Fifth Longest Playoff Drought

July 12th, 2013

It feels like forever since the Bucs have been in the playoffs. But Joe was somewhat surprised to learn the Bucs are tied with the Jaguars for the fifth longest playoff drought in the NFL. The Bills, Browns, Raiders and Rams are worse.

No wonder Bucs fans are so on edge — excited and tense — about the 2013 season. The Bucs are loaded with talent and it’s been so long since fans could hold their heads up high in January.

Joe remembers that last Bucs playoff game against the Giants, when Chucky’s division-crown Bucs were overmatched by the eventual Super Bowl champs. Unfortunately, Joe most remembers that game for the massive sea of blue in the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Joe suspects that wouldn’t happen again. Joe’s got a gut feeling that the locals are so playoff starved that this town would go absolutely crazy if the Bucs made the playoffs.

105 Responses to “Fifth Longest Playoff Drought”

  1. robert Says:

    Gruden got 3 NFC South championships in 7 years with a bunch of piece meal old guys…….

    ever since the dream and jfro took over …guess how many playoff games?

    I’ll take Chucky and an old QB this year and we would be superbowl contenders. Although Schiano is no slouch!!

  2. Gus Says:

    Made a promise to myself that if the bucs make the playoffs I will be there. Living in maryland it will be a pain but I will somehow make this happen!

  3. RCH Says:

    ” Joe most remembers that game for the massive sea of blue in the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

    Joe suspects that wouldn’t happen again. Joe’s got a gut feeling that the locals are so playoff starved that this town would go absolutely crazy if the Bucs made the playoffs.”


    So If that is the case other than are two prime time games does Joe think we will sell out any other games this year?

  4. robert Says:

    Schiano said he believes Glennon “can play quickly” if he is needed. “But our situation will be only if he’s needed,” he said. “Or if he wins the job. Look, I’m not against that. We have a starting quarterback. It’s not like we’re looking to find a starter. But competition is competition. Mike Glennon is a fierce competitor. I knew that when he was coming out of high school. Now being able to work with him a little, you can see it on the practice field.”

    I will be watching ALL the preseason games to see this kid play. I bet he friggen lights it up!!!!!

    Come week 6, when Glennon starts we can start our celebratory playoff run!!

    and jfro 6 pack Jackson will be hung over every Sunday then, not just weeks 8-12.

  5. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Imagine the salary cap relief the Bucs will get when Glennon wins the starting job and Free doesn’t get his big Buccaneer payday.

  6. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    I think the Bucs F.O. gets it now. Or at least the new CBA says so. No-one is allowed to low-ball anymore. It could result in even more parity though, since everyone will essentially be spending the same amount of money.

  7. Walter Says:

    @robert @bucfan #238

    Lol Glennon.

  8. robert Says:

    laugh it up Walt.

    the world needs followers.

  9. fritz50 Says:

    “Come week 6, when Glennon ”

    And, come week 7, when Freeman starts, after stinking up the joint for 6 weeks, you gonna post her just how wrong you were? Didn’t think so !I don’t think he’ll be all that bad, but also don’t think you could even consider that your assumptions are wrong.

  10. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    I can’t believe that someone would be willing to throw our season away on a kid who is virtually an unknown commodity. If you expect him to come in and be like Kaepernick or Wilson that’s an incredible leap in faith and one if it failed that could cost everyone their jobs. No… not a safe bet, in fact, it teeters on the edge of lunacy.

  11. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Glennon. Wow. One rookie third rounder, Russell Wilson, has a stellar first season with a very talented team and now people think every third round pick has just as much of a chance. It’s less than 5% guys. Less than a 5% chance he is ever anything more than a backup. If Freeman experiences the incredibly unlikely scenario of regression then will be looking to spend a first round pick on a quarterback in 2014. Not place our hopes and dreams in a third round quarterback from one of the weakest quarterback draft classes in NFL history. (Was it three quarterbacks in the first three rounds?)

    Regardless of how you feel about Freeman, to think that Glennon will lead us to anything is similar to borrowing money now because you know you will win the lottery this week. It is not impossible to win the lottery just like its not impossible to find a good quarterback in the third round. It is just incredibly unlikely and you should count on it not happening and plan accordingly.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Just because a team was in the playoffs last season does not guarantee they will make it this season. That’s reality. Go Bucs!

