Browns Hunting Revis Deal

March 11th, 2014

Revis is way too smart for this

With the fourth pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select …

Would trading Darrelle Revis to the Browns to move up from No. 7 to No. 4 in the draft be enough to score the Bucs a talent-laden quarterback?

NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, proud employee of the NFL, is reporting the Cleveland Browns and their massive salary cap room are hot in the pants for Darrelle Revis.

What the Browns might offer the Bucs has not been speculated, but a neat and tidy offer from the Browns would be to swap first-round draft picks. They give the Bucs their No.  4 slot, and the Bucs hand over the No. 7 pick and Revis.

That trade would still bring a little vomit to Joe’s palate. The Bucs would not be a better team without Revis, However, the Bucs would have a brighter future without Revis if Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Football fell to them at No. 4. The No. 4 pick might be good enough.

Joe hears all the talk about potential trade partners like the Browns expecting Revis to restructure his contract. Joe can’t figure exactly why Revis would do such a thing. Worst case for Revis, he becomes a free agent and he picks from the several teams that will throw $40 million guaranteed at him. Right now, Revis has ZERO guaranteed income.

36 Responses to “Browns Hunting Revis Deal”

  1. snook Says:

    We’d probably get their other 1st rounder instead.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    swap picks, and hopefully they throw in there 3rd round pick. And then the Bucs that elite pass rusher!

    Fix this Mess Lovie, and Be a Legend!!!

    Its a Great Day in Tampa Bay!!!!!
    Go Bucs!!!!

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    I doubt we get any 1st round pick. I think 2nd or 3rd is more likely. At this point, I think any pick higher than the 4th were losing is acceptable.

  4. John Says:

    We need more than just moving up a few picks. If we can’t trade him then keep him. If he has another good year we can use him as trade bait for Jamis Winston. Way better than Johnny football.

  5. Bucoholic Says:

    No, I wouldn’t trade up but I would take the 1st round pick the Browns received from Indy and a 4th round pick and move on. This is a deep draft and we can move up or down as we choose with the additional picks.

  6. Rufus DaKatz Says:

    Your link about keeping Darrel Revis story is missing.

  7. Pete I Says:

    Why would the Browns be willing to swap the #4 pick to the #7? won’t they want to give up the 26th pick instead?

    Tampa would be crazy not to take the 26th pick for Revis if they truly plan to cut him. Hell take darn near any pick you can get if your planning to cut him anyway?

    For Cleveland to get Revis and keep the #4 pick would be a win win for them, of course it is Cleveland so something will go wrong.

  8. ander Says:

    if browns do that deal they are stupid. makes no sense for them

  9. pablo Says:

    Joe are you bored? Why are you making all the Revis Trade posts’ ??? The bucs have the Revis jersey for say in the NFL Shop so that means he is here to stay

  10. delson Says:

    What?! Trade Revis only to swap 3 spots? Tell me who wouldn’t take that trade. Revis n Haden though haha!! Can’t wait to see it

  11. Buc Neckid Says:

    Revis and Bucs 1st round (7th) for
    Cleveland’s 1st round, 4th and 26th
    Bucs get $16 Million of cap space
    and the Bucs get their 3rd rounder back from the Jets
    and Jets get the Bucs 4th round pick

  12. Max Says:

    Give us Alex Mack and a 3rd rounder.

  13. Buc Neckid Says:

    * Cleveland has two first round picks
    4th and 26th picks overall

  14. BFFL Says:

    Cleveland would have to give a #2 as well for this to even begin to make sense for me.

  15. BirdDoggers Says:

    The 7th pick and Revis? No thanks. The 7th pick with Revis still playing for the Bucs is more valuable. A QB still might drop to the 7th spot. Unfortunately the damage is already done. The Bucs clearly don’t have Revis in their plans (mind boggling), so he wouldn’t be a happy camper, even if they somehow retained him at this point.

  16. MARQUES Says:

    You’re welcome Joe .

