Schiano Sorry If “Laughingstock” Line Offended

October 7th, 2013

Last week, Greg Schiano and rockstar general manager Mark Dominik sat down with Buccaneers suiteholders and talked about the state of the franchise.

Joe saw the unauthorized video on YouTube, and Joe heard Greg Schiano emphasize to fans that the Tampa Bay franchise was the “laughingstock” of the NFL in the weeks before Schiano was hired. It was a very brazen moment for the head coach considering Dominik was sitting right next to him — and Dominik was the man in charge during the “laughingstock” era.

“… A situation that, quite frankly, nationally the Buccaneers were the laughingstock of the National Football League. Not bad. Laughingstock,” Schiano said to Bucs suiteholders. “That’s why I was hired. If it wasn’t that situation, I don’t get hired.”

Today, Schiano oddly backed off the “laughingstock” line saying he was somewhat taken out of context because he was answering a question that related to his strict discipline.

“Sometimes you say things in context. That statement was really about kind of about the discipline and the issues that were going on; it wasn’t the on-field football. And I apologize if I offended anybody with that. Because that was certainly not the purpose,” Schiano said. “That was our suiteholders and the question was in reference to some of the discipline and some of the things. As I’ve shared with you guys, I had to be a little over the top because it was the adjustment to how far the other way things had gotten. So that’s really what I meant, but taken out of context I could see certainly how it would be offensive. And it certainly wasn’t meant to be that in any way.”

The regrettable “laughingstock” line is yet another undisciplined happening connected to a head coach who tells the world he takes details and discipline so seriously. The irony is extraordinary.

Joe really thought Schiano should have apologized directly today rather than the dance-around apology he issued. Joe’s very confident there were loads of people connected to the Bucs 22 months ago who didn’t appreciate the new head coach passionately emphasizing that the organization was the joke of the NFL. A sweeping one-liner like that reflects poorly on ownership all the way down to the group ticket salesperson.

45 Responses to “Schiano Sorry If “Laughingstock” Line Offended”

  1. mvermulm Says:

    I’m not sure how Schiano danced around an apology there. I was listening and heard the apology, and was honestly surprised to hear it. I thought it was good of him to apologize, especially considering he wasn’t wrong in the way he meant “laughingstock” in the first place.

  2. k_bassuka Says:

    If it wasn’t because of the Jags we would be the #1 laughingstock of the league, I guess being #2 is good enough for the overrated college coach…

  3. PRBucFan Says:

    So last week TBBF and I posted a story from one of schiano’s former players that was able to give insight to who Schiano actually was and some posters said that it wasn’t valid because that was in college and not the pros. Today I just can’t across an interview of Ahmad Black former Buc safety speaking on Schiano. Enlightening, I wonder if there will be more excuses…


  4. Vic Says:

    H apologized if he offended anyone. He didn’t apologize for saying something that was inappropriate and potentially offensive because it was unclear. There’s a huge difference there.

    It speaks to Schiano’s poor character.

  5. BK Says:

    If this BUCS regime doesnt bring in Matt FLynn for a look, I would say they have packed it up for this season.

    How could Matt Flynn, who passed with a 60% accuracy rate this year, is free and available. Is he the next Franchise QB? No…but he certainly would be an upgrade over the Rookie! I say spin the wheels and see what happens.

  6. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    As far as discipline went, the team WAS a laughingstock. He has zero to apologize for. The freakin head coach was partying with the players. Laughingstock is a mild way of putting it.

    If you want to get into the team now, fine.

    But, this was before he coached a game. He was 100% accurate. He can’t help if people mischaracterize or only use snippets of what was said, or what he was answering.

  7. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    I can’t really watch video right now. Can you give a brief synopsis? I read the interview last week and it was very telling.

  8. Curmudgeon Says:

    Most fans felt we had become a laughingstock. And we thought we might’ve taken a step up last year, but here we are again – a laughingstock.

