“It’s Turning Too Soft”

February 2nd, 2014

Solid interview here from the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay safety Dashon Goldson and Will Brinson, of CBSSports.com. “The Hawk” lobbies for in-game replay to review alleged dangerous, personal-foul-drawing and expensive hits, and he touches on the Bucs and predicts today’s big game.

9 Responses to ““It’s Turning Too Soft””

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Good Interview. He is either baked or has way too much cool for any single person.

    That’s the way Goldson is. Same guy after practice in the locker room. –Joe

  2. ander Says:

    he is definetly right about the instant replay for those big hits, however i doubt goddell is going to do that due to the fact that it will slow the game down

  3. bucemup Says:

    Goldson is a bum. How many illigal hitz before we can release him for free. Conduct detrimental to the team. Ammad Black is better heck half the backup FS are better than him. He got a huge contract….then came in and lead to coo against his head coach upon arrival. Classless thug

  4. bucemup Says:

    I’ve never hated a Buccaneer more than I hate Goldson. I coach and if my player makes countless stupid peneltys. He’s riding pine. Hard ash Schiano went soft by not benching this guy. He probably knew Goldson would go off to the media. Dom giving him that huge contract. Ment we were stuck with him for at least 3 years. Schiano knew that he was tied to him. These uncuttable player’s have a lot of power.

  5. KennyV Says:


  6. buccanAy Says:

    Wow…never seen ”fans” hate on its own as much as this. You’ve definitely carved out your own niche in the market, as a place to come spew hatred about former and current players. Pathetic!

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    bucemup False

  8. leatherballs Says:

    hate on, losers.

  9. Bobbuc55 Says:

    Bucemup I would like to say for all people who have coached in there life please sit down before you hurt yourself. Your take for one sounds like someone who either coaches the tbyfl or jv team at high school. Second the personal fouls are not consider by nflpa and league officials to be conduct deterimental to the team sorry for damn luck. Your concept on what a thug is off base and naive. It also shows that anyone can pick up a quote or two from the four letter network. Goldston is a classy and charitable guy something that a mouth breather like you will never be. You lose good day sir