Time For Leaders To Lead

September 12th, 2013

Greg Schiano has praised the strength of player leadership on this 2013 Bucs team many, many times.

The leadership is so strong, Schiano said, he felt he could back off his intense culture change focus during training camp and spring practices.

Keep in mind rockstar general manager Mark Dominik has intentionally drafted team captains out of college and signed established free-agent superstar leaders like Vincent Jackson, Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson and Carl Nicks.

Now, in the wake of media sharks attacking Schiano and Josh Freeman with an unprecedented intensity after Week 1, it’s time for the leaders to rise up and earn their pay.

Joe can’t sugarcoat it. That’s what has to happen — immediately.

Revis, the $1 million-a-game cornerback, is very used to the circus atmosphere surrounding the Bucs right now. In fact, it’s probably tame to him coming from the Jets. And Joe looks for Revis to speak out in the locker room and on the practice field, and tonight with sanity and strong words. The Darrelle Revis Show kicks off at 6 p.m. on WDAE-AM 620.

Most importantly, the Bucs’ leadership must lead with their play. If every one of the eight Pro Bowlers on this roster makes a big play Sunday, and others like Mike Williams, Mark Barron and Lavonte David do the same, then the Bucs likely beat the Saints. That goes for Josh Freeman, too. He’s capable of playing well. He did just that for two-thirds of 2012.

Joe’s remaining optimistic for Sunday. Yes, the Bucs have serious issues. Joe’s not discounting those. But Joe just can’t bury the Bucs after one game before the home-opener. That’s complete lunacy. Not this week.

The talent is on this team to beat the Saints on Sunday. Football is still very much about blocking and tackling and getting the most out of talent. Joe’s not going to be distracted into believing the Bucs are incapable.

18 Responses to “Time For Leaders To Lead”

  1. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Its pretty clear what has happened. We lost to the medias whipping boy when we lost to the Jets, so, in turn, we’ve become the medias whipping boy. Plus they’ve never liked Schianos attitude toward the media, especially Florio. He seems to have something personal against Schiano. Just win Bucs!

  2. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    one more week till Glennon starts.

    expect another meltdown this week, starting with free.

    sounds like he’s ready to lose just to screw Schiano

  3. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    would not be surprised to see Glennon come in before the 1/2

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    If nothing else we’ll get to see what Freeman is truly made of. If he doesn’t step up and showcase what he’s got, both physically and mentally, he might be on the path to being a backup somewhere next season.

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    The leadership is so strong, Schiano said, he felt he could back off his intense culture change focus during training camp and spring practices.


    Maybe that’s the problem, he needs to go back to the intensity he started with.. bust there @sses coach!!

  6. Jim - Palm Harbor Says:

    As the weeks go by, I am seeing Schiano becoming more like Ray Perkins & we all saw how that worked out. Perkins destroyed Vinnie’s confidence and Schiano has done the same with Josh. I put 60% of the problems on the coaching staff and the rest on the players.

    Great coaches adapt their systems to fit the talents of the players. It is much more effective to make adjustments than trying to change the entire roster is a few years. Josh is NOT a pocket passer. Use the ‘gun’ and have him roll out.

    And by the way, could they please forget about using the prevent defense?

  7. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    no one likes a strong leader. it’s not their job to be liked.

    the pansies cry and meltdown about it………..

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Wonder if the Bucs offense has to prepare in case JFro forgets to come to the game on Sunday?

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    “Joe’s remaining optimistic for Sunday. Yes, the Bucs have serious issues. Joe’s not discounting those. But Joe just can’t bury the Bucs after one game before the home-opener. That’s complete lunacy. Not this week.”

    again, thats exactly the way I feel about it. couldnt have said it better myslef.

  10. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    So who destroyed Freeman’s confidence those first 44 starts before Schiano set foot in Florida? Sure, we can subtract the 2010 season against the leagues easiest schedule, heck, I’m sure we can find excuses for the remainder of the other games too.

    Did Coughlin screw up Eli’s confidence? Mark Brunell’s?

    Schiano’s abilities or even lack thereof can stand alone without exempting Freeman. He is what he is. His issues today were the same issues in 2009.

  11. Touchdown Gus Says:

    Any way for someone to give Brees “car troubles” this weekend. That’s the only sure way I see us winning this game lol. But seriously I hope we step up and play well. We need this game

  12. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Looks like Yahoo Sports in climbing on the “Josh not in photo” bandwagon.

  13. mike norris Says:

    Players only meeting this early is never a good sign.

  14. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    We all need to quit making excuses for Freeman!!! He is in his 5th year as an NFL QB and can’t call a play because the headset is not working??? REALLY??? And Freeman wants to be paid how much???

    It is WEEK ONE!!! Good lawd, you would think the Bucs haven’t won a game it two years reading and listening about the Bucs. I agree with Joe…the leaders on this team need to step up this week…and guess what you will read and hear about the Bucs if they happen to win on Sunday??? Crickets…somebody else will be the whipping post next week.

    Winning cures all.

  15. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    BTW…Don Penn tweeted last night that was NOT a players only meeting…take that for what it’s worth.

  16. vdubguy Says:

    “Revis, the $1 million-a-game cornerback, is very used to the circus atmosphere surrounding the Bucs right now.” You heard it from joe first, the bucs are officially a circus.

  17. 76buc76 Says:

    I’ve seen the photo and yes it’s true. No Freeman, also there seem’s to be a glow coming off Mike Glennon. The golden boy hahahahaha

  18. HunterBucFan Says:

    Will everyone just get off Josh Freeman’s back?! Did you all not watch the same game that I watched? The Bucs had a non-existent O-line, with Josh Freeman scrambling a majority of the game. If you recall correctly, Freeman led the Bucs down the field when it mattered, only to take what should have been the game winning drive. It was the defensive miscues/ officiating that cost our beloved Buccaneers the game.

    Support our leader Josh Freeman and he will take us where we haven’t been in quite awhile…the playoffs. He has all of the talent in the world and we finally have a defense that can shut down the other team when we score. You have my support, number-five for six. Prove the world wrong Mr. Freeman.

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