  9. Jim Says:

    I am a ‘laughingstock’ fan that has had season tickets since the 77-78 season. If Schiano is not forced to ‘walk the plank’ by the end of the season, I’m done wasting my money!

  10. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    The thing that might keep Flynn from being looked at is his arm strength. He is best in a west coast attack. He doesn’t have the arm to push the ball deep down the field.

  11. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Thanks PR for the credit & the Ahmad Black interview.

    Notice the title of the interview “Former Bucs Safety Discusses Locker Room Turmoil”…..what turmoil?
    Black was cut and still has no ax to grind.

    And Schiano issued an apology but didn’t back off from his statement because his statement was perhaps “insensitive” but true….so now we have become the PC police?

    See it for what it is….we have lost 3 games by 6 points with many to blame….I don’t think we are anywhere close to being a laughing stock now……The Jets, Saints and Cardinals feel fortunate to get away with last minute wins that were all self-inflicted losses….

  12. Adam L. Says:

    What? They were a laughingstock. Their coach though “Glazer” began with the letter R.

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    No problem TBBF,

    Could you give OBF that brief synopsis, I would, but I am currently unable to.

    I’m meeting with a client.

  14. Splengo Says:

    Here’s a question for you. How long before Josh Freeman’s records are broken? Crickets!

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    It’s better to be a laughingstock due to rumour mongers than a laughingstock on the field. I mean the 41-0 loss to the Saints and the 23-3 loss to the Patriots are the only embarassing losses in Schiano’s reign, or just another two weeks as they were known in the Raheem era.

    And speaking of records would you mind posting me Josh Freeman’s post-season records Splengo? Speaking of crickets…

  16. snookau Says:

    I guess everyone forgot what 2011 was like when we got blown out EVERY week. We even got blown out by Jacksonville. This season is an embarrassment but at least I don’t have to watch a blowout every Sunday. 2011 was the WORST.

  17. mvermulm Says:

    Jim, Schiano was in no way saying the fans, the Tampa area, or anyone outside of the locker room situation was a laughingstock. He simply said that the discipline in the locker room was a laughingstock. He even said that turning bad situations around is the only thing he’s great at, and that if the Bucs were a team on the cusp of the playoffs or anything like that, that he would not have been hired. So far he has done exactly what he was brought in for; to not party with the players, not let them off the hook when they get into screaming matches with the coach and cab drivers, and be professionals. Now he just has to get better at finishing games.

  18. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    He was right, and should have not apologized in any way.
    He has rebuilt our defense, and is slowly ridding Tampa of the left over trash of the Raheem era.
    Glennon will be twice the QB that Freeman ever was.

  19. Splengo Says:

    You first Bucrightoff,

    Schiano’s post season record. Lol

  20. NY Buc Says:

    The team played like a laughing stock mid-2011 season right to the end. It was like watching the Jaguars this year, never an issue of would the team lose but how far into the game before it was out of reach. Schiano has done a pretty good job drafting talent and getting rid of some malcontents, guys who had off field issues (at least while on the Bucs), and loafers, but his W-L record does not really give him any clout to brag in third person that the Bucs needed Greg Schiano. String some wins together coach before smack talking, but regardless I’ll be rooting for Schiano’s success for as long as he’s the Bucs coach.

  21. D-Rome Says:

    1 – 9 out of last 10 games is “laughingstock” territory.

  22. bucrightoff Says:

    Schiano = 20 games
    Freeman = 60 games

    Lets compare when the activity levels are similar. As to when Josh’s records get broken, probably the next time we give a mediocre QB 5 years to start. He plays in the most heavily slanted towards the passing game era in NFL history. Rushing levels are at an all-time low. So congrats on pilling on in the easiest era to throw ever.

    And by the way the Freemanites please go cheer for the Vikings. We get it, you love Freeman more than the Bucs. Just make it official already.

  23. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Who cares about statistical records when you don’t win games?

    It’s weird. Not many people were complaining about Schiano until he sat down Freeman. I tend to think there are some hurt feelings out there.