  17. Buc Neckid Says:

    The best thing about all this Revis Trade Chatter is that it is Revis Trade Chatter
    Earlier today the Chatter was about dumping Revis for Nothing
    Maybe the Eagles and Patriots will want to play ball now too and make a deal sweeter

  18. Buc Neckid Says:

    Thing to remember is that all of this does not come to pass and Revis is still a Buc next year
    i doubt he holds a grudge with another $16 Million in his pocket AGAIN
    NFL is a Business and Revis is Getting PAID

  19. Rob Says:

    Swap picks? Revis was worth #13 and a 3rd rounder last year with a bum knee. He should be worth the #4 straight up this year now that he doesn’t have health concerns.

  20. Buc Neckid Says:

    And here come the Raiders into the Mix…

  21. Mord Says:

    The documentary photograph Joe included with this story is absolutely perfect.

    Swap 1sts + throw in a 3rd ..

    Hm … ok.

  22. BucFan Says:

    Joe…. The Browns would need to give the Bucs their No. 4…no swapping. Deal or No Deal. lol

  23. Joe Says:

    Joe…. The Browns would need to give the Bucs their No. 4…no swapping. Deal or No Deal. lol

    Joe wouldn’t even dream of getting rid of Revis short of a Mike Ditka-like eight-draft picks trade.

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    Cleveland is a really dumb franchise, that said they did turn Trent Richardson into a 1st round pick so maybe they’re wising up. And if they are even slightly wiser there isn’t a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick in play right now.

  25. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Second and Third round is more than acceptable For Revis.

    Fix this Mess Lovie, and Be a Legend!!!

    Its a Great Day in Tampa Bay!!!!!
    Go Bucs!!!!

  26. Sqeeky Says:

    Joe;Where are you going to rehab when the Bucs don’t take a QB in the first round?

  27. BucsRokk26 Says:

    No to a swap 7 to 4 and Revis. moving up 3 spots and losing Revis is still bad IMO. We have to keep our 7 and get their 4 or at worst their 26th. I say Revis should command a swap of our 7th to their 4th and their 26th personally. Or a second rounder and Alex Mack would be good too.

    Revis is an elite, top 3 defender in the NFL, unless you get a top 15 pick you keep him, at least for another year. If he has another pro bowl season you can trade him next year and would have gotten 2 pro bowl years out of him and get draft picks back

  28. finishers Says:

    it’s better than getting nothing!

  29. bucs4lyfe Says:

    i was angry about the revis release when the news first broke but this dude is about his money, if you cant restructure your contract so the team you play for gets better then kick rocks and yes you are one of the best corners in the nfl but with all the holdouts and money youve made in the league, if your not about winning championships by now and with the team you play for watch and see how replaceable you are, hope you trip over a tricycle and tear your mcl

  30. Ryan Oster Says:

    Correct Zero Guaranteed money.. Which is more of an incentive for a team to acquire via a trade then as a FA where he will demand guaranteed $$$.

  31. UnderDog Lefty Says:

    NFLs draft value chart says the Bucs no. 7 pick is worth 1,500 points. The Browns’ no. 4 pick is worth 1,800 points. If the Bucs were to only swap first round picks w/ the Browns then Cleveland would still have too great of value at 1,500 pts. since the 300 point difference means they in essence traded away the equivelant of the 28th pick in the 2nd round (the 60th pick overall) to get Revis and the swapped pick.

    Initially it doesn’t seem like a good deal for the Bucs, but if they can shed his $16M contract AND move up to get who they believe is their franchise QB, then I’m all in! Just Do It Lovie, Go Bucs!

  32. BoJim Says:

    Only if they move up. Otherwise keep him for another year.

  33. pick6 Says:

    however this turns out, i can’t imagine his $1.5 million bonus will be the absolute deadline on trying to get value for revis. i would think they’d be much happier recouping $14.5 mil or $13 mil and standing firm in trade talks than they would be just cutting the guy outright and giving up on potential trades for an extra $3 mil

  34. Tut Says:

    For me…
    Tampa gets picks #4 and #26
    Browns get Revis and #7

    Tampa drafts Mack and Carr

  35. scott Says:

    Sounds like perfect scenario to me, Tut.

  36. NY Buc Says:

    Well at least I wouldn’t be starting the Fire Lovie campaign in 2014 if that scenario played out (swapping #7 and Revis for #4). However I would be hoping Clowney was still there and on the Bucs draft board instead of any of the QB’s…but different strokes.