  13. robert Says:

    less than 5%……….”So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously…..stop talking stats for just one minute and look into the eyes and body language of a player. how he carries himself-on and off the field.

    I know jfro 6 pack Jackson….we’ve seen it for 4 years now. He’s a backup QB at best.

    Do, I KNOW for certain Glennon has it? no, but he has more fire and determination than jfro 6 pack ever has………

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    ha ha ha ha this Glennon-speak is down right hilarious. WestCoast once again you are right. If Free fails this year they will prolly have a high pick in the draft and take a QB. It’s not that hard to figure that out. To some maybe it is.

  15. Kevin Says:

    Playoffs this year for Tampa. But here’s the thing. If the bucs get 10 wins this year and somehow DONT make the playoffs, freeman still deserves a contract. No matter what happens though, I would extend our Offensive Coordinator before the end of the season if he continues to be successful with his creative play calling.

  16. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Do I think Glennon “should” beat out Free? Nope.

    But I have no faith in Free.

    It will be funny to watch all of the articles from this website when Glennon does start lighting it up in pre-season… even though its only pre-season. I can’t wait to see the Freeman insecurities at an all time high.

    Then when the season starts and Free goes in a slump… again, the insecurities will be even higher.

    It is gonna be an exciting year, win, lose or draw.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Holy crap bring on the season!

  18. Couch Fan Says:

    It will be funny to watch all of the articles from this website when Glennon does start lighting it up in pre-season… even though its only pre-season. I can’t wait to see the Freeman insecurities at an all time high.


    I’m with you there.

  19. robert Says:

    and you know he will 238

    rookies have no fear.

    jfro on the other hand …….he’s scared $hitless

    he’s done, toast…aka Sanchez

  20. Adam Says:

    I remember one play from that game: Michael Clayton dropping a 1st down that hit him square in the numbers.

    And I also remember Jeff Garcia, the warrior, chin bleeding all over him playing with some serious guts. I miss that guy.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Ha! still laughing

  22. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    You guys cease to amaze

    Yeah, like the preseason is the same as the regular season. They will keep the preseason vanilla. geez!

    You guys just don’t stop and think. Glennon has to worry about beating out Orlovsky for backup duty much less mastering the playbook and overtaking an incumbent that has been undeniably endorsed by Schiano on TV

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    ^^ Correction

    Glennon doesnt have to worry about anything. He’s a rookie. And most people like you dont expect a rookie to come in and do anything. Neither do Schiano… Glennon will be here next year no matter what (unless major injury)… Freeman, well he can’t say that.

    Not that I think Glennon will beat out Freeman or anything. But, its not out of the realm of possibility. And if it does happen, the comments section would be a hole lot more interesting.

  24. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    To be honest… I am not even talking about Freeman.

    I am really talking about Freeman’s “defenders” in this here message forum. I can’t wait to see “YOU” reach for apologies while developing even more hatred for Glennon and Dom.

  25. Nick2 Says:

    If its the game I am remembering(last playoff loss), we ran right up their gut on the first possesion and scored only to have Gruden abandon the run and turn the ball over to Garcia throwing to an injured Joey Galloway and the rest was putrid. I liked Gruden but that game I will not forgive him for.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    Chuckles the Clown is running the ball down the G Men’s throat and then he decides to abandon the run and pass pass pass to the loss. Epic Fail

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Chucky all too often would outsmart himself. I was livid that day after spending all that money on playoff tickets surrounded by loud A$$ New Yokas. Dere was a mudda and faada by me that were cool. Naturalized by being heea so long.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    If Glennon beats out Josh. I will certainly embrace it. Once again I trust in Schiano. What say you Glennon faithful when in the pre-season Glennon does NOT light up the night? That’s what I’m waiting on. On another point Gradkowski always looked pretty damn good in pre-season games too. Yes he did eventually become a starter, but where is he now? An all-pro? It’s like reading the script of a sitcom when you Josh haters post.

  29. BigMacAttack Says:

    And Jeffrey (light in the loafers) had the hottest wife but he sucked as a QB. Happy happy feet. Bad bad memories. After that mess, I love Josh.

  30. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Was it a nightmare that our ownership hired some hack of a no experienced position coach as head coach of our NFL franchise for 3 awful seasons winning just 17 games, no playoffs, chronic blackouts?

    That didn’t really happen.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Gradkowski was like Rudy, all heart and not a lick of talent.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, how do you feel about Rah? No really.