    If ownerships wants to clean house at season’s end, that’s fine by me. I’m just glad we are don’t with Freeman. He’s done in Tampa forever.

  24. D-Rome Says:

    Greg Schiano was 28 – 48 (.368 winning percentage) against Big East opponents while at Rutgers during his tenure. So far with the Bucs he is 7 – 13 (.350 winning percentage).

    I’m not sure why some of you think the Bucs are going to be successful under his leadership.

  25. Mohak T Says:

    No, Schiano!!! You have made us into the laughing stock. I hope the Glazers fire Dominik and Schiano if this team can’t get 9 wins, they set a standard for this season being a winning season and I’m holding them to it. If they don’t then the Glazers should truly hit the reset button including the General Manager.

  26. Eric Says:

    We’re at least currently at chucklestock.

  27. lightningbuc Says:

    How long before Josh Freeman’s records are broken?


    The following records Freebow holds may stand a while:

    Most kids camps missed which are sponsored by yourself

    Most team photos missed

    Most times taking Ritalin instead of your prescribed Adderall

    Most times missing the opening day team meal

    Most times late for the opening day bus

  28. Harry Says:

    Joe, you forgot “arrogant”

  29. zam Says:

    When people say they apologize if someone was offended, it’s not an apology. It makes me want to punch them in the face, and then say, if you happened to be hurt by a punch in the face, then I apologize.

  30. Just A Juggalo Says:

    “It’s weird. Not many people were complaining about Schiano until he sat down Freeman. I tend to think there are some hurt feelings out there.”

    I believe I have been consistent in complaining about the Little General since Day One.

    My name is Miguel Grande.

    His lack of management skills, stubbornness and ignorance is reflected by his less than mediocre record in the Big East for eleven long freaking years.

    I see people touting his “Coach of the Year” award but they don’t tell the rest of the story. He was named the “Home Depot Coach of the Year” when Rutgers won the Home Depot Bowl. Ever hear a coach brag about winning the Papa John’s Pizza Bowl at Tropicana Stadium and being named the Papa John’s Pizza Coach of the year? Hostess Cupcake Bowl? Popeye’s Fried Chicken Bowl? Yankee Stadium Pinstripe Bowl? Wendy’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese Bowl?

  31. givemeball Says:

    He Joe, every post anything postive about the Bucs and Schiano???

    Take a 20-post snapshot of Joe’s work any week of any year. You’ll find loads of positive news. When your team wins 1 of 10, things tend to trend negative. –Joe

  32. Bobby Says:

    @D-Rome says….

    Greg Schiano was 28 – 48 (.368 winning percentage) against Big East opponents while at Rutgers during his tenure. So far with the Bucs he is 7 – 13 (.350 winning percentage).

    I’m not sure why some of you think the Bucs are going to be successful under his leadership.


    He was 25-24 his last 7 years. No great but overall he was 56-33 his last 7 years with 5 bowl victories and a coach of the year award in 2006. I’d say if he can crank out the kind of NFL talent he did at a school like Rutgers tht he understands enough about football to work with the talent we have. He’s got us light years ahead of where we were when Raheem left and he’s done it in 20 games. I’m willing to be patient and give him more time. We gave Freeman 5 years and people are screaming bloody murder now that he’s gone. I think coach deserves this year and next to show what he can do with HIS players in place.

  33. Bobby Says:

    errrr……….Miguel…actually Schiano received the following coach of the year awards.

    2006 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year
    2006 Walter Camp Coach of the Year
    2006 Home Depot Coach of the Year
    2006 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year
    2006 Big East Coach of the Year

    But that’s OK. You were close……

  34. underdogs Says:

    Coach was right…as far as team discipline was concerned, the Bucs were a “laughingstock”.
    They may be a laughingstock now for other reasons…

  35. Chef Paul Says:

    “Joe really thought Schiano should have apologized directly today rather than the dance-around apology he issued.”

