“Proven Route Runner” Kevin Ogletree

June 24th, 2013

Former up-and-coming Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree, who the Bucs snagged in free agency this offseason, has all the skills he needs to be a very productive piece of the Bucs’ puzzle.

Bucs wide receivers coach John Garrett made that crystal clear to the Buccaneers.com staff.

Garrett coached Ogletree in Dallas and describes Ogletree as a polished and diverse threat.

“He is proven, coming out of college when he came with us at Dallas, to really be able to run routes and win versus 1-on-1,” Garrette said. “And over his career at Dallas he has proven that on the field, and that was an attractive thing here with the Buccaneers, is to get a guy who has proven route-runner ability and has beaten some of the top corners in the league. So he was a good addition … and he can really run.”

Now Joe is not trying to pain Ogletree as a superstar. His “breakout” 2012 season for Dallas was 32 catches and four touchdowns, and the team didn’t re-sign him. But there is a lot of optimism in Bucs camp for him.

Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik said Ogletree shined during the Bucs’ offseason workouts. Ogletree also is a happy camper. He told Joe he followed his favorite coach (Garrett) and the big arm of Josh Freeman to Tampa.

Joe’s also seen the burst in Ogletree during practice.

Regardless, competition for the Bucs’ Nos. 3-5 receiver positions is fierce with the recent addition of Derek Hagan.

24 Responses to ““Proven Route Runner” Kevin Ogletree”

  1. Biff Barker Says:

    Nice bit when the coaching chemistry is already established.
    I have no idea what we can expect, but seriously hope he’s more physical than Tiquan.

  2. Captain Stagger Says:

    If he only had a kid n play high top fade…:(

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Michael Clayton and others the Bucs have had had been good route runners as well. They just couldn’t CATCH the ball worth a damn. Isn’t the CATCH issue the problem with Ogletree? Hope he is a good blocker.

  4. Piratic Says:

    Joe says: “Joe’s also seen the burst in Ogletree during practice.”

    @Joe: What type of burst? First-step-off-the-line type of burst, or more of a top-speed, final-gear type of burst? Or is it something else?
    I know nothing about this guy, please tell me more of what you’ve seen of him. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

  5. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Which ever way this all pans out, their will be some talented WR’s who don’t make the 53 man roster. I wonder how many WR the Bucs will carry this season. We know the QB position will use 3 spots this year, so a position that enjoyed a little extra depth from last year will feel the pinch. Could it be the WR’s?

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    Did he look good cause Glennon was throwing to him?, Or was he running with the 1st team and Jfro-6pak?

  7. bowtie502 Says:

    i hate this time of the season, Dom grabs a scrub of someones else depth chart and we are ready to enshrine him in canton

  8. arealbucsfan Says:

    Kevin ogletree is a good addition guys. Chill

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bowtie502 Says:
    “i hate this time of the season, Dom grabs a scrub of someones else depth chart and we are ready to enshrine him in canton”

    lol. So true.

  10. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    He is a scrub no doubt. There was high optimism with this guy at Dallas as well every off season and a lot of them consider him a major disappointment after how he “wowed” his coaches during practices.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    Scotty in Fat Antonio – any good places in san antonio to watch bucs games just relocated.

  12. Jbskiff Says:

    Why the hate for this man? Why not wait and see how he performs in training camp & preseason ? If he sucks, cut his arse. If he cut the mustard , then let him play. Could it be he is getting punished because Dominik signed him? Joe can either confirm or find out differently but I have heard that the Glazer brothers are pleased with Dominiks leadership and performance thus far. They like us are expecting a breakout year.

  13. Sneedy16 Says:


    There is a Hooters near the Riverwalk. I went there when I was out there. I relocated to Houston.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    @sneedy thanks

  15. kh Says:

    The Riverwalk is tourist trap, locals don’t go down there.

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  20. JMA Says:

    Don’t put too much faith in Ogletree, Bucs fans. Maybe he’ll put it together, but during his time with the Cowboys he only proved he was too stupid to understand the route tree and his hot reads. Romo threw at least 3 interceptions in 2 years that were a direct result of Tree running the wrong route. He’s fast, he’s great on the bubble screen, but he absolutely disappears for weeks at a time.

    Good luck, fellas.

  21. Catch22 Says:

    As a Cowboys fan I find that Garrett quote hilarious. There was always optimism each of the last 3 years that this would be Ogletree’s breakout season. Especially after his week 1 performance last year. But he never fails to disappoint. He will flash for a play here and there throughout the season, but he’s proven too inconsistent to be counted on.

  22. LiLGiT Says:

    just wait til Josh Freeman throws an INT because the Tree is not where he is suppose to be. I wonder if the media will blame Freeman like they blame Tony Romo because wide receivers likes to run their own audible routes…LMFAO

  23. Safwan From The Cowboys Says:

    Is this a freakin joke…ogletree is crap as far as receivers go. Saw him in dallas for a few years, and every year this was the same story. He was improving and looked like our slot l the future only to flop and lose his job. Sorry bucs fans, I wish the best the of luck for your next season, but between freeman, Jackson, Martin, and Williams, you guys are good on offense. Don’t buy into this bs about his good routes, he can’t run routes for his life and he doesn’t have secure hands either. Sorry to burst your bubble, just lettin you know the real news so it isn’t a shock to you his. Good luck in 2013

  24. Charles Mac Says:

    I’ve been following the messages posted about Kevin Ogletree. Most of the Cowboy’s fans aren’t high on him because of his breakout game against the Giants in season one then he disappeared for the majority of the season. First and foremost you have to understand the circus show that hoovers around the Cowboys like a cloud of dust around Linus! Ogletree was the only receiver who made it through OTA’s, mini camp, and training camp with no serious injuries and had the best chemistry for the first game. After that, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Miles Austin started crying for the ball.. If you were to look at the interceptions thrown to him, was it due to route running or Romo’s inability to check his progressions? The good thing about boards like this is, once this kid has the break out season that’s due to him because of the arm strength of Josh Freeman, it’s going to be a really sweet combination! Most are saying not to add him to any type of fantasy leagues but remember.. you heard it first from me.. The Kid will shine in Tampa this season!!!!

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