Are You “Smarter” Than Shaun King?

November 7th, 2013

NBC Sports Network NFL analyst and former Bucs quarterback Shaun King said he went very deep into coach’s film (aka the all-22) from the Bucs-Seahawks game Sunday and came away flummoxed.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 today with Ron Diaz and Ian Beckles, King, one of three QBs to lead Tampa Bay to the NFC Championship game, said he waves the white flag when it comes to figuring out what the Bucs did on defense in the final 30 minutes.

“If you can tell me what they’re playing on defense half the plays in the second half, you’re smarter than me. Because I have no idea what they’re doing,” King said.

Anyone care to enlighten King in Joe’s comments section below? Perhaps it’s a good thing if the New Schiano Order defense is so complex and undecipherable?

You can catch King’s full interview below. For a great and laugh-inducing take on the Dolphins’ hazing scandal, fast-forward to 4:10 of the audio.

20 Responses to “Are You “Smarter” Than Shaun King?”

  1. richardtyson Says:

    This one is easy. They are going for a high draft pick if not the number 1 pick.

  2. Warrenfb12 Says:

    What motivation would a high draft pick give to Schiano?

    He wont be here to enjoy it…

  3. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Shaun King was never very good at reading at reading a defense..

  4. bucsfan13 Says:

    Shaun King couldn’t read a defense if he had their playbook on his wrist ban.

  5. bucsfan13 Says:

    You got to admit @joe that schiano if nothing else can pick personnel. Look at his two drafts!

  6. bucsfan13 Says:

    They are calling Glennon the best rookie this year already! WOuld Glennon getting the rookie of the year award save schiano’s job?

  7. Patrick in VA Says:

    It would be impressive that the defense were so confusing if it had worked and stopped them from marching down the field and scoring at will. Evidently Wilson had no problem figuring it out.

  8. Jeagan1999 Says:


  9. trubucfan22 Says:

    I remember seeing a play where banks was lined up in press man. And revis was 10 yards off the wr on the other side. I then proceeded to facepalm.

  10. Fritz50 Says:

    “Anyone care to enlighten King in Joe’s comments section below? Perhaps it’s a good thing if the New Schiano Order defense is so complex and undecipherable?”

    I WOULD find it impressive, if other teams found it ‘undecipherable’ , however, the only ones who seem to find it so are the Bucs ‘D’…LOL

  11. trubucfan22 Says:

    Glennon is not even close to rookie of the year. Eddie lacy has taken a terrible packer rushing attack to a top 2 rushing attack. And geno smith is .500 so far this season. All glennon has done is choke in the 4th quarter of nearly every game he’s played.

  12. Justin Says:

    Stop with Shaun King. Just post Steve Whites breakdown of the game that he provided on Twitter. Great stuff.

  13. Paul Says:

    That Martin guy has severe social anxiety. Doesn’t fit in a NFL lockerroom, but still shouldn’t bully those type of ppl.

  14. Adam L. Says:

    I used to be a Shaun King basher.

    The more I hear him talk, the more he makes sense. Rather than trash the guy, assume he MIGHT know something.

    I know he’s not a Bucs Basher, but he really isn’t happy with what he’s seeing. Remember, this guy went to Gibbs High and got to play for his hometown team. This isn’t someone who is getting off on seeing the Bucs play poorly.

  15. Andrew 1 Says:

    “If you can tell me what they’re playing on defense half the plays in the second half, you’re smarter than me. Because I have no idea what they’re doing,” King said.

    holy crap I agree with Shaun King for once. I have said before that for the life of me I cannot figure what they are playing on defense. its a mystery.

  16. Patrick Says:

    Shaun King, one of two Bucs quarterbacks to LOSE an NFC Championship when the defense gave up 11 or fewer points…..

  17. Tim Says:

    To Mr. King,

    The Bucs for the majority of the plays in the second were playing a hybrid cover-3. Which is a prevent defense with lots of soft zones, which Seattle took advantage of. Your lack of ability to see this when I can sitting on my couch at home explains why you couldn’t cut it in the NFL and why nobody takes your analysis seriously.

  18. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Steve White runs circles around Shaun King as a Bucs analyst. He is without question far superior in his understanding to the QB who lost an NFC Championship game while his defense gave up 11 points, and to the same QB who followed (as opposed to led) his team to said NFC Championship game.

    Why Joe continues to make himself look bad by promoting clowns like King and the Big Douche is beyond me. Try bringing in some talent to support, Joe, and your readers will be happier. Send the clowns packing.

  19. Kalind Says:

    Joe, (somewhat unrelated to this particular article) I am starting to see what you mean about the folks that want Revis to line up press-man on EVERY SINGLE PLAY. No one can do that. The effort would make a person collapse. Not to mention, it’d be pretty easy to design a play to exploit what you know Revis is going to be doing. (Run route? Five yard out underneath to the slot in front of Revis?) the guy is an exceptional corner, he can not be expected to so the exact same thing all day on every play. Good call on these guys, Joe. Thanks for all the news!!

  20. Tm Says:

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