Adrian Clayborn’s New Body

July 26th, 2013

Greg Schiano has raved several times about how Adrian Clayborn overhauled his entire body while rehabilitating his blown knee. Joe got a chance to ask Clayborn about that today. Coach Schiano has said you re-made your body this offseason. Can you explain to the average fan what that means?

Adrian Clayborn: Being hurt, injuring your knee like that you can’t really move much. Pretty much the only thing I could do was lift with my upper body, so I really attacked that during the winter and during the spring and got big. And once I got able to get on my feet, I worked on just getting leaner and keeping my muscle tone up and my muscle build up while preparing to actually play football.

Joe: Did you get any good advice from guys who ere in your shoes? I know you were around Brian Price for a while who had a serious lower body injury, as well as other linemen.

Clayborn: Unfortunately, and fortunately, Davin [Joseph] and I were both injured this offseason. We were lifting together and just seeing his motivation to get stronger, and having him there to ask questions about getting through it and what he’s doing other than regular treatment, was a big plus for me.

Joe: Did you get into any of the yoga that Joseph does?

Clayborn: I can’t really do yoga. I’ve tried it, but I like to do stuff that’s fun, and that’s not fun. That’s torture.

3 Responses to “Adrian Clayborn’s New Body”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Good to hear that AC has fine-tuned his “motor”. That bodes well for our pass rush….It sound to me like most every Buc took the off-season opportunity to shape-up…..part of the “new Schiano order”, I presume.

  2. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Wow! Joe! Thanks for all the great coverage. Man, I really like checking in all day and getting up to the minute stories about everything Buccaneer. The last two days has been dizzying but totally fantastic. So please, “Don’t Stop” .. JBF is my first source for Buc news. I really appreciate the media that you provide. You guys definitely have carved out your own niche in the sports media market, and also developed quite a following. People recognize excellence.

  3. chef paul Says:

    So if he was lifting with Davin, is Davin bulked up too? I can’t wait to see Clayborn play. I think he’ll have a great year