  33. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    You also loved Shaun King too… even though Garcia was 3x the QB he was.

  34. Joe Says:


    So If that is the case other than are two prime time games does Joe think we will sell out any other games this year?

    Maybe a couple.

  35. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    “Backup QB at best”

    The delusions are reaching epic proportions. Freeman is Mark Sanchez? Really? You clearly have zero knowledge of how this game works robert. I am willing to bet you make most of your judgements based on your video game. In that game anybody, ANYBODY can be turned into an all pro player. That is simply not how it works in real life.

    I don’t need to defend Freeman when it is clear that his biggest detractor has about as much football knowledge as your average door knob. You have openly stated you would take Orlovsky over Freeman. (And even backed it up when I mentioned it later.) Not even the biggest haters on this site would agree with that statement. (Now is your chance if anyone would like to jump on the Orlovsky bandwagon.) It is a clear sign of you being totally biased and hating just for the sake of hating. Anybody that has actually watched those games would know that Freeman was never bad enough to warrant being outright benched in favor of Orlovsky. It wasn’t even close. You simply remember it MUCH worse than it really was or are exaggerating far beyond reality.

  36. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Can’t wait for Free to fail just so I can laugh at WestCoast… not because i don’t like Free. But I just want WestCoast to cry foul.

  37. SteveK Says:

    Knock knock,

    who’s there?

    Playoffs, or a QB layoff.

  38. loung Says:

    i am go back to sleeping …… but i am still waiting the season open …… GO BUCS

  39. Gusjackson Says:

    @RCH having stars like Revis and Martin helps

  40. robert Says:

    westcoast you continue to bash me although I have been cordial to you for some time. should you continue to use reference used in jest about the video games I shall be forced to thrash you.

    FYI I play jfro 6 pack in Madden all day long and whip the hell out of much greater opponents. Why? because he has the skill, he just lacks the stones in real life.

    And he should have been yanked in SEVERAL games last year. and Orlovsky did look good in preseason. At least he progressed through his receivers and hit his mark.

    and yes, I do see jfro 6 pack being the next Sanchez?

    why? look @ the similarities.

    they have both regressed after looking good when they 1st started
    they have both done childish and heterosexually challenged photo shoots
    they both have shown immaturity off the field
    they have both folded like lawn chairs

    shall I go on?

  41. feelthepewterpower Says:

    For the diehards that go back to the Orange Pride days, this is really a drop in the bucket. Frustrating yes, but I recall being in utter despair and crying in 94′ when Dilfer threw something like an 99 yard interception return for a touchdown. The ownership was in disarray, and we didnt know if the new stadium would be passed so the Buccs could stay yet. Five years without a playoff appearance (2008, 2010 should of made it both those years) is nothing compared to double digit losing seasons for much of the 13 year playoff drought. Ten years without a playoff win is disheartening, but just making the playoffs isn’t as big as when it happened in 1997. I guess I am one of the few left still with high expectations. Go Buccs!!!!!!!!!

  42. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    The biggest difference between Sanchez and Freeman? Literally everything that makes a QB a QB.

    Josh Freeman:

    2012 54.8% 4,065 yards 27 TDs 17 INTs 81.6 QBR
    2011 62.8% 3,592 yards 16 TDs 22 INTs 74.6 QBR
    2010 61.4% 3,451 yards 25 TDs 6 INTs 95.9 QBR
    2009 54.5% 1,855 yards 10 TDs 18 INTs 59.8 QBR
    Career: 59.1% 12,090 yards 76 TDs 54 INTs 81.9 QBR

    Mark Sanchez:

    2012: 54.3% 2883 yards 13 TDs 18 INTs 66.8 QBR
    2011: 56.7% 3474 yards 26 TDs 18 INTS 78.2 QBR
    2010: 54.8% 3291 yards 17 TDs 13 INTs 75.3 QBR
    2009: 53.8% 2444 yards 12TDs 20 INTs 63.0 QBR
    Career: 55.1% 12092 yards 68 TDs 69 INTs 71.6 QBR

    I would also like to add that Mark Sanchez has had a top five defense during almost his entire NFL career. I am sorry robert but you don’t base any of your claims in reality. Freeman has thrown as many yards as Sanchez in his carrer despite starting fewer games. He has also thrown 8 more TDs and 15 LESS INTs and has a full ten points better quarterback rating. Sanchez has done a lot less with a lot more than Freeman has ever had.

