Michael Vick And The Bucs

February 2nd, 2014
michael vick

Bucs targeting Michael Vick?

It’s no secret Joe twists in bed at night (no, sadly, not with Rachel Watson) worrying over the Bucs’ quarterback situation. There’s no way Joe can look at the position and rest easily.

It’s quite simple. If you have the worst quarterback in your division, getting to the playoffs is a steep uphill climb. Joe really likes Mike Glennon. Good guy. Works hard from what Joe hears. Solid dude. But he showed Joe little that he could usurp the likes of Drew Brees, Matty Ice and Cam Newton.

Of course, Joe has been pounding his empty beer bottles on the bar, hollering at bartenders for the Bucs to draft Johnny Football (and for another cold one). But some believe a free agent quarterback will take care of the quarterback issues for the Bucs. Count Adam Schefter among this group.

@AdamSchefter: Two teams likely to have some level of interest in Eagles free-agent-to-be QB Michael Vick: Buccaneers and Jets.

So the Bucs are competing with the back-page loving Jets for Vick, really? Is this what the Bucs’ quarterback situation is boiling down to?

Joe just can’t understand why not make a bold move, trade up, and get the most exciting quarterback to come out of college since Roger Staubach. You talk about energizing a fanbase!

90 Responses to “Michael Vick And The Bucs”

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Oh Hell No

  2. Eric Says:

    Get johnny Football!

  3. cap Says:

    Joe. There’s not a chance in heck that a) Johnny Football will drop to the 7th pick or b) The Bucs will trade up to the 2nd pick and draft Johnny Football. So realistally who are your second, third, and fourth choice at QB in the draft?

  4. ander Says:

    i like the move i think with vick you got a thats hungry to prove something, and you are giving mike glennon serious competition, i say why not go for it and draft defense in the first round

  5. ander Says:

    or go with watkins in the first round

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    Geez! Only Joe can turn an article about Michael Vick into a begging of the Bucs to take his man crush Johnny Lush!

  7. Rob Says:

    Even setting aside that I loathe the guy, no matter how hard I try I don’t see how an aging, slowing, injury prone Mike Vick is an upgrade over Mike Glennon.

  8. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Where was all this 4th worst QB in the division talk when Freebow lead the bucs? Because he was the 4th worst. And whoever we bring in will be 4th worst (mike vick, johnny football, derek carr, kirk cousins).

  9. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Vick would be a terrible backup for Glennon!

  10. Rob Says:

    “Where was all this 4th worst QB in the division talk when Freebow lead the bucs? Because he was the 4th worst. And whoever we bring in will be 4th worst (mike vick, johnny football, derek carr, kirk cousins).”

    Yep, the only way you’re going to get past having the 4th worst QB in the division is to draft a top-5 blue-chip QB or wait for Brees to retire.

  11. Eric Says:

    Draft johnny football and within 3 seasons u will have the best QB in the NFC South.

    And probably better than Newton in year one.

  12. Trey Says:

    One of my greatest joys as a Bucs fan was watching our defense crush Vic. I would be deeply disappointed if we signed him.

    He has proven he is too fragile to make it through a season. I also have not gotten past his dog fighting ring. The man is scum and I am not sure I would watch the games with him under center.

  13. Supercereal Says:

    If Vick is wearing a bucs jersey I am done. Waste of human flesh.

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    If the Bucs get Michael Vick I will boycott the team for every season he is here. That is the line I drew in the sand a long time ago.

  15. Lou. Says:

    Think of all the fans who sweated about trading up to get Vick.

    Who is a “never was”.

  16. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    cap Says
    “Joe. There’s not a chance in heck that a) Johnny Football will drop to the 7th pick…”

    Don’t be so sure. Only two teams are sure thing for a QB. The otehrs could sway toward other players.

  17. scott hunter Says:

    id take vick over gleenon……at least then i would be excited to watch……and hey i love dogs

  18. scott hunter Says:

    id take vick over gleenon……at least then i would be excited to watch……and hey i love dogs

  19. Meh Says:

    Bridgewater would energize me. Manziel would not.

  20. Drew Says:

    I’ll stick with Glennon.

  21. Wally Says:

    I have a T shirt that reads “Hide your beagle, Vicks an Eagle.”

  22. bee Says:

    I mentioned this a couple weeks ago, I think the Bucs should do it. And they should move up to draft a qb as well to provide maximum competition. Vick could start and have Bridgewater/Manzeil and Glennon back him up. Since Vick will probably only play half the season anyway you can bring the new rookie along slowly and have Glennon there holding a clipboard. Do it!

