Bucs fans will be able to listen between the lines here when it comes to how Clayborn feels about the Greg Schiano approach to defensive line play.

Thanks to the NFL and the Buccaneers. (And please stop emailing Joe about the length of the videos. NFL rules only allow 90 seconds to be shown, and only for 24 hours).

16 Responses to ““Getting Back To My Old Ways””

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    Excited to see what he can do when they allow him to actually do what he’s good at instead of covering TEs & RBs and running circles around the LOS.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaks volumes…..but the proof will be in the pudding!!!
    I think he has the talent, motor and skills to get the job done with the right technique….Hopefully he will work out on the left side.

  3. Kevin Says:

    So what does it mean that they will not exercise the 5th year option with him…that he will be unrestricted next year?

  4. Macabee Says:


    Yes! It means that Clayborn will be a free agent (UFA) in 2015. The 2011 CBA provided that all players drafted in the 1st round are optionally eligible for a 5th year – all meant to give the owner a less expensive way to retain a valuable player for another year at the end of his contract.

    I could go on and explain how the amounts are determined and that they are different for the top ten players drafted from the remainder and how and when the amounts are guaranteed.

    Instead, I’m going to post a link and let you read for yourself. You must promise me that if Joe bans me for the link, you will start your own blog so i will have somewhere to go on boring afternoons. Good luck to both of us! lol


  5. Snook Says:

    AC needs to be our next Greg Spires.

    Joe: What’s the thinking behind the NFL only allowing videos to be 90 seconds and only allowed to be up for 24 hours? Any reason?

  6. Keepdwightgirl Says:


    It means he hasn’t proven he’s worth that salary yet so let’s see if he can before we pay it.

  7. RastaMon Says:

    I have Clayborn’s back !

  8. Solinor Says:

    Man Joe, the man has a girlfriend! Don’t presume everyone is willing to answer that question.. some men are extremely grateful and thankful for their wives/girlfriends and don’t want their relationship scarred by your stupid questions! Good response Clayborne!

  9. BucsQcCity Says:

    I like AC. Think he’ll survive this year.

  10. Pookie Says:

    Joe sounds like Ryan Seacrest!!

  11. Brandon Says:

    Never had much burst, hopefully he can get what little he had back. Wasted pick with the clearly superior, schematically and physically, Cam Jordan still on the board.

  12. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Likeable dude, but it’s always easy to blame poor play on the old boss and guys no longer around. I’ll be rooting for AC, but the fact that he’s a former 1st round Rah+Dom pick means the odds of sticking around are 50/50 at best

  13. GenocideD Says:

    I don’t think AC’s gonna do much from the left side. I think he’s a bust. He hasn’t been a force since he’s been in the league. I will be pulling for him and hoping he can get some penetration from the left side against the right tackles for a change but I think Gholston and Bowers will do better this year.

  14. DallasBuc Says:

    It is debatable that we upgraded the RDE position with Johnson. It is quite possible in Lovie’s defense that Clayborn would have thrived. He is most effective from the right side due to his Erbs Palsy. No he is going to fight for a job on the left side because Johnson refuses to rush from the left. Clayborn is getting setup to fail which is why his option was not exercised. Sucks.

  15. You Go Joe Says:

    Clayborn has that potential…. But sadly we missed it due to coaching and injuries. This season at right side of the line we have bowers. Clayborn. Ghoslston. Maybe he can play starter but it’ll be a rotational style of play, maybe like Seattle. I just don’t see him wanting a part time spot when MJ got his. Then again MJ does have the stats and history that outshines Clayborn.

  16. Max Says:

    Already blaming others…if you were a good player you could excel in any system. Go spend time with your girlfriend you care so much about, chumpborn.

    Another waste of talent from Dom the the TV guy.