  43. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I base my claims on facts, not photo shoots and video games.

  44. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    By the way, Tom Brady does photo shoots too.

    I don’t think it makes him any less of a quarterback.

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh well I guess this debate will go on for the next 2 months even into the season possibly all season long.

  46. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    If roberts third grade mind was a sponge like most third graders he would absorb what your saying. What robert has failed to tell us is that this is fourth year in the same grade. So now he’s reached that age where he thinks he’s a know-it-all. I’m sure most parents here understand what I’m saying. It’s like night and day. One day that can’t get enough knowledge, then they grow up a little, and then you can’t tell them anything. 🙂

  47. Buc'n Junkie Says:


    “One day they can’t get enough knowledge”

  48. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I am sorry if you feel attacked robert. Its just that you make these incredibly outrageous claims with zero backing. You say he “doesn’t have the stones” or that he is “a drunk” but you literally have zero base for these accusations.

    Freeman has several fourth quarter come backs on his resume. That is not easy to do, regardless of the competition. He has always been the first person to work and the last to leave. This has been said by countless players and coaches. (Both former and current.) There is no way a player makes it to this level and experiences the (limited) success that Freeman has without having the “fire in the belly” that you speak of. It just doesn’t happen.

    The only people that have ever questioned his work ethic or drive are a very small group of the media. Anybody that is close to the organization praises his work ethic.

    Do you think Schiano would waste his time starting Freeman for another season if it was as clear as you believe it to be that he will not be starting after the bye week? What kind of competent coach would do that? NFL stands for Not For Long and Schiano knows that. If he thinks Glennon is the better quarterback to take this team to the post season then there won’t be any hesitation from Schiano to start him immediately.

    I am sorry robert, I just fail to see the logic in your opinion(s) so I must assume it comes from either your video game or just a completely biased hatred of Freeman.

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    On another note. I saw in the paper today that Mike Williams is not happy that he has not been given a contract extension yet.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    just a completely biased hatred of Freeman.

    ^^^ I’ll take what’s behind door number 2

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    Mike twitted his family doesn’t love him. Sounds like Mike Will might want V Jac money. He’s good but he’s a no.2 WR. I think almost everybody took less this year accept Revis.

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    yah BigMac….there’s a big chunk of money tied up in Revis. And then they’re going to have to re-sign Freeman of course. Ha ha ha I had to throw that in there.

  53. Mean D Says:

    Freeman will be inconsistent and mediocre this year and we will still make the playoffs.

  54. Macabee Says:


    BleacherReport isn’t the most dependable source for NFL info but I thought you might find this article enlightening!

  55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Do, I KNOW for certain Glennon has it? no, but he has more fire and determination than jfro 6 pack ever has………”


    And you know he has more fire and determination exactly how? So I assume you are an expert in body language? You do this professionally I assume?

    Look, it’s totally fine you don’t believe in Freeman. I can’t necessarily say I do either. But you pull stuff out of your arse on a regular basis, and it literally kills any good point you could ever make. I would love for you to tell another lie and say you have seen Glennon play one full game, because you and I both know you haven’t. He was not brought here to be the starter. You don’t draft guys in the third round to be a starter. You hope you get lucky and they could eventually become one, but you by no means assume it. He may end up being a hall of famer, but the chances of that are about as high as you being a professional at reading body language.

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    Not to jinx my team or anything but does anyone know if the ticket prices change for the playoffs? If so how much of a difference is it? I know I get to keep my seats. I’m just very mindful of my budget is all.

  57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Unless you are at One Buc place every day, on the practice field and in the coaches meetings, you have no clue what you are talking about. To say Freeman has no fire or determination is a completely ignorant statement, and you should be ashamed. Problem is, most ignorant people are never ashamed. It is entirely possible that Freeman just isn’t a good QB. It is also possible that he may end up being a hall of famer (he certainly has the tools). I don’t believe he should be given a contract if he stinks it up this year, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he has an incredible year either. You just never know. I really hate it when “fans” present their opinions as facts. Know your role in life, and being a football GM or coach isn’t your role. Put the word “think” in your statements more, and I have no problem with anything you say.

  58. DomsAdvisor Says:

    We have been given full clearance to proceed with plan B if plan A doesn’t materialize this season.