  23. Mark Says:

    Johnny pigskin is a Namath wanna be. He will try to out party Broadway Joe. We just got rid of a partying QB so why do you want another one Joe? He’s a punk. We had Talib, Dexter, the disk jocky; enough already.

  24. Trox Says:

    I don’t even if Vick is signed, this doesn’t diminish the odds of the team drafting a QB early. I just think we may be getting a glimpse of what the Tedford offense may resemble. His offense may resemble something closer to Chip Kelly’s offense in Philly rather then Greg Schiano’s. Would this be a bad thing?

  25. bucrightoff Says:

    “Quarterback issue”??? Lol thats pretty hilarious. Didn’t know 18TDs and 9Ints with a rookie with half his weapons missing was an “issue” but whatever. You know whats a real issue? No pass rush threats. Still poor corners outside Revis. No speed receiving threat.

    Interestingly enough too, Mike Vick when he came out was the most exciting college QB ever. Still more exciting than Johnny Football is now. Mike Vick coming out of college was the fastest QB ever, who could also launch it 70 yards with the flick of his wrist. And like Johnny Football, too fragile to get through an entire season.

  26. Mark Says:

    If Russel Wilson joined the Bucs we would have the 4th best. Seattle got there with defense and special teams, just enough offense. I think that is what Lovie wants.

  27. knucknbuc Says:

    if we sign mike vick hes going to be the starter. Hes 10X better then glennon. glennonites made at that.

  28. Vern4499 Says:


    Wilson is not the 4th worst QB in his division though that’s the point.

  29. Glennon Mob Says:

    Drew Brees is better than Cam but the Panthers won the division.

  30. Leon Says:

    Vick is hot garbage

  31. richard hauser Says:

    I rather have Josh freeman then michael l vick.

  32. Vern4499 Says:

    Joe never said you had to have the best QB in the division. He’s simply saying you can’t have the worst. Which we do by far.

  33. joseph mamma Says:

    I would think if Johnny Football is as exciting as you stated in the article, he would be going 1st overall and there would be no discussion, no?

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    Manziel is going to (purgatory) Cleveland.

  35. tha truth is ... Says:


    he killed dogs. people have done things far worse. he paid his debt 2 society by doing a prison sentence. get over it

  36. DontBucNH8 Says:

    So i’m taking it if the whole Glennon pocket passer type doesn’t work, we go for the Vick read option QB? I don’t know if I like this

  37. Paul Says:

    Cam Newton is the worst QB in the division.

  38. Harry Says:

    @Mark Says:
    “…If Russel Wilson joined the Bucs we would have the 4th best. Seattle got there with defense and special teams, just enough offense. I think that is what Lovie wants….”

    Check you facts please instead of just throwing stuff out there…
    1) Drew Brees – 104.7
    2) Russell Wilson- 101.2
    3) Matt Ryan – 89.6
    4) Cam Newton – 88.8
    5) Mike Glennon – 83.9

    I don’t know why, but people just assume Russell Wilson is a game manager. I would say a QB rating of over 100 puts him in some elite company. Further, he is considered to be having a down year compared to his rookie year

  39. Harry Says:

    … and Mark, as someone here pointed out yesterday, Lovie was head coach of the Bears when they gave up two first rd picks to get Cutler. This seems to indicate he places some importance on QB play to get very far into the playoffs.

    This is a sign of hope for those of us who want to move up into the draft to take either Teddy or Johnny… (cus they are not lasting until #7…)

  40. Paul Says:

    Cam Newton and Matt Ryan are worse than Glennon. Cam is in a remedial offense, and Matt Ryan is only as good as his team is playing. Drew Brees is better though.

  41. Eric Says:

    Johnny is way better than Teddy.

    Did you see how he shredded Saban’s defense – twice? Nobody in the SEC could slow the dude down. I’ve never seen any better QB play.

    Move up and get the guy. Glennon isn’t even close.

  42. Harry Says:

    @Paul Says:
    “Cam Newton and Matt Ryan are worse than Glennon.”

    Explain this to me please, I am just not understanding how one can rationalize that. If Newton and Ryan are worse then Glennon, why are their QB rating so much high? We played all the same teams. The Falcons had more injuries than the Bucs did. What logic do you use to say Glennon is better???

  43. Vern4499 Says:

    Paul is on drugs. Good ones obviously.