    Something tells me, that’s the most sincere apology he has ever spoken.

  36. White Tiger Says:

    So, let me get this straight – Schiano DOESN’T think his team is a laughing stock…NOW…right?

    I’m just trying to identify if it is the fans who are a bit confused – or if it is the guy that never won a Big East title, divorced seven starting QB’s in 6 seasons – and has a LIFETIME 67-66 W/L record.

    Good gosh – this guy IS Ray Perkins…

  37. Just A Juggalo Says:

    “errrr……….Miguel…actually Schiano received the following coach of the year awards.

    2006 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year
    2006 Walter Camp Coach of the Year
    2006 Home Depot Coach of the Year
    2006 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year
    2006 Big East Coach of the Year”

    I rest my case.

    If Ray Rice had not reneged on his scholarship to Syracuse and chose to stay close to New Rochelle and his momma, the Little General’s record would have been close to what his pro record is. A freaking laughingstock!

    “Rice attended Rutgers University, where he played for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team from 2005 to 2007. In 2005 (Rice’s freshman year), Rutgers had its first winning season in 25 years and played in only the second bowl in the football program’s then 136 year history. In 2006, the Scarlet Knights won a school record-tying 11 games and registered the school’s highest ever season-ending national poll ranking, finishing at #12 in both the Associated Press and Coach’s Polls.”

  38. Eric Says:

    The 2006 Big East coach of the year!


  39. jb Says:

    Jim Says:
    October 7th, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I am a ‘laughingstock’ fan that has had season tickets since the 77-78 season. If Schiano is not forced to ‘walk the plank’ by the end of the season, I’m done wasting my money!

    I hear ya! I’ve had season tickets since day one in ’76. I don’t like Schiano at all. I’ve seen just how bad of a gameday coach he is. But, as it sits now, the season is over (I don’t care what anyone says, show me where an 0-4 team makes the playoffs) and he got what he wanted…for Freeman to be gone. Now, lets see what he does. If they shine GREAT! If not, he’ll be gone, and hopefully the Glazers will do a better job of hiring a new GM and head coach. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Besides, you and I aren’t new to wasting money on Bucs season tickets! lol

  40. dee Says:

    Joke of a coach

  41. oldfart44 Says:

    Anybody want to guess on how many empty seats there will be on Sunday?

  42. Bucs1987 Says:

    oldfart44…well I’m going that’s for sure. I think there will be more Eagles fans than Buc fans, but what else is new. If the Bucs were 3-1 right now, there still would be more Eagles fans at the game this Sunday. That’s the fairweather Bucs fanbase. The Eagles could be 0-4 and their fans would still outnumber Bucs fans. That’s why the Bucs fan base sucks ass.

  43. Bucs1987 Says:

    Now onto this “laughing stock” BS. I think Schiano was basically calling it like most Buc fans saw it in 2011.

    Joe you write as if Schiano should have straight apologized for it, but you know damn well he was right about the 2011 Bucs. Are you trying to say that you disagree with his assessment of the 2011 Bucs?

  44. Bobby Says:

    Man, Schiano sure did bruise the feelings of the Freemanites. At this point you have to use that word. It’s just an unnatural attachment to a below average QB. It’s possible you could be gay, Freeman was a nice looking guy and Glennon….well, not so much. Maybe YOUR ‘fantasy football’ was a completely different deal…I dunno. I’m just sayin’, to be this upset about a coach letting a QB go who had a 5 year combine QB rating of 48.7 is NOT normal. Schiano’s college record looks like Vince Lombardi compared to Freeman’s QB stats. At least Schiano turned things around after 4 years of losing at Rutgers. Freeman did just the opposite.

  45. Capt. Tim Says:

    “2006 Home Depot Coach of the Year”
    I . . I had no idea!!
    Greatness is surely within our grasp!!

    Schiano was a good Coach in 2006.
    Wish it was 2006. He’s 0-4, 1-11 in 2012-13.

    At least we have “Winning Glennon”

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