    The stance is to NOT over pay for a less than top 10 talent.

  59. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Nice article Macabee!

    I pulled this from that article:

    Football is, after all, a team sport. Reducing it down to the quarterback position is, frankly, disrespectful to every player who contributed to the season, especially if it ends with a Super Bowl win. Just as disproportionate blame and credit gets placed upon a quarterback for a team’s wins and losses, disproportionate emphasis is given on the quarterback position when it comes to what makes a Super Bowl-caliber roster.

    “Football is a team sport”. What a novel theory.

    Hawaiian Buc is dead on by the way. Especially about the ignorant having no shame.

  60. Andrew 1 Says:

    the ignorant have no shame because there ignorant. yea I can see that.

  61. Buc1987 Says:

    WestCoast…good stuff. Case in point OUR very own SB Champion team. Was it Brad Johnson that led us to the SB? He who answers yes, is simply a fool no matter how you slice it. Is this offense loaded with more weapons than that SB team? My answer is yes. Pittman or Doug Martin ummmm you decide, but I already know your answer. Meshawn or Vincent Jackson, that’s an easy one. Jackson and Williams vs. McCardell and Meshawn. Oooh now that’s a tough lil sucker. I really liked Keenan McCardell and Meshawn as well to a point. I’m just going to have to go with Jackson and Williams. Brad vs Josh. To the haters that’s an easy one. To me honestly, because Josh can throw the deep ball effectively. I go with Josh. I’ll take our current O-line as well. I guess maybe it’s just a different offensive philosphy. Even though Gruden was supposed to be an offensive genuis. I mean wtf happened? When he was coaching the Raiders they bombed balls downfield all the time. I guess when you have Rice and Brown you can do that. You really can’t compare the D in any way. Unless you just got out of the mental ward. So here’s another question I’ll throw at ya. If Revis turns out to be the same Revis. Will he not be the best Bucs DB we fans have ever seen? I guess what I’m getting at is this, it seems to me they are building a well balanced team on both sides of the ball. So to me anyone that criticizes Dominik right now, looks like a fool. I think he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. I also think it’s going to work. Call it homerism, but I seriously think we are on the brink of something not only good, but great. I can also thank the Glazers for taking out their checkbook. Oh well that was just me rambling on again to pass the time away. Thanks for reading.

  62. Buc1987 Says:

    Thanks Macabee for looking out. Good article that EVERYONE in here might want to take a look at.

  63. tonytwocents Says:

    Hawaiian, very well said. Free can be this that or your mother (not yours personally). But we just need to admit that we dont know sh*t! people! I don’t know sh*t! you don’t know sh*t! Joe doesnt know sh*t! Josh has no f**kin clue how the season will go down! but all of us fans need to start acting like fans. not “cautiously optimistic”. Im lookin at you, Joe….and junky. we need swag. we need brass balls. this city is hard. so why doesnt it show come football Sundays??? brass, f**kin balls.

  64. Andrew 1 Says:

    ^^^^^^^^Amen!!!!!!!!! back this team or get the fuk outa here.

  65. tonytwocents Says:


    nice perspective. you coulda kept on going, and still made sense. remember though, when two teams match up on paper, it comes down to balls….

  66. scubog Says:

    I’m now convinced that no matter what the subject of Joe’s article the discussion (?) will quickly deteriorate into a Freeman debate. I was absolutely disgusted when I arrived at the stadium to all of the blue and chants of “Lets go Giants.” Of course the seats right behind me (owned by BB&T Bank) were occupied by a man and his young son wearing brand new Eli Manning jerseys. They were from Winterhaven. I said, “Hey Dad, why don’t you let your son cheer for his own home team?” Funny, he knew far more about the Bucs than “his” Giants. The Bucs totally dominated the early going behind the running of Ernest Graham until injuries in the secondary opened the door for the Giants. Sure might have helped if the local fans supported the local team that day. What’s that Bobby Vinton song, “You’re painting the town red while I’m painting it blue.” It might have been appropriate that day. Sad!

  67. Chef Paul Says:

    Couch fan said:

    Not that I think Glennon will beat out Freeman or anything. But, its not out of the realm of possibility. And if it does happen, the comments section would be a hole lot more interesting.