  44. jdog Says:

    I have endured five years of bad football! Now my team is thinking about hiring a dog murderer!!!!!!!!! Do it and I am gone forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Ian P Says:

    “But he showed Joe little that he could usurp the likes of Drew Brees, Matty Ice and Cam Newton.”
    You do realize that Glennon’s TD to INT ratio is better than any of those guys in their rookie years? Right?

  46. oldfart44 Says:

    Why do some of you people still have a hate on/hardon about something that happened years ago? Pit bulls are banned in certain areas, and the large province of Ontario in Canada.

    You send him to jail for that, and yet none of these bank ceo’s have been touched?

    He showed a lot by endorsing his backup; shows a lot of maturity. It would not hurt for Glennon to sit and watch, if he lasts.

    Congratulations to Derrick Brooks.

  47. jarret Says:


  48. Capt. Tim Says:

    Vick? He was nothing more than a media created fiasco!
    He has never been a good QB, or even an average QB.
    BSPN anointed him the Messiah, and would rave about his performances- in lose after lose! He managed to hold a great Falcons team back, then managed to fail in Philly.
    And BSPN STILL sings his praises.

    Of course, they still think they can force Soccer on us.
    A sport that is great for women, and guys that like to kiss each other.

    Vick is a big step down from Glennon. Only the clueless BSPN zombie squad would think otherwise. They probably watch soccer, too!

  49. Capt. Tim Says:

    Draft a great QB( I think Johnny might be that guy)
    Vick should sign with a soccer team.
    BSPN execs would be in orgasmic throes for days. The only way their live could be better- is if Farve signed to play soccer Too!

  50. scotty Says:

    vick and manziel still gives you the worst Qb in the division!

  51. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I’m on the NO Vick bandwagon. This potential happening seems like a misguided desperate move to me. I would rather see the Bucs draft a QB after the 1st round to provide competition for MG.

  52. WalkdaPlank Says:

    @Eric – LSU and Mizzou sure slowed him down, just sayin’.

  53. Martinii Says:

    First round QB’s are a risk. 50 percent are busts. Yes Glennon is the 4th ranked QB in the NFC south, but he is a rookie. To put up a 84 percent passing grade in his rookie year was pretty impressive. Check out the rookie years of the other three guys. I am not a Glennon mob person, but I say give the guy a second year and draft a back-up or get a free agent to back him up. We have other needs. If we fail, Winston is only a year away.

  54. INDYbucsfan Says:

    I’m not so sure about glennon or manziel or Vick honestly. I would like to draft a QB but I would understand if we let glennon play another to see what he really has. That way we could really load up on D and win our games that way. Although manziel would be exciting to watch.

  55. Quick66 Says:

    No Vick and No Manziel. Glennon can get the job done with a little help.

  56. tickrdr Says:

    If you support drafting a quarterback in the first round or even worse spending extra draft picks to move up in the first round, it seems to me that you should not add Russell Wilson to the discussion of Brees, Newton, and Ryan, since two of those four (Brees 2nd, Wilson 3rd) were not drafted in the 1st round. In other words, if those four are your sample, then you have a 50-50 chance of getting a player of that caliber.

    Since I’m a charter member of the Mike Glennon mob, I must point out the following with respect to Michael Vick. He was the number one pick in the entire NFL draft in 2001. His rookie QB rating was 62.7. Since then he has played 12 seasons in the NFL with a career rating of 80.9. Out of those 12 seasons, he has had only four seasons total where his QB rating was higher than MG8’s 83.9 during his rookie year. The first year he was able to get a higher rating than that was his 7th year in the league! In those 12 seasons, he has only thrown for more than 19 touchdowns in two of those seasons, and it took until his 6th season in the league to do so. Finally, Michael Vick only had one season where his TD/INT ratio was better than Mike Glennon’s 19/9 of last year! And he did that in only 13 games with etc. etc.


  57. PRBucFan Says:

    “A Passer that can run”

    That is not vick, he’s a runner first that can sometimes pass who tried to turn into a passer first…

    lol Anywho, no ty

  58. Eric Says:

    Don’t energize me and from bucs fan I talked to it don’t energize them either!

  59. Tgregs Says:

    Well as long as Joe is gonna pound the same old Glennon hate I am going to ask the same question. Tell me who we can get, either FA or draft, who you can guarantee is gonna be better than Brees, Ryan, or Newton. I’ve yet to get an answer to that.

