Investigating Freeman’s Substance Abuse Status

September 29th, 2013

This morning, BSPN NFL insider Chris Mortenson reports this morning that Josh Freeman has not sparked trade talks but has got teams investigating a potential trade with the Bucs.

Apparently, Mortenson heard the rumors of Freeman’s off-the-field troubles and explained that NFL teams are digging.

“Under the CBA, it is an inquiring team’s right to know of any player’s otherwise confidential status in the substance abuse program, whether or not Freeman is one strike away from a suspension,”┬áMortenson said. “Thus, his performance, his remaining salary of more than $6 million, his pending free agency, and off field concerns need to be clarified for Freeman to emerge as an attractive trade option who would bring value to the Bucs before the trade deadline.”

19 Responses to “Investigating Freeman’s Substance Abuse Status”

  1. BustaCherry Says:

    The story here is not the alleged substance abuse. We’ve all heard that. The story is that NFL teams (plural) are investigating Freeman.

  2. Rahb Says:

    NFL SECURITY I bet is fully aware of Josh Freeman’s activities off-Field and so ALL THE DRUG SPECULATION will be either confirmed or exposed as an Ugly Hoax.

    The Buccaneers Spent 4 seasons selling Freeman as the Future of the team and THEY SOLD ME ON JOSH!

    I’m still sold on Josh Freeman (Until Further Notice), However I hear there is a “High Profile” College Coaching Vacancy Greg Schiano’s handlers may want to explore. CONTACT: Pat Haden via USC. There could be Saban Opportunity right under Greg’s nose.

  3. 76buc76 Says:

    Well I’ll use you Shiano bashers phrase. Where there’s smoke there fire. What ever is going on with Freeman. I’m sure there is no record. With all the dirt being shoveled around. I’m sure someone would have something on Freeman. As for you Schiano basher’s. Get bent. This is how coaches used to coach. With an iron fist. I didn’t here stories of guy not buying in to Vince Lombardi. Because men were men back then. Now a day’s players are more like women. Bitching, wineing and complaining. Talking $hit. This team was a broken bunch of quitters. We don’t need a guy to give out hugs after the game. I have the utmost respect for the way men used to live and elderly people in general. Today it’s all about expressing yourself and expressing your feeling’s (pussification). Shut the hell up and get your damn toes on the line. 20 years ago Schiano would be a god. What’s next a player charging Schiano for deflimation of character for cusing him out. Sorry Schiano I don’t think you could find 53 men in this league

  4. bucforce Says:

    The Bucs 2014 Opening Day starter at QB is not on the roster yet.

  5. RBellBuc Says:

    Just the fact that teams are interested is a good story. The a-holes out there want you to believe there is no market for this malcontent. (sarcasm). Freeman just needs a fresh start away from this circus.

  6. 76buc76 Says:

    The first female coach is not that far away.

  7. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    PFT as a little more on Mortenson’s report. Something is wrong with this kid, this may explain it….allegedly.

  8. Justin Says:

    Waaaaay too much smoke regarding Freeman and his off field issues. There should be ZERO smoke when it comes to a “franchise QB.”

    I’ll reserve judgement but boy does it seem like this kid got caught up in some bad things.

  9. MadMax Says:

    Hmm, if there are substance abuse issues, then that will explain a lot.

  10. Amarti190711 Says:


  11. 76buc76 Says:

    Freeman just need to get to that second read. Then get those ronald mcdonald feet set. Then be enough of a leader to call a run play on first down. When the headset fails. Then point at himself after a missed throw not make his hand gester’s implying it was the receivers fault. Then get these off the field issues in check. I wonder if a substance abuse problem comes out. If he remain’s with the team. It would suck if he is a coke head. Got himself cleaned up, then turned into the QB we all hoped he’d be.

  12. bucrightoff Says:

    Of course teams are interested. He’s a good backup for a 6th or 7th round pick, which is likely the only offers coming.

  13. McNabb2Barber Says:

    NFL Network just claimed Freeman missed multiple meetings this week. Where there’s smoke…………………

    Joe can not confirm this. –Joe

  14. RBellBuc Says:

    oh wait… you said he’d never play again this year a-hole ^^^^^

  15. Theodore Says:

    Teams inquiring about a player’s involvement in the substance abuse program would seem like standard practice to me.

  16. 76buc76 Says:

    If this substance abuse problem has leg’s it might work in our favor. It’ll give team’s more hope that Josh can be fixed. After he fixes himself. We all know how it works. Take this drug to coverup that drug. Or just make sure you don’t do it 48 hours out from a test. Except the hardest drug to clean out of your system. Which is also as far from a performance inhancing drug as you can get. Weed.

  17. Neil Says:

    Who ever thought Freeman would be such a distraction? It’s best we get rid of him as soon as possible. We can put together a package deal, Freeman and his snakes for nothing….sounds fair. Or maybe some team’s 3rd tight end so we could have an upgrade.

  18. Steve Birch Says:

    Freeman will be fueled by the media until he leaves. That’s their money maker right now.

    How about the other guy that was arrested twice for DUI? The current captain. Now that, my friends, is a fact. Not a 3rd hand rumor given to media trying to make a story.

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