    Buc Fan 238 said: Can’t wait for Free to fail just so I can laugh at WestCoast… not because i don’t like Free. But I just want WestCoast to cry foul. &
    I am really talking about Freeman’s “defenders” in this here message forum. I can’t wait to see “YOU” reach for apologies while developing even more hatred for Glennon and Dom.

    Sure seems like your guys priorities are for the bucs to lose for spite of a freeman fan. and west costs priorites are for freeman to be good and the bucs go to the playoffs.

    Hey couch fan and buc fan 238, your doing it wrong. Thats not the correct way to root for a team. You might as well be a Falcon fan troll on here

  68. Chef Paul Says:

    Heres how I read your statements:”I hope beyond hope that the buccaneers loose 16 games this year and we go in infamy as the worst team in NFL history just so I can say 3 little words: told you so.” Well if we go 0-16, will saying 3 words be worth it? careful what you wish for.

    WestCoastBucsFan: Keep up the good work buddy. You certainly deserve the word fan in your name. Some of these other guys deserve the words hater or Falcons fan in thier names

  69. stevek Says:

    ^ Opinions bleed opinions.

    Freeman has 2013 to get his act together, the rebuild stops here.

    All of the fans “haters”, have waited long enough for Freeman to establish himself and stop the regression. 56 NFL stars, and he his no better today than he was in 2010.

    We are a playoff team, I will root for this team every single game.

    How will Freeman respond to expectations? Contract year? a bonafyde backup QB?

    Most importantly, how fill Freeman responde after a 4-2, or 6-4 start? We best not be losing 10 or 5 games in a row….

  70. stevek Says:

    ^ Bologna, from the apologist party.

    Bologna, horse manure, apologist, excuse craving, glass half fullers.

    This is football. Why are the Bucs ranked #24 in power rankinfs on PFT? Oh, because “it all hinges on Freeman”.

    It goes on to explain about our “enigma” of a QB, and his “teetering”.

    This is a big year for the Bucs, and an even bigger year for Freeman. Is Freeman going to be paid like “Big Ben”, or is he just another “Jason Campbell”?

  71. Couch Fan Says:

    Hey couch fan and buc fan 238, your doing it wrong. Thats not the correct way to root for a team. You might as well be a Falcon fan troll on here


    if your the type that wants to wear and wave palm palms around, go for it but that doesnt define a fan. Nor will you find me doing anything similiar.

  72. stevek Says:


    Good point. Fans come from all walks of life. Why must a “fan” turn the blind eye to an inconsistency on the team? Why must a “fan” make an excuses?

    Do excuses win super bowls?

  73. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont blame them SteveK for they not know what they do.

    I do find it funny that they think Freeman is so good that they can’t even fathom a rookie coming in and taking his job from him… I mean afterall 6 wins a year is phenomenal right? Who could possibly replace that kind of production?

    Dont worry though my fellow Buc fans, If Glennon indeed does pull off the unthinkable, I’ll be here with tissues to dry your eyes. I got your backs!
    And if Freeman keeps his job, I’ll be here to. Just like I have been for the last 5 years.

  74. Chef Paul Says:

    SteveK and CouchFalconsFan during game day:

  75. BigMacAttack Says:

    It doesn’t matter what ranking the Bucs hold on PFT. Rankings are a joke right now. If they were so important, why play the season at all? Anything can happen on any given day.

    It was shocking that Raheem, arguably the least qualified Head Coach ever, took a team to 10-6. Overachievers by about 5x. Everyone said they’d go 2-14 but stuff happens, even when crappy teams square off. Josh Freeman carried that team.

    I like our chances. The Bucs have top 10 talent on this team. If PFT wants to bet the Bucs finish as the 24’th best team in the NFL, I’ll take that bet any day. I can compare other rosters and find over 20 less talented teams.

    I’ll go on record right now and say the Bucs will win the NFC South.

  76. BigMacAttack Says:

    And I’ll be at every home game making sure the Bucs win. I’ve had enough of this losing crap. We need to get loud, get this stadium rocking with Buc fans and push this team to greatness. I’ll be doing my part. We’re gonna kick some butts!

  77. stevek Says:

    Chef Paul,

    Really? Are we making the playoffs this year, with a regressinb QB?

    Freeman needs to turn his career around, this year is a great place to start.

  78. Couch Fan Says:


    Agreed, and one thing these stupid rankings can’t do is factor in injuries which is inevitable for any and all teams. They are just a waste of time.

