“Sapp Likes To Target Certain People”

November 7th, 2013

chidi II

Yesterday, former Bucs wider receiver Keyshawn Johnson rocked Bucs fans with an allegation that Bucs icon Warren Sapp wasn’t much different than Dolphins outcast Richie Incognito. Johnson, in an explosive radio interview, claimed Sapp was a bully and recounted an episode where he hounded former Bucs defensive lineman Chidi Ahanotu so mercilessly that Ahanotu challenged Sapp to a throw-down in the middle of the locker room in front of the entire Bucs’ roster, and Sapp just sat down.

Calling the same radio show, something called “Bucher and Towny” on KGMZ-FM 95.7 in San Francisco, Ahanotu told of his experiences with Sapp from his point of view.

“Sapp likes to target certain people,” Ahanotu said. “And he was really bullying everybody in that facility, actually. That’s what he turned into. . . . I think fame and money kind of changes people, and he’s a prime example of that. . . . Six years of dealing with that, and finally he said the wrong thing . . . talking about my dad, and that’s when I said, ‘OK, that’s it, man.’ I grabbed my helmet and I was about to beat his head in.

“I am from Oakland. I don’t take that kind of stuff. We went toe-to-toe every day. It wasn’t like I was bullied. Bullying is when someone picks on a weaker guy and that was not the case with me.”

As it turned out, Ahanotu shortly thereafter as the incident happened in December, Ahanotu was no longer with the Bucs, and went to the Rams as a free agent.

As Joe stated yesterday, there is really no way to confirm these incidents but Joe does know Ahanotu and Sapp were about as close to enemies as teammates who play on the defensive line could be. Joe has heard eyebrow-raising stories about the two having run-ins both in the locker room, and away from One Buc Palace when their paths crossed in the Tampa night.

It’s sad that these stories are popping up just hours before Sapp is to receiver the ultimate honor of playing for the Bucs: having his number retired at halftime of a Monday Night Football game.

19 Responses to ““Sapp Likes To Target Certain People””

  1. Capt. Tim Says:

    Chidi was from the Bay Area?
    I wonder what ” certain people” Sapp targeted?

  2. MadMax Says:

    Its check and be checked….they were battling “one upping” each other….not a case of bullying IMO. But Sapp is that kind of guy.

  3. trusomaroff Says:

    It is sad this is surfacing now. Too bad you can’t control what you write about or anything like that… Must be hard to type 3/5 articles about the same thing that makes you sad.

  4. bucsfan13 Says:

    Hey joe
    Any inside sources letting you know when the NFL is going to start putting flags on the offense players belts and just get it over with.
    No Fun League!

  5. bucsfan13 Says:

    Next we are going to get rid of cheerleaders because that objectifies women and that’s wrong!

    Everyone knows who Warren Sapp IS! These stupids stories shouldn’t suprise or sadden anyone who actually watched the bucs of the 1990’s/2000’s. He is/was a mean son of ^^^^^ but he got results and that is why his jersey is being retired. Not because he was a sweet heart!

  6. Da Bucs Says:

    To say Sapp was an a..hole would be the grandest of understatements ever. Everything people hate about Incognito is exactly Sapp and more. Having worked at Raymond James and being around the locker rooms, if you were white, you avoided Sapp on and off the field. He was simply a prick because he could be. There are so many stories on what a PR nightmare that guy was.

    I think its hilarious he’s blown all his money and now “HAS” to play nice because deep down that dude would prefer to be an egotistical prick.

  7. Macabee Says:

    You know if you want to win a war and there are going to be wars, you need some bad men (Dogs) on your side too! Sometimes the most courageous warrior is filled with so much testosterone, so much passion, with such a drive to win, innocent people get hurt. The Army calls it collateral damage. Nobody likes to see it happen and you would never invite these types for dinner. But when crunch time comes, you want these guys on your side. And you know it! Easy to condemn, hard to do without!

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    Agree with bucsfan13. At what point did it start being desirable to have people on your football team who were super nice guys? It’s always been my understanding that you want the biggest meanest dude on your team. That’s not a bad thing in football.

  9. BFFL Says:

    It’s well known that Sapp was like a bully and disliked by certain players because he gets in your face. If you didn’t know this then you haven’t really been paying attention to the Bucs. I’ve also heard a story from Ian that Sapp would bully Marcus Jones. Notice that these are D-line players. I wish McCoy would act more like Sapp and start bullying his fellow D-line. If Sapp were on this team today I guarantee Bowers and Clayborn would be better.

  10. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Sapp is still the best player the Buccaneers ever had.

  11. Fritz50 Says:

    All the above having been said, just want to point out that it IS possible to get the job done on the field, at a high level, even the highest, without being a bastard on or off the field . Sure , some of those ‘good guys’ turn out to be hiding major flaws, but it’s far from required.

  12. BucfaninMi Says:

    A-hole or not, he was/is a Buccaneer, he put this team on the map! He talked it he walked it and he damn well showed it on the field!! The best player for the Bucs ever. I’d take 10 more Sapps they’d never lose!

  13. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    As a Nole and a Buc fan, there’s two guys who I absolutely love on the field but completely loathe off the field: Deion and Sapp.

  14. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    And not just because of my moniker, but, I’d say, Sapp has some competition from Derrick Brooks (and LRS) for best Buc ever. He, too, will be a first ballot guy, imo. And, he’s all class off the field.

  15. Walter Says:

    Brooks is the greatest Buccaneer, not Sapp.

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    Selmon, Brooks, Sapp, Lynch, Barber.
    IMO, all time greatest Bucs. In order.

    LeeRoySelmon was one of the nicest, Classiest men I have ever met. I was a kid when I was first introduced- and he made an impression that lasted til this day.
    A tremendous player. An even better Man.

  17. Bobby Says:

    When we’re talking greatest Bucs ever let’s not forget Josh Freeman and Shaun King…….

  18. Bobby Says:

    Isn’t having a name like ‘Chidi’ just asking to be bullied?? “Yes, I would like a chidi dog with no onions.” “Brrrrr! It’s awfully chidi in here!” “Are you going to play fair or keep chiding?” I mean c’mon man!

  19. Eric Says:

    Sapp was a mean low down dirty SOB.

    Loved every minute of watching him play.