Jags Turn To Sabby The Goat

April 16th, 2013

Formerly sackless Kyle Moore picked up his first three career sacks in Buffalo last season, so Joe supposes anything is possible.

Another former Bucs draft pick who also was senselessly gifted a starting job in Tampa, Sabby “The Goat” Piscitelli, is also looking to shock the NFL world. Piscitelli, per ProFootballTalk.com, is making a comeback effort in Jaguars camp. He sat out last season, after giving fans in Tampa, Cleveland and Kansas City night terrors.

Those new to JoeBucsFan.com might not know Joe was driven to near insanity watching Sabby The Goat take terrible tackling angles to a new low. Just the mere mention of Sabby The Goat returning to the NFL has Joe breaking out in hives.

Joe might need an early beer today. Right now the thought of watching serial loafer Sean Jones play safety is soothing.

6 Responses to “Jags Turn To Sabby The Goat”

  1. 4everBucsFan Says:

    That’s funny, reminds of the day when my wife bought me a new Bucs jersey for Christmas with Piscatelli’s name on it. I couldn’t wait till the store opened up to exchange it. I didn’t show it to any of the male members of my family after Christmas till i exchanged it for guess who? ….Barrett Ruud … lol. I have bad luck choosing jerseys so after Ruud i went back to my DeBerg’s creamsickle orange.

  2. Jrock Says:

    I didn’t know he was still in the NFL.

  3. Andrew 2 Says:


    she must have been upset when she saw the look of pure terror on your face at her gift

  4. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @ Andrew 2 ….lol

    I was excited …then shocked …and then terrorfied and embarrassed someone would notice all in a row. I think it kind of scared her when she was watching the emotions on my face. At first she didn’t know what to think until I consoled her and told her thanks and how much I loved it through a forced smile. I then asked her if she had kept the receipt in case it didn’t fit. … :)

  5. Piratic Says:

    Cheers Joe!
    Have a Newcastle (or seven) and forget about the nightmare that was “Sabby the Goat”.
    Take consolation in the fact Sabby will NEVER AGAIN be a Buc, and that our current young Safety will likely be among the best at his position before too long.

  6. Dre-Day Says:

    question… why was sabby’s jersey ever for sale? ever? really? why would there ever have been a piscitelli jersey printed and sold? i can understand if it was a dumb fan’s persoanl jersey request.. but how did any company make piscitelli jerseys in bulk and distribute them? i just don’t get it. is mediocrity celebrated here? i’m confused

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