    Having said that a 7-9 team, shouldn’t be listed very high on any ranking. Off season moves shouldnt factor in until they at least play 1 game.

  79. Chef Paul Says:

    i don’t expect you turn a blind eye away from Freemans inconsistanies. It perfectly rational for you to think freeman wont do sh*t this year. However, rooting against our team just to say” I told you” is disgusting

  80. Couch Fan Says:


    That video is very funny (good movie to) but only thing I have in common with those fans is that both of the teams we love, usually always lose (especially since Freeman has been here). Sorry you can’t handle a little bit of reality in your world of ponys and rainbows.

  81. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol who is rooting against the Bucs? Now your just making stuff up.

    There’s a big difference between hoping your team wins and not believeing in there QB. Some of you crack me up with your delusional and made up rants to try to make other people who dont agree with your opinion, look bad.

    Keep trying though, ill be here to correct you.

  82. Buc1987 Says:

    @BigMac…ha ha ha too late, I already made that prediction about a week ago. So now it’s you and I that predict the Bucs are going to win the South. Does anyone else want to join our bandwagon?

  83. Chef Paul Says:

    couch fan: I appreciate you finding humor in that link. I always think of him when i read these comments.

    Buc1987: I’ll gladly jump on your bandwagon. thanks for the invite

  84. Couch Fan Says:

    On paper we have the best team in the division. Even though I dont believe in Freeman I’m gonna go all in and jump on that band wagon!

  85. Chef Paul Says:

    couch fan: i’m going to apologie to you for saying your rooting against the bucs. Its just that comments like these: “Can’t wait for Free to fail just so I can laugh at WestCoast… not because i don’t like Free. But I just want WestCoast to cry foul.” from bucfan238 make my fackin blood boil. and i kind of threw you in with those kind of comments all huffy puffy like

  86. Buc1987 Says:

    Antsy : Agitated, impatient, or restless. or a Buc fan waitng for the 2013 season to get underway.

  87. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Hey, Couch Fan, SteveK, robert, 238, mean D, realist, try getting off your fat asses and go to a game sometimes. With all your enthusiasm, you’d be like the twelfth man by yourselves. Yeah right! Bet none of you haters ever been to a game. Only if they win would you even consider the thought. You guys really are disgusting and you represent a minority of idiots who go against the grain just so you can be provocative.

    Like Chef Paul says, you’re rooting against Freeman and the team just so you can say “I told you so” later. The funny thing is when all of you parasites are wrong you’ll change your names and disappear as if you never existed. I’ll be here either way because it’s not about me and whether I’m right, it’s about trusting what Dominik and Schiano feel gives us our best chances to win. And they choose Freeman.

  88. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc’n Junkie says : I’ll be here either way because it’s not about me and whether I’m right, it’s about trusting what Dominik and Schiano feel gives us our best chances to win. And they choose Freeman.

    ^^^^ well said

  89. stevek Says:

    ^ Buc’nJunkie,

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

    Lookes like you are just a tad bit sensitive this morning.

    I am looking forward to eating crow, when Freeman takes the next step in his development and leads the Bucs to the 2013 NFL playoffs.

    I have been to Buc games, starting back in the creamsicle era (not a lot of winning).

    Go ahead, infuse this post with your negativity. All your negativity shows is your ineptness to read, absorb, accept, and understand someone elses point of view.

    We all want the Bucs to win the superbowl each year.

    We have the same playoffless streak as the Jaguars, and that is awful.

    The time to step up is now, go ahead and keep your HOMERISM BLINDERS on at full tilt, the “real” fans are here to stay.

  90. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    ^^^^ Exactly how many faces do you have?

  91. the_buc_realist Says:

    Wrong again Junkie,
    If the pop-star and Coach Schiano choose JFro-6pak, you would think that they would have signed him to an extension already. No one here is rooting against the Bucs, ” Anything can happen in the NFL.” But watching the Bucs battle for 3rd in the Division does not get me all that excited. I know alot of you confuse “Potential” with “Production” and that is why you have the Bucs rated so high. I don’t blame all the JFRO-ites, I blame your Florida public school Education. But just remember Junkie, sometime a team has to take a step back to make a couple of steps forward.

  92. Couch Fan Says:

    @Buc’n Junkie

    The Bucs have enough cheer leaders such as you and WCBF and the rest of the girls with the palm palms. I’ll stick to reality while your head is in the clouds. Sorry you can’t comprehend that not everybody believes in Freeman but that doesnt make anyone 2 faced…

    It’s just your inability to grasp reality.