    Joe tried all week to get an expert to give Glennnon some hate and could only find Sapp. Geez

    No. Joe worked (and has more still to share) to give fans varying opinions on Glennon. Big difference. –Joe

  60. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Mark Says
    “If Russel Wilson joined the Bucs we would have the 4th best. Seattle got there with defense and special teams, just enough offense. I think that is what Lovie wants.”

    Actually, in 12 of 16 games the Seahawks scored 20+ points, so yeah, offense played a pretty big role.

  61. Tgregs Says:

    @Ian P
    Joe hates facts and logic.

    Joe loves and embraces facts and logic. Rookie vs. rookie numbers are nice to matchup when you’re bored and have time on your hands. They’re not relevant to the state of the 2014 Bucs. –Joe

  62. Joe Says:


    You do realize that Glennon’s TD to INT ratio is better than any of those guys in their rookie years? Right?

    So given your choice, you would take Glennon over Brees, Ryan and Newton as your starting quarterback, right?

  63. PRBucFan Says:

    Come back when Glennon has atleast as much experience under his belt as Cam than try and compare them. lol

  64. Tgregs Says:

    Glennon was a rookie, ask me a year from now. That was his point. He started out better than the other 3 did

  65. Tgregs Says:

    And how did Ryan fare this year with the same sort of woes that beset the Bucs?

  66. buc89 Says:

    It doesn’t matter if Glennon started out better than Ryan, Brees or Newton. The problem with Glennon is his ceiling isn’t that high. What wows you about glennon? There’s nothing that wows me about glennon. Yeah he had good stats his rookie year, yet somehow he still managed to look(as sapp described) as if the game is too big for him. That’s why we need a new qb

  67. BoJim Says:

    Hey Joe. C’mon man. Why do you keep comparing him to Drew Brees, Matty Ice and Cam Newton? Wasn’t 2013 his ROOKIE year???

  68. Kgh4life Says:

    We already know what Vick is capable of. He’s very talented but he’s prone to injury, however, is he the right fit for this team right now? I don’t think so. It’s time the Bucs forget about the retreads and get a young passer in the draft and have a competition between the newcomer and Glennon.

  69. Gt40bear Says:

    If Vick comes here, I’m done. Survived 0-26, the 80s & most of 90s and the last 8 years….enough is enough! Don’t ruin a great off season so far by signing this slug! Not a huge fan of Johnny Football…don’t think his game/size will transfer well to NFL among other things…but would much rather trade entire draft to get him than to sign Vick!

  70. NY Buc Says:

    Even as a member of the Glennon mob I am all for adding a vet qb in free agency for competition with two caveats…NO Mike Vick and NO Josh Freeman. I don’t give a sh!t about talk of him paying his dues for his crimes, ex-convicts aren’t what I’d personally like to see representing the team in a Bucs uniform, plus I don’t like Vick’s play on the field.

  71. MTM Says:

    I love how people hold Mike Vicks past against him even after he went to prison and turned his life around. We don’t hold our politicians to this much scrutiny for sending our military into POINTLESS wars for a decade plus. Get your priorities straight!

  72. NY Buc Says:


    Um, if a politician is convicted of a criminal action then I believe most of us here would like to see him/her go to jail AND never hold political office again, so I don’t get where you’re coming from with your argument. I think my priorities are straight as can be with not wanting an ex-criminal on the Bucs.

  73. MTM Says:

    @ NY Buc

    My point is Vick was convicted and served his time. While Americans ignore the real criminals who put our military is harms way with no regard. How many people are dead because of Vick? Zero. People put more emphasis on a dogs life than a human life. Im done!

  74. Supercereal Says:

    You guys saying he paid his debt probably voted for Obama too. Enjoy your free ride degenerates.

  75. Tgregs Says:

    So Joe, tell us again how it’s a QB driven league, not defense…LOL

  76. Ricky D Says:

    @MTM I like your style and I am behind you 100 percent!!

  77. Gt40bear Says:

    Come on, we gotta have a Franchise QB to win theSuper Bowl…oh wait!!! What’s that Peyton?

  78. Eric Says:

    Maybe you guys are right, Seattle is exactly what Lovie describes his ideal team.

    Athletes everywhere, great defense and special teams.

    Whew what a butt kicking.

  79. dee Says:


    The guys that dont like vick probably voted for bush

  80. Joe Says:

    Hey Joe. C’mon man. Why do you keep comparing him to Drew Brees, Matty Ice and Cam Newton? Wasn’t 2013 his ROOKIE year???

