New Offense For Tedford’s Old Friend

April 28th, 2014
Lavelle Hawkins hopes to play where he was most successful

Lavelle Hawkins hopes to play where he was most successful

Joe’s familiar with other Bucs analysts who claim they’ve scoured tape of “Cal” during the long reign there of Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford and have a great handle on Tedford’s concepts and ways.

That’s a nice thought, except Tedford is an innovator who was often tweaking his offense. So Joe’s long said Tedford’s NFL offense will be fresh.

How much did Tedford evolve while at Cal? Or devolve, if you ask many Cal fans?

Consider that Bucs wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins, who was a force at Cal during its best years with Marshawn Lynch and Desean Jackson, told Joe last week that the new Bucs offense rang very few bells with him.

“He’s changed. For the most part, it’s all new to me,” Hawkins said of Tedford and the Bucs offense. “There are a few things that are kind of similar, but not much. It’s definitely a learning curve for me as well.

“One thing that hasn’t changed is we’re definitely going to be in shape. Looking at the practice scripts, that hasn’t changed a bit.”

Hawkins, 27, is entering his seventh season and said he’s kept in touch with Tedford since college, most often at Christmas time.

Hawkins believes he can still stretch a defense but said his one big NFL season with the Titans, 47 catches in 2011, saw him working primarily in the slot, where he’s extremely comfortable.

16 Responses to “New Offense For Tedford’s Old Friend”

  1. blind melon Says:

    ^^^^ Like ^^^^^

  2. robert6 Says:

    now all we need is a qb…..PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it a rookie with no experience, my second choice would be an old vet who could not make it as a second stringer.

    this offense might look cute though games 4-6, and may even finish .500 in THAT stretch, but in the end when defenses have some film on them they are gonna get their ass handed too them.

    my prediction is a lot better than last year, mostly based on the Defense. the offense on the other hand is a just piece mealed together. the only glue there is VJ and he is slipping fast. I don’t discount Martin, but he was hurt and did not do much last year when healthy. I hope I am wrong, but I foresee them starting with Mcwhatshisname through the 1st 4-7 stretch, from there the offense will be figured out and we will opt for the rookie QB. At this point JBF will explode all over himself, not unlike his Rachel Watson fantasies, and the offense will turn to a RGIII type where people don’t know who the f$%k is doing what and the rookie QB either gets knocked out or his GF stops wearing heels to help his fledgling ego. at this point the will be wondering if why the hell the traded Glennon, who will be starting for another team and in the playoff hunt. That leaves us with next year and no decent QB options, VJ is done as a #1, and we are drafting mid pack. I just hope to GOD JM does not have a brother where we have to hear about how much pull he gets.

    that’s my prediction anyways.

  3. Bucsfanamongstthebirds Says:

    I’m really hoping hawkins and murphy pan out…sometimes you just need a change of scenery

  4. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Tedford and Chip Kelly have huge playbooks!! The chances of them throwing away a playbook hundreds and hundreds of plays thick, Zero. Do you really think he spent his first few months writing brand new plays?

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’m excited. Perhaps we can surprise a few teams with this new-fangled offense that nobody knows about.

  6. Phillip Says:

    Look whose back for like a week or two till they are done with this site again lol

    If you are this negative about the Bucs I can only imagine you if something big actually goes wrong at work or home… I’ve stated many times I don’t think the Bucs make the playoffs and we are looking at 6-8 wins this year but I am actually excited for whoever we draft(Bortles Manziel Carr) for the future and to see if McCown can keep his momentum going from last season…

    BTW I don’t hear of any teams that need a QB(Texans Raiders Titans Vikings Browns Jaguars) blowing up the Bucs for Mike Glennon which must say something as well since you and the MGM think he had a great season because of his rookie TD record in consecutive games or whatever it was and his marvelous QB rating(instead of the better Total QBR) along with his 19 TD 9 INT ratio

    With all that said if he is still here to start the season(I highly doubt it) then he deserves an opportunity to start.. If he truly was competitive though he would have set up the players only scrimmages not McCown

  7. robert6 Says:

    mcwhatshisname setting up player only scrimmage. how’d that work out for MW and jfro 6 pack Jackson?

  8. Couch Fan Says:


    Yes. If the guy is an innovator he shouldnt have an issue coming up with new plays that nobody will be expecting. I think this plan was created over a year ago. Tedfords offense will be fresh so even if you study his old stuff nobody will know whats coming. Only question I have is will we have enough talent on that side of the ball to execute his offense.

  9. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I am a little concerned about not showing anything in the preseason games and then all of a sudden breaking it out in the first regular season game. This philosophy has burned us in years’ past.

  10. Kevin Says:

    A good offense is an offense that keeps the defense honest and guessing. Tedfords offense with our backs and Vjax and Evans on the outside equals points on the boards. With a top 5 defense hopefully and a decent QB which we have we should be good.

  11. Phillip Says:

    One comeback and ignore everything else though huh?

    Can’t wait to see that next comment saying you are gone for good again… Always a good laugh 🙂

    So you are comparing the lockout season where you couldn’t have contact with coaches (the ENTIRE team quit on the coach that same season btw) or be at OBP to this offseason where we just have new coaches… No wonder why you support Glennon so much lol…

  12. robert6 Says:

    actually you just weren’t worth the effort.

  13. Buc the Haters Says:

    Robert6, your prediction is stupid & your opinion, worthless. That is all.

  14. buc'd Up Says:

    @ Robert6

    I know a true, life long Bucs fan when I see one. That type of thinking is a learned behavior, much like an abused animal after years of mistreatment. I too can’t sleep at night for thinking of how many ways the team can trip on their own d%@#ks and throw away another year of my life. But hey,what else am I gonna do. Great rant.

  15. owlykat Says:

    The Bucs can draft the LSU Guard in the 5th round without any other additional offensive players and can field a top ten Offense, and paired with a top five Defense and a very special special teams, they will be the new Kansas City. Cheer up Buc Fans! And the experts at PR have never seen better QB play at this point in the year than they saw from Josh who lit it up at the minicamp! Now that is REAL. Glennon is going to be a starting NFL QB–that is FANTASY! The Defense is going to come around too once they draft a MLB who can stop the run but cover passes deep down the seam, move Foster to SLB, and draft a DT from Syracuse with just one sack less than Donald–Jay Bromley, and we will have a Top Five Defense once again. The front Defensive Line of Gholston, McCoy, McDonald, and Johnson will strike fear in our Division Foes. But we still have to use our opportunity and get a top QB in the first round of the draft to establish a Buc’s Dynasty. If we were to take Watkins instead he would be the fifth fastest wide receiver on our roster. We are stocked!

  16. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol It’s been a while since I heard the “JFro 6 pack Jackson” nick. still cracks me up