  93. Couch Fan Says:

    @Chef Paul

    It’s all good. I dont mind warrented criticism and being one of the few who dont agree with the masses I expect people to come at me negatively. Only thing I dont take to kindly to is morons like Buc’n Junkie who try to question fandom because my head isn’t far enough up Freeman’s @ss.

  94. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    ^^^ again, if you’re not rooting for our starting QB to succeed then you’re rooting against the Bucs to win. Pretty simple to figure that out but for some reason you think you’re an exception to the rule.

  95. ChefPaul Says:

    production this time of year can only come from the front office. I’d say our production this off season has been pretty darn good. As far as the team on the field goes, this time of year every team in the NFL has only potential. I’d say our potential is pretty darn good in that area as well

  96. Couch Fan Says:

    Buc once again stop making stuff up and show me where I have “rooted” for Freeman NOT to succeed.

    Go head, I’ll wait cuz i know I’ve never said that…

    Wait, wait. Dont waste your time Cuz I know what comes next…

    Buc’n Junkie Says “You dont have to say it, you imply it with every post”.

    Wrong again Buc’n Junkie. Your making a habit out of being wrong. All I have said is that Freeman SO FAR (which is past tense) has not been able to get it done and thats not a good indication for this season…..

    Ok, continue trying to disprove anything I’ve said…. but please, pretty, pretty please Buc’n Junkie. Stay on point and stop making things up.

  97. Buc1987 Says:

    Even I’m on the fence with Freeman. It’s just that I think he’s going to have a great season. This is just my personal opinion, not blinded homerism. Some don’t see it that way. Maybe the problem that Freeman supporters have (including me) is the way others try to explain their opinions as facts. Or to root against Freeman just to spite us. I’m sure we’re all on the same page. We just want our team to win. It’s not like any of us don’t see that Free has had problems or regressed. WestCoast and I have tried to explain that a bad secondary can effect what our QB has to do. It was called another excuse for Freeman. That’s simply not true. Like I stated earlier an improved secondary is going to give Josh plenty of chances to prove himself. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of us, including me.

  98. Chef Paul Says:

    It would be nice if the Free haters could answer one yes or no question. Do you believe the worst secondary in the NFL for decades can effect an offense?

  99. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Couch Fan said,

    All I have said is that Freeman SO FAR (which is past tense) has not been able to get it done and thats not a good indication for this season.

    Anyone that has truly read all of your post will agree with me that you have said way more than that. That’s just you’re attempt to spin it in your favor.

    Listen, I’m gonna leave it at that. We’ll let everyone else decide. I feel I have made my case. Bottom line is this, Freeman is our QB, so if you truly are excited about winning, then please get on board. I want to win and I want all my brethren Buc fans to feel the excitement too. God, I can’t wait!!!!!

  100. stevek Says:

    ^ Buc’nJunkie,

    Off the plank, with your opinion on this matter.

    You lose!

    Your arguing is worse than our pass defense was last year.

  101. Buc'n Junkie Says:


    imagine that lol………. right on que! . he who follows … lol

  102. stevek Says:


    How can you dismiss the inconsistencies, and the opinions of the “fans” are frustrated with it?

    Are we done rebuidling?

    Was Josh Freeman the 17th pick of the 2009 draft? Time to materialize, son, or he gone!

  103. Couch Fan Says:

    Anyone that has truly read all of your post will agree with me that you have said way more than that. That’s just you’re attempt to spin it in your favor.


    Well than YOU or “anyone else that has truely read all of my posts” show me anything I’ve said that would indicate I think we are going to have a losing season because of Freeman…. you still have not showed me anything… wonder why?

    You say im spinning it but yet you are the one making accusations and not showing any proof… go head im waiting.

  104. Eric Says:

    I wonder if the Bucs make the playoffs by winning the division, then lose in the first round to the eventual super bowl champs by ten points, will that be viewed as a massive failure as it was with Jon?

    Unfortunately, I doubt my question will ever be answered with the current group in charge at one Buc place.

    But I think it’s obvious.

  105. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Damn Eric, that was like 6 years ago. Move on buddy. Or better yet, wait by your mailbox for an apology letter from the Glazers. I’m pretty sure it’s on the way.