    Why? Because he is going to have to lead his team past at least two of those quarterbacks, maybe all three.

    To get to the playoffs, very likely the Bucs will have to be no less than second place in the division. Even as a second-year guy, Joe doesn’t have confidence Glennon can do that.

    So the Bucs should wait for Revis and GMC and others to rot in order for Glennon to develop?

  81. Joe Says:

    So Joe, tell us again how it’s a QB driven league, not defense…LOL

    You expect Glennon to get the Bucs to Glendale next February? Wilson Glennon by a mile, sorry.

  82. Tut Says:

    Brees looked so good his first few years the Chargers felt the need to Draft Rivers and replace him… People talk about Glennon like he can never be good enough. Kurt Warner went undrafted, played in Europe and arena football before excelling in the NFL. 1 year is not enough to write someone off.

    I don’t know if Glennon can be the guy but I do know he is doing all the right things to become that guy. He is a student of the game. Everything you hear is about how dedicated he is and how much work he puts in. Those are aspects of great players. Nothing about him says he cannot improve.

  83. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I don’t think the Glazers will want Vick or Johny “spoiled rotten” Football. Their conservative style might make them shy away from either of these two guys. Glazers don’t want bad publicity.

  84. flmike...hates Johnny Football Says:

    Seems to me the LEGENDARY QB got his ass handed to him by a stout defense last night, reminds me of an old golf adage…Drive show, putt for dough.

  85. PewterPirates Says:

    No matter who we get at QB, draft or FA, they are still going to be the worst QB in the division. So that logic is flawed. It takes time to become Brees, Ryan and Newton. Brees was just plain bad his first couple years. Had a QB rating of 76.9 and 67.5 his real first 2 years. Cam had a QB rating of 84.5 as a rookie and 86.2 in his second year. Ryan was the best of the bunch with a QB rating of 87.7 as a rookie. Glennon was at 83.9 as a rookie.

    So although Cam and Ryan posted better QB ratings in their first years it wasn’t by much. They also didn’t have the mess of a team that Glennon had along with a coaching staff that went away from things that worked because we didn’t practice them…SMH. Imagine what Glennon’s stats could be if we continued to do things that worked because they were working.

    Now I understand pointing out QB ratings for rookie comparisons doesn’t effect the 2014 Bucs, however, it does provide some understanding that it takes time and proper coaching for QBs, or any player, to develop. IMO, Brees wouldn’t be Brees without Sean Peyton, he would be another failed QB of the Dolphins if he had ended up there.

    I like Glennon and think he did decent with a mess of a team and coaching staff but I also see the allure of a mobile QB. In the end I don’t care who we go with, if we don’t install a good scheme and actually develop them then it won’t matter in the end. Any player can be good/great with the proper players around them, scheme and development.

  86. unclebuc83 Says:

    No to Vick, but way NOOOOOO to Johnny “Arrogant-Terdlick” Football! I would much rather have Vick than Mr. Grossly-Overrated! In fact, if TB drafts “Show Me the Money,” I will cease to be a fan of theirs until he is no longer on the team. I cannot stand him as a person on or off the field. This proposed move would tick . . . me . . . OFF . . . !

  87. Samuel Cutler Says:

    Everyone fails to realize that we need a QB that can run in our new system that will be installed. If that system requires a pocket passer and game manager give MG a second year, but draft a QB like Carr to come in and learn. If we need a QB that can scramble then go after someone in the draft w the capability of doing that. Either way I still think we need to draft someone this year and get an offense that will put up some points. Not disrespect to MG, but he did struggle with that last year

  88. Bucks_Sam Says:

    Not to beat a dead dog, that’s Vic’s job, but Vic is washed up.

    The guy who can’t play a full season, is best being the Felon Bac… Sorry, veteran backup at this point.

  89. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    BoJim Says
    “Hey Joe. C’mon man. Why do you keep comparing him to Drew Brees, Matty Ice and Cam Newton? Wasn’t 2013 his ROOKIE year???”

    He does it because those are the QBs he has to beat to reach the playoffs.

    That is who he should be compared to…unless you are happy not getting to the playoffs for the next 4 years.

  90. BucTrooper Says:

    If the Bucs sign Vick, I will cancel my season tickets and burn all my Bucs gear and memorabilia. I absolutely refuse to cheer for a team that would reward that piece